Taylor Swift’s Music Has Changed, But a Look Back at Her Old Interviews Shows She’s the Same Taylor


Remember when Taylor Swift was that girl with teardrops on her guitar? She sang country songs about what it was like to be a 15-year-old in high school. Then just a couple years ago, she was all grown-up and singing about what it's like to be 22. A lot changes in seven years, huh? Well, despite getting older, she's actually still the same old Taylor she was when first starting out — just with straightened hair and award-winning music. As we eagerly await her new album, I decided to dig up old interviews Taylor Swift gave in 2007 and 2008. Back then, The Washington Post described Taylor as a fantastic interview subject, saying,

As seen in her recent Rolling Stone interview, she's still not afraid to be honest and open up in interviews, which is great. Now let's take a trip down memory lane and compare her answers seven years ago to the responses she'd likely give today.

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The following excerpts are from a Washington Post interview in February 2008 when Swift was 18. It's interesting because the interviewer spoke to her backstage at the Grammys and said, "When we finally sat down, deep inside the Staples Center, as Kanye West was rehearsing for his televised performance, we covered quite a bit of ground." Little did they know that the following year, West would infamously interrupt her on stage.

Talking about MySpace

LOL, remember MySpace? Swift used to use the site to talk directly to fans. This is totally like how she now leaves her fans comments on Instagram. Even way back then she was a social media queen.

Running into Drew, the inspiration behind "Teardrops on my Guitar"

He showed up at my house when I was leaving to go to a hockey game with Kellie [Pickler] and Carrie [Underwood]. This car pulls up and two guys get out, and one of them is Drew. I hadn't talked to him in two-and-a-half years. He was like: "Hey, how's it going?" And I'm like: "Wow, you're late? Good to see you?" But we were civilized. I have theories about what he was doing. He had his friend with him, so maybe he was trying to prove to people that the song really is about him or whatever. Or maybe he was really trying to be friends. Or maybe he thought I was still pining away from him. Whatever!

I appreciate that Swift is all "whatever" about this. Plus, now she's no stranger to writing about her exes. Just look at "Out of the Woods" (Cough, cough, Harry Styles). Also, she was friends with Kellie Pickler and Carrie Underwood back then. This just shows she's always had strong friendships with her fellow successful females.

Finding inspiration for songs

This is true! Swift has proved you can find inspiration in anything — whether the city you live in, or the guy you used to date. She's always been creative when it comes to songwriting and that hasn't changed in the past six years.

Switching things up, the following quotes are from an interview with CMT, who played 20 questions with T. Swift in 2007. The interview opens by saying, "Taylor Swift hasn't graduated from high school yet, but she's already smart enough to know the secret to success in country music." Well, in the time since then, it looks like she's found the secret to success in pop music too!

Country Music Duets

That dream came true! She performed with Chesney several times since then, including this 2009 performance:

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Her Hobbies

In 2007, this is what Taylor Swift did for fun:

I feel like this is probably much more difficult now that she's super famous. But I bet she stalks them on Instagram, right? She also fills her free time with tons of craft projects.

Favorite Shows

Isn't her cat named after Meredith from Grey's Anatomy ? I totally get it now. I'm surprised Law & Order SVU isn't on the list though, since she also has a cat named Olivia Benson.

Speaking of cats...

Wow, that last part about the dogs sounds ferocious. Also she was just as cat obsessed back then, which is pretty purrfect!

Being A Role Model

She's definitely continued this trend of having strong morals. The only difference is really that now she's an awesome feminist role model too! Keep it up, Taylor. I'd say "never change," but based on these interviews, it doesn't seem like you will anytime soon.

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