13 Halloween Costumes With Boots To Stay Cozy & Creepy

Let's face it, Halloween is an exciting time of year, but it's certainly not the warmest. With fall in full swing and November on the horizon, you might be interested in investing in Halloween costumes with boots, so you can stay toasty and terrifying. Don't fret, there are as many Halloween costumes with boots as there are gravestones in a cemetery, so you're bound to find something to suit your unique taste.

Unless you're attending an indoor Halloween party this year, chances are, you may need to brave the elements in your costume, which might not be the most pleasant of experiences; especially considering many Halloween costumes tend to err on the skimpy side. It's not just the chilly evening air you'll have to endure, but depending on where you live, there could be ghastly weather too. Trudging through puddles and muddy leaves in unsuitable footwear is no fun at the best of times, but when you add in a Halloween costume with a long skirt, trailing accessories, or draping sleeves, the experience goes from bad to worse – even more so if you made your costume from scratch.

No matter if you're trick-or-treating or bar hopping, base your Halloween costume around an epic pair of boots to ensure you stay warm, protected from the elements, and eerily on point. Here are a few pairs to inspire your costume this Halloween.

1. The Cat Boots

T.U.K. Black Kitty Sneaker Boot, $71, Amazon

These pretty kitty boots will make a purrfect addition to any cat costume.

2. The Lace-Up Wedges

Lace Up Wedge Boots (Wide Width & Wide Calf), $80, Amazon

These wide fit wedges will look rad with numerous Halloween costumes, from witches, to pirates, to Victorian ghosts – your options are only limited by your imagination.

3. The Bony Boots

Wishbone Platform – Black Iron Fist, $60, Amazon

If you want to rock the exposed skull makeup look this year, these boots will make for a killer accessory.

4. The Werewolf Boots

Urethane Outdoor Realistic Claw Boots, $306.42+, Etsy

If realistic Halloween costumes are your thing and you've got more than $300 to splurge on a pair of boots, this furry footwear will totally make your outfit.

5. The Bat Boots

Iron Fist Velvet Bat Wing Bootie, $75, Amazon

Aspiring vampires will need a pair of these bat wing boots to complete their costumes.

6. The Harley Quinn Boots

(Sold Out) Harley Joker Suicide Lego Light Up Boots, $106.67, etsy.com

*Consider: Batman DC Comics Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Boots Costume, $100, Amazon

This Halloween, there's bound to be so many Harley Quinns, there'll be enough to assemble an entire Suicide Squad and then some. So set yourself apart from the rest by sporting these light-up boots that come with Harley and Joker Lego figurines inside the heels.

7. The Devilish Boots

Public Desire Halloween Red Heeled Thigh High Boots, $81, asos.com

These thigh-high scarlet boots are fit for the Queen of the Underworld or basically any badass babe.

8. The Wonder Woman Boots

Halloween Wonder Woman Decorated Platform Boots Shoes Size 8, $60, etsy.com

Transform into a super heroine this Halloween with a pair of Wonder Woman inspired boots.

9. The Zombie Combat Boots

Zombie Stomp Combat – Green Iron Fist, $57.99, heels.com

These grotesque zombie boots will finish off a The Walking Dead themed costume nicely.

10. The Sailor Moon Boots

Sailor Moon Hot Pink Crystal And PGSM Boots Sizes 5.5 To 11, $79.95, etsy.com

When it comes to All Hallow's Eve, fans of Sailor Moon may fancy fighting evil by moonlight, so a pair of Sailor Moon inspired cosplay boots will be a necessity!

11. The Eyeball Boots

Peeping Tom Bootie – Black Iron Fist, $45.99, heels.com

Ghouls of all types will look totally gore-some in a pair of these peeping peeptoe boots.

12. The TARDIS Boots

Doctor Who TARDIS Hard Bottom Slipper Boots, $21.20, hottopic.com

Become a female Doctor Who and let your comfy TARDIS slipper boots whisk you away for a night of adventures!

13. The Power Rangers Boots

Power Rangers Boots, $128.14, etsy.com

Lazy gals will love dressing up as a Power Ranger for Halloween because it requires very little effort – you don't even need to do your hair or makeup. Just slip into a colored catsuit, pop on a Power Rangers helmet, step into a pair of Power Rangers style boots, and your look is complete!

These boots were made for walkin' so if you've got a lot of ground to cover this Halloween, be practical – and possibly petrifying – in a pair of spooky boots!

Images: Courtesy Brands