I Tried Dossier, The Perfume Brand Making Dupes Of Pricy Cult Favorites

Their scents are inspired by YSL and Baccarat but cost a fraction of the price.

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For many, a bottle of fragrance is the definition of opulence and luxury, with bottles of the liquid stuff often costing a pretty penny. You’ve seen It girls posting about pricy perfumes like Baccarat Rouge 540 ($325), or even Taunt à la indie brand Dedcool ($90). Though according to industry-shifting brands like Dossier, luxe scents shouldn’t be so unattainable for the majority.

“Dossier started in 2019 after I found that the fragrance market lacked high-quality offerings at accessible price points,” the brand’s CEO and founder, Sergio Tache tells Bustle. “Traditionally, advertising, packaging, brand affiliation and other factors play a huge role in determining what a fragrance will be retailed for. We wanted to build a company that always focused and prioritized product quality and delivering it at an attainable price.”

In other words? Dossier is has somehow been able to create scents closely inspired by some of the most beloved fragrances on the market (including the previously mentioned Baccarat cult-fave) — but most cost roughly $30, with a few offerings reaching to just below $50 at the most.

For those with Baccarat taste — but maybe not a Baccarat budget — Dossier might just be the brand for you. Below, find more tea on the brand, as well as our honest review of the scents.

How Dossier’s Perfumes Are Made

ICYWW: Many of the industry’s fragrance ingredients are sourced from France (with the history of perfumery closely linked to the country, too). Dossier’s perfumes are no different.

“Dossier's fragrances are created in the world's fragrance capital — Grasse, France,” notes Tache. And aside from creating non-toxic, vegan, eco-friendly, and paraben-free formulations, the brand has managed to craft highly-concentrated scents, too.

“We create concentrated scents. The process involves multiple back and forths between the Dossier team and our perfumer in Grasse,” explains Tache. “We will continually tweak the formulation of the perfume we want to create, until everybody is 100% satisfied with the quality of the result.”

In other words, Dossier’s team doesn’t stop until they’ve reached a near-identical match to recognizable scents, with a collection that features spot-on dupes for Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb ($180), Le Labo Santal 33 ($322), YSL Libre ($165), and many more.

Behind The Brand’s Pricing

Dossier sources quality ingredients with ethics at the forefront — but how are they able to keep their prices so low in comparison? Tache spills.

“We cut costs on other, more superfluous factors, such as packaging, celebrity marketing, and all these other costs that significantly drive up costs in the traditional perfume industry,” he says.

Hello, minimal bottle with some serious impact.

An Unfiltered Review Of The Scents

As someone who got her start working within the perfume industry, working closely with perfumers as a branding marketer for big-time brands, it’s safe to say I take my fragrance *really* seriously. Below, find an honest review of four Dossier aromas that strive to be dupes for some of my personal go-tos.

Ambery Saffon

Inspired by the cult-fave scent Baccarat Rouge 540 (which already finds a TikTok-viral dupe in Cloud by Ariana Grande), Ambery Saffron has a hint of warm spice thanks to saffron, which quickly is embraced by modernized orange blossom and decadently elegant jasmine petals. While the aroma is very much feminine, it taps a more “dark feminine” persona, with rich and deep notes like earthy oakmoss, smoky cedarwood, and a very resinous amber.

A bit softer and a touch less spiced than the OG luxe creation, Dossier’s take on the beloved classic is as close as a dupe gets by most untrained noses and is equally sensuous. Of course, being that it’s a significant fraction of the price makes this Dossier find that much sweeter.

Ambery Vanilla

Black Opium is arguably one of YSL’s most adored perfumes (as well as a personal fave from my younger years), and serves as the delectable inspiration for Ambery Vanilla. Opening with a liveliness that feels especially nostalgic at first spritz — for me, at least — the vibrance of citrusy mandarin and crisp pear is quickly met with the spice of pink peppercorn and the caramelized essence of licorice. From there, subtle orange blossom and warm jasmine petals swirl with a sultry explosion of heated cedarwood, long-lasting patchouli, resinous vanilla, and a roasted coffee note. Yum.

In comparing the two, Dossier’s version does lie a bit closer to the skin than the original does, making it a fragrance that leaves a faint trail (and not fully filling a room). Though, TBH — I would absolutely consider it a dupe, especially with its strong coffee note that lingers long after the other aromas have faded.

Floral Marshmallow

Meant to mimic Love Don’t Be Shy by Kilian, Floral Marshmallow is vibrant and playful at first spritz, soon after melting into a scent that is heated and deeply sensual. With a citrusy brightness by way of neroli and bergamot, both marshmallow and orris flower notes create a creamy, almost buttery vibe that is dreamy and delectable. Similarly, the bouquet of orange blossom, honeysuckle, and jasmine petals are smooth and sun-kissed, which is only enhanced by the warmth of amber.

Dossier’s take is equally as rich and complex as the OG, though perhaps not quite as long-lasting on the skin. Playing with the youthfulness of marshmallow and sunny florals, the perfume is backed with maturity and warmth by way of musk and not-too-sugary vanilla — making this a unique gourmand aroma that is lovely across seasons *and* from day to night.

Floral Rose

Created with Le Labo’s Rose 31 in mind, Floral Rose embodies the beautiful, yet at times almost gritty, essence of an intricate rose garden — mulch, thorns, rain, and all. At its heart lies a pretty pink rose note, yet right away, the spiciness of cumin, dryness of vetiver, subtle smokiness of incense, and warmth by way of cedarwood comes through. Truly lying close to the skin for a more intimate fragrance experience, this perfume is backed by amber and a cloud-like musk note.

Dossier has created a traditionally feminine scent that takes the classic smell of a rose in full bloom, yet immediately nixes any powdery, “old lady” vibes by way of unexpected spices and earthy woods. And similar to the Le Labo fave, it embraces this almost goddess-like, sensual quality that wraps a seductive veil around the wearer.

The Final Verdict

If you’ve had your eyes on a pricey perfume (and just can’t seem to pull the “checkout” trigger), Dossier is absolutely a brand that is worth trying.

While their aromas aren’t exact replicas of the original when directly compared, they are close enough that any untrained nose would hardly recognize the subtle differences. With the fragrances I tried, I found the formulation to be complex, rich, and long-lasting — especially with the more gourmand-leaning scents — and have since worn the scents consistently, garnering countless compliments. Obsessed.