An Ode To This Epic Inflatable '90s Fashion Item

There's been a lot of talk about the micro trends that have come under the umbrella of the resurrected '90s trend. Once again, the sartorial world has fallen hard for butterfly clips, brown lipstick, and body glitter. But there's one 1990s fashion item that needs some attention: The inflatable backpack, otherwise known as the bubble pack. Back then, these insane bags were the coolest way to carry around your Beanie Babies or your collection of Pokémon cards.

If you wore one to school, your popularity likely skyrocketed through the roof, unless of course you had to wear a school uniform, in which case your blow-up backpack was probably confiscated as soon as you stepped foot onto the playground.

Nowadays, inflatable backpacks are like rare gems. They seem to only be featured in '90s-inspired photoshoots created by seriously cool, indie magazines. However, it appears that people still love novelty inflatables. A whole host of celebs have been spotted on swan pool floats, you can now purchase a portable inflatable couch, and inflatables are still being utilized within fashion in the form of the Hypnos Hoodie. So if you want to live the '90s nostalgia dream, here are some inflatable backpacks you can buy today.

1. The Classic Style

Vintage '90s Silver Space Age Inflatable Blow Up Backpack, $24, etsy

Make your childhood dreams a reality by rocking a classic bubble backpack.

2. The Flower Power Backpack

Pink '90s Daisy See Through Inflatable Backpack, $24, etsy

For a more feminine feel, choose a pink daisy spotted one.

3. The Tote Bag

Summer Inflatable Aerated Bubble Beach Bag, $13, Amazon

Get ready to hit the beach with this handy tote bag.

4. The Nautical Style

Jamin Puech For Tomas Maier Inflatable Patent Tote With Rope Handles Blue, $151, eBay

Could there be anything more summery than a nautical-inspired, inflatable handbag?

5. The Shoulder Bag

'90s Bubble Pop Clear Translucent Blow Up Shoulder Bags In Pastel Blue And Baby Pink, $28, Etsy

Remember these kooky shoulder bags? They were the chic sister style to the traditional inflatable backpack.

6. The Rugrats Rucksack

Nickelodeon Rugrats '90s Inflatable Bag, $16, Etsy

Those looking to take this trend one step further can do so with this Rugrats-themed inflatable backpack.

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7. The Designer Handbag

Moschino Barbie Jeremy Scott Letters Inflatable Pink Charms Handbag, $539, eBay

Those who don't do things by halves will adore this Moschino handbag that's basically an inflatable purse for grownups.

8. The Zesty Blow-Up Bag

Inflatable Tote Bag, $13, eBay

Stand out this summer with a bright orange inflatable handbag that'll make fellow '90s kids go green with envy.

9. The Sophisticated Shopper

True Gray/Clear Inflatable Bubble Handbag Medium Tote, $40, eBay

This scalloped edge shopper somehow manages to put a sophisticated spin on the inflatable bag.

10. The Super Fun Style

Vintage '90s Super Kawaii Pastel Inflatable Mini Backpack — Purple, $19, Etsy

On days when you can't even anymore, wear this incredibly fun bubble backpack to inform the world that you're done with adulting.

11. The Wild Bag

Inflatable Leopard Handbag, Approx. $7, eBay

This mental inflatable leopard handbag will definitely be a talking point at your next festival. On the other hand, why not wear it to work one day and surprise everyone in your vicinity?

Get ahead of the fashion pack and bag yourself an inflatable backpack or handbag. Be warned: You may suffer erratic, melodic outbursts of "Spice Up Your Life." IMO, it's definitely worth the risk.

Images: Courtesy Brands