How To Throw The Perfect Pride Party

by Dacy Knight

Pride Month is here, and it is time to gather together, show support for the LGBTQ community, honor those who have fought for equality, commemorate the past, and celebrate the future. Pride events are taking place across the country and around the world throughout the month of June. From marches, to gatherings, to conferences, to city-wide celebrations, the collective action is inspiring and there are plenty of ways to get involved. If you are looking to bring things closer to home and bring together your friends for a more personal observance, step up to the plate and throw your own Pride party.

Set the date, decorate, stock the coolers, and call on your friends to come together to celebrate Pride. Whether you opt for a rooftop bash, a backyard barbecue, a block party, or a more intimate indoor gathering, get the venue party-ready with festive decor, a simple but satisfying menu lineup, crowd-pleasing libations, a killer soundtrack, and plenty of exciting ice-breaking activities to get the party in full swing. However you end up celebrating, let your rainbow flag fly high and ensure everyone has a blast with these fail-proof Pride party ideas. Now get that party started, and happy Pride!

1. Gather Your Friends With Festive Invitations

As soon as you have your date and venue set, rally the troops with invitations worthy of the perfect Pride party. Consider the space and how many guests you can accommodate, but unless it's a seated dinner party, try to keep the numbers flexible, allowing guests to bring plus ones and friends. As a general rule, the more the merrier. Just ask guests to give you a heads up if they plan on bringing someone.

2. Rainbow Hearts Postcards

Show love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love with these adorable postcards.

Rainbow Hearts Postcard, $2.00 each, Etsy

3. DIY Rainbow Edge Stationery

If you're in the mood to get crafty, follow this tutorial by Studio DIY to make your own invitations with charming rainbow edge stationery.

4. Decorate With Every Color Of The Rainbow

Wherever you choose to celebrate, make sure the venue is ready with festive decorations that get everyone in the party spirit. Party staples like garlands, balloons, and confetti are no-brainers, especially if they're colorful and incorporate glitter. You can never have too many ROYGBIV flags, but you can bring out rainbow beauty in other creative ways.

5. Rainbow Tassle Garland

No party is complete without a festive garland, so decorate liberally with ones like this that showcase every color of the rainbow.

Rainbow Tassle Garland, $26.0+, Etsy

6. Rainbow Balloons

Make your own over-the-top DIY balloons, or save yourself some time by investing in some classics like the one here.

Large Rainbow Balloon, $6.00, Etsy

7. Make Your Own Rainbow

If you're indoors and end up turning down the lights for a makeshift dance party, make your own rainbow with this magical light projector.

Rainbow In My Room, $36.00, Urban Outfitters

8. Have Some Pride-Themed Fun

Spice things up with fun Pride activities for guests to partake in between mingling, dancing, drinking, and snacking.

9. Gay Pride Tattoos

Let everyone make their mark with these rainbow equality bar temporary tattoos.

Gay Pride Equality Bar Tattoo, $5.00, Etsy

10. Rainbow Makeup

Set up a station with a color-popping makeup palette, tons of glitter, and the appropriate tools, then let guests follow these makeup tutorials to rock out with rainbows all party long.

11. Rainbow Playing Deck

For more intimate parties, break the ice with card games like a round of Kings, Spoons, or Bullsh*t. Just make sure you're fully equipped with a spectacular spectrum card deck.

Fredericks and Mae Playing Cards Deck, $12.95, Urban Outfitters

12. Costume Contest

Hold a costume contest to a particular theme, like pop stars, characters from musical theater, Rocky Horror Picture Show characters, or best head-to-toe rainbow.

13. Jam Out To LGBTQ Music And Classic Pride Tracks

Your party needs a soundtrack that will get everybody grooving, so make your own playlist or turn to Spotify to check out one of its many pre-made options in celebration of Pride Month. Various artists have collaborated with the music streaming platform to make their own mix tapes tagged #PressPlayForPride. Explore Pride tracks curated by Tegan & Sara, Dita Von Teese, and Perez Hilton. The app also features themed roundups like Pride Classics with Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out" and Queen's "I Want To Break Free," and Loud & Proud with tracks from RuPaul, Ricky Martin, and Lady Gaga.

14. Cheers With Colorful Cocktails

The party isn't a party without a refreshing lineup of drinks. While also providing a few solid options to start with, you can ask guests to BYOB but then offer a rainbow array of food coloring if they want to get crafty and have their pour show their Pride.

15. Rainbow Cocktails

Make rainbow Jell-O shots ahead of time to kickstart the party once guests arrive. For a fancier get-together with fewer people, play bartender and mix up some of these rainbow cocktails. When it comes time to toast, pass around rainbow champagne with fruit skewers.

16. Rainbow Tumbler Glasses

Guests will love downing their libations in these alluring iridescent Collins glasses.

Rainbow Bright Tumbler Set, $19.20, Nasty Gal

17. Taste The Rainbow

Add bunches of gorgeous color to a healthy spread of snacks. Whip up small bites guests can enjoy without too much trouble that are portable and party-ready. Keep in line with summertime by avoiding things like cheese that easily spoils, and opting instead for fresh snacks that help to combat the heat.

18. Rainbow Fruit Skewers

Cool guests down with summertime skewers of fresh fruit by The Comfort Of Cooking.

19. Rainbow Veggie Rolls

These vivacious veggie rolls by The Kitchn come with a bursts of color and a satisfying crunch.

20. Appetizer Plates

Serve up your snacks on these adorable dishes with a cute little doodled dude outlining a heart in a sugary spectrum of rainbow sprinkles.

Oliver Rainbow Sprinkles Appetizer Plate, $2.95, CB2

21. Celebrate With Sweets

Satisfy every sweet tooth at the party with these decadent sweets that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. Try your hand at rainbow cakes or rainbow cupcakes for some beautiful baked fun. Have your sweets pull double duty as decoration by lining up jars of candy organized by every color of the rainbow (Red Vines for red, Reese's for orange, banana Laffy Taffy for yellow, etc.).

22. Rainbow Cannoli

Cannolis taste even better when they're in bright eye-popping hues, so take a cue from Studio DIY and serve up these delicious dyed pastries.

23. Easy Rainbow Fudge

There can never be too many rainbow flags, so add some more, made of fudge, with this recipe by Mom On Time Out.

24. Rainbow Ribbon Jell-O

These layered Jell-O cubes by Brown Eyed Baker might be too pretty to eat, but that won't stop guests from gobbling them down.

25. Rainbow Cake Topper

If you're going all out with a cake at your party, top it off with these eye-popping cake toppers by Studio DIY and arrange them in a gorgeous rainbow.

26. Thank Guests With Pride-ful Party Favors

At the end of the party, or right when they step in through the door, treat guests to fun wearable party favors. They'll instantly get everyone party-ready, and will act as fun souvenirs for them to sport long after the party.

27. Makin' It Rainbow Shades

Especially if it's an outdoor occasion, sunglasses can make for the perfect party accessory. Pick up plastic shades in every color of the rainbow, or opt for these super-glam iridescent beauties.

Makin' it Rainbow Shades, $20.00, Nasty Gal

28. Pride Pins

Every guest can wear their heart on their sleeve, lapel, or wherever else, and show their constant support for the LGBTQ community.

Pride Pin, $10.00, Etsy

Images: Etsy (5), Studio DIY (3), Urban Outfitters (2), Monique Matos/Youtube, ROCKY HORROR, Tegan & Sara, Fotolia, Nasty Gal (2), The Comfort Of Cooking, The Kitchn, CB2, Mom On Time Out, Brown Eyed Baker