Maddie Ziegler Should Be On 'So You Think You Can Dance' This Season, Because She'd Be A Star On Stage

I think it's time for Maddie Ziegler to go from Dance Moms to another famous TV show about performing — So You Think You Can Dance. Seriously, how perfect would Maddie Ziegler be on So You Think You Can Dance? I think the Dance Gods (AKA Nigel Lythgoe) need to coordinate with Abby Lee Miller to get this famous young dancer to go on the Fox show for a live performance. Maddie has been all over the place performing with Sia — from The Ellen DeGeneres Show to the Grammys — and she's prepped to take over the So You Think You Can Dance stage for a performance.

So You Think You Can Dance is doing both "Stage" and "Street" dances for Season 12, and Maddie would definitely be part of Team Stage if she were to audition for the show. While Maddie may be a good enough dancer to be a guest judge on SYTYCD when it goes to its live shows, I'd prefer the 12-year-old to be dancing on the stage. The show always needs a performance from the non-contestants to break up the live shows, and Maddie would fit perfectly in that spot. Since Sia and Maddie have made a masterful duo with their trio of music videos, a Sia musical performance on SYTYCD could work. But, even without Sia, Maddie should still go on the show to give her gift of dance to the world, and show the contestants how it's done.

Here are four pretty obvious reasons why Maddie needs to perform on So You Think You Can Dance for Season 12.

1. She Has Already Owned The Stage

Lifetime on YouTube

Maddie is Abby Lee Miller's favorite dancer on Dance Moms, and though Abby can be cruel to the other dancers, she's absolutely right for choosing Maddie to be her star. Maddie gets most of the solos and featured parts in group dances for the Abby Lee Dance Company because it's almost impossible to take your eyes off of her, as she showed in her Season 4 solo, "Timeless."

2. She Has Already Danced With SYTYCD Alums

On Dancing with the Stars, Maddie joined So You Think You Can Dance Season 2 dancer Allison Holker for a live performance to Sia's "Chandelier." Allison was one of my favorite dancers ever on So You Think You Can Dance and has returned as an all-star for two seasons. Since she's already worked with Maddie and was just on SYTYCD last season, perhaps the two beautiful dancers could reunite on the So You Think You Can Dance stage for Season 12.

3. She Has Already Been On "So You Know You Can't Dance"

Billboard on YouTube

The pop editor of, Jason Lipshutz, has the parody web series "So You Know You Can't Dance" and gets famous people to teach him moves from music videos. Maddie was a natural as she taught Lipshutz some of the choreography from "Chandelier."

4. She Has Already Danced For Paula Abdul

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Paula Abdul has joined SYTYCD as a judge this season and she's already met Maddie. After she left American Idol, she had her own short-lived dance competition series called Live To Dance. Maddie auditioned for the show and was featured on the promo for the series, but it was canceled before she could be really highlighted. So how about an Abdul-Ziegler reunion on So You Think You Can Dance? Let's make this happen, Nigel and Abby Lee!

Image: Bobby Quillard/Lifetime