22 Orange Blossom Perfumes That Smell Sun-Kissed & Subtly Citrusy

Your new summer scent is on this list.

Here are the best orange blossom perfumes from Jo Malone London, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, and more f...
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In the magical world of perfumery, traditionally feminine fragrances are most often associated with dreamy bouquets of intricate, full-bloom florals. As for some of the most widely beloved notes? Timeless rose, elegant jasmine flower, calming lavender, and even subtly sweet honeysuckle top the list — though especially in sunny scents that are simply made for summertime, orange blossom might just take the cake as the understated perfume note to watch.

An ode to its lovely name, orange blossoms really do tend to smell as they sound: Undeniably floral, of course, yet with a hint of warmth by way of citrus. (The tiny white flower does grow on orange trees, after all.) More often than not, the buzzy ingredient is paired alongside true citrus notes, like exotic bergamot, zesty lemon, or tangy tangerine. The effect? A sun-kissed, cozy aroma that mimics the feeling of colorful evening sunsets.

No matter your fragrance preference, the juicy note is likely found in some of your current favorite scents already. Though if you just so happen to be in need of some newness for the summer season, here are the most unique (and equally lovely) warm, floral orange blossom perfumes that will completely elevate your scented wardrobe through the summer months and beyond.


A perfect scent for summer (and anytime of year), Libre is defined by its freshness and warmth, as vivid orange blossom, earthy lavender, and an intoxicating musk note dance with one another.


A true floral fragrance that feels earthy and a bit wild by nature, Flora Carnivora brims with the scents of jasmine, tuberose, orange flower, and vetiver.


Just as playful and sweet as its balletcore-esque bottle, BONBON is where juicy mandarin and creamy orange blossom meet the mouth-watering sweetness of caramel.


Nothing is quite as luxurious and elegant as perfumes from Chanel — and Gabrielle is truly no different. As for the key notes? Sheer jasmine and luminous orange blossom flowers take centerstage.


Ashley Tisdale’s TikTok-viral brand, Being Frenshe, is known for its mood-boosting aromas. As for Solar Fleur? The scent is all things happy and carefree, with key notes of dewy orange blossom, smooth sandalwood, and dreamy coconut orchid.


A vibrant perfume that awakens your senses, 001 Orange Blossom, Petitgrain and Bergamot is reminiscent of those citrusy cocktails of summer.


A citrusy floral perfume that is all things luxurious, Atelier des Fleurs Néroli features a comforting, honeyed orange blossom note.


An aroma that is inspired by rich, golden palaces covered in exquisite art, Stellar Times is a heated, amber-y fragrance at heart, with whispers of orange blossom and white woods.


Fleur d'Oranger 27 aims to enhance the earthy, floral nature of the orange blossom flower, using the aromas of sunny lemon, exotic bergamot, and woody petit grain to create a musky warmth that radiates on skin.


Boldly intense by nature, Love, Don’t Be Shy Extreme is a limited edition launch that features notes of powerful neroli, fresh orange blossom, and luminous rose.


A gourmand perfume that is just as tempting as it is sweet, Vanilla Embers is defined by spiced cardamom, sunny orange flower, creamy sandalwood, and rich vanilla bean.


With a collection of aromas inspired by the beauty of nature, Jo Malone London’s Orange Blossom, too, is a sparkling expression of the citrusy flower.


A luxe perfume inspired by the orchard-covered coast of the Italian Mediterranean, Neroli Portofino features notes of sparkling neroli, breezy bergamot, crisp lemon, and orange blossom in full bloom.


Juicy freshness from mandarin, tangerine, and bergamot are met with the warmth of warm orange blossom and sun-kissed jasmine in The 7 Virtue Orange Blossom Eau de Parfum.


First Dream of the Year is opulence in fragrance form, with full-bodied white florals drenched in vibrant grapefruit and yummy peach oils.


Inspired by her native Tennessee, Dolly Parton created Early Morning Breeze with the help of dewy jasmine petals, warm orange blossom, and sensual sandalwood.


Like a decadent, fruit-filled dessert, Oriana is defined by playful notes of mandarin, dark berries, orange blossom, marshmallow, and hand-whipped cream.


SUN FRUIT is a radiant summer essential that is filled with notes of fresh fig, exotic bergamot, orange blossom, and juicy coconut.


Demeter’s collection of fragrances are unique in that they feature individual notes, encouraging layering and play. And if you’re on the market for an orange blossom perfume, its Orange Blossom is warm floral perfection.


A limited edition launch, Amazing Grace Bergamot is brimming with bright notes of bergamot, grapefruit, rose, jasmine, and orange blossom.


Eau des Sens is awakening and refreshing, with a sensuous swirl of sugary orange blossom, earthy patchouli, and decadent juniper berry notes.


A floral perfume that sparkles, My Way is filled with dreamy luminosity by way of bright bergamot, smooth orange blossom petals, and sensual vanilla-soaked cedarwood.