Theory: Bill Won't Die, He'll Become Human Instead on 'True Blood' — Hear Me Out

My two main-man vampires on True Blood have the Hep V virus — and I don’t think Bill and Eric can be cured in time for True Blood's finale. I'm betting that Bill will live (stay undead?), but how will he get out of this one? Well, for started, vampire Bill Compton could become human. As absurd as it sounds, nothing is too absurd for True Blood, so it's worth some investigating.

Now that we know that Sarah Newlin (or Noomi ... ugh) is the cure to Hep V (ugh) there is a chance for our beloved vamps to survive. My thought is that since we already thought Eric was dead — but praise, Lilith! he's alive — he’ll probably be the one to go. (That doesn't mean I'm OK with it.) We’ve been watching Pam slowing mourn for him this season and this sexy Viking is one of the oldest vampires around. And since there’s no more True Blood after this season, I’ll allow it.

Plus, although True Blood is an ensemble show, it started with Bill and Sookie. Now that they’ve reignited that situation with Bill and Sookie hooking up (SHOCKING), all signs point to Bill making it through (even if it's only been like two days in True Blood time since Alcide just died and are we just supposed to let it go because Sookie gave Bill the most advanced Hep V known to vampirekind).

We still don’t know exactly why Bill’s Hep V is escalating so quickly, but it led to Sookie reaching out to Grandpa Niall (any excuse to get Rutger Hauer involved is fine by me). She thinks it may have to do with her royal fae blood.

I’ve also wondered if it could be linked to when Bill was Billith — he drank the original vampire, Lilith’s, blood and gained vampire-god-like powers. And sometimes I just like to just remind myself of how crazy cray Bill was at that time.

At the end of the day, it seems that Bill and Sookie may get a happy ("happy" according to True Blood) ending. (If I ignore the fact that the episode where Sookie and Bill reunited was entitled "May Be the Last Time.") My fellow Bustler theorized that since Sookie’s blood can make vampires walk in the daylight, maybe it can turn them full human. For Bill to recover from Hep V, something bigger than just Sarah saving him needs to happen.

If Bill was saved by Sarah's blood — he would most likely stay vampire like Sarah's sister Amber did (although she didn't last long).

A more realistic (and again, "realistic" according to True Blood) scenario would be that they think Bill will be saved by Sarah's blood, a shit-show disaster will strike, and Sookie will have to use the last of her fairy powers in an attempt to save Bill. And perhaps, that will turn him human. We have no example of any vampire being turned human before, but we also didn’t know that Sarah’s vampire sister existed, so True Blood isn’t afraid to throw a deus ex machina in there.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just pulling all of this 'Bill could maybe-just-a-baby-bit-(it-is-True-Blood-after-all) turn into a human' stuff out of my ass.

BUT. If Bill does turn human, it would allow Bill and Sookie to possibly live in the town that they love without judgement. There has been a ton of focus on how Bon Temps is home for these characters this season. (Sorry, Nicole. It doesn’t seem like Sam is going to stop being the mayor of crazy.) Even though Sookie is judged by the people of the town, she wants to save it. Would Bon Temps be able to accept non-supernatural Bill and Sookie? Could they find peace?

Real-life couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have seemed to find peace in their personal life with adorable children and general awesomeness, so maybe that's why it feels natural for Sookie and Bill to find the same.

I have no idea what the science around Bill turning human would be. But it is interesting that the show keeps returning to Bill’s past as a human through flashbacks. Does this mean he is going to die and is just remembering his early days? Or does it mean he’s going to reconnect with that humanity — by becoming human. Let's just hope he doesn't magically change to looking 179 years old.

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