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15 Matcha Nail Ideas That'll Make Everyone Green With Envy

Embrace the pretty pastel.

Once you get a sip of rich, creamy matcha, you know it’s only a matter of time before you ditch the cold brew forever — and the same vibe applies to nail art.

Coffee-themed nails are everywhere lately: Everything from iced coffee swirls and caramel latte hues to sultry espresso browns have been spotted on the fingertips of celebs including Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski. But with more than 29 million views on TikTok, matcha green manis are quickly becoming another fan favorite.

Everyone’s Seeing Green

“The popularity of matcha [green] can be attributed to its funky subtlety that transitions perfectly from fall to winter,” says Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of GLOSSLAB. The light hue adds a subtle pop of color to your nail art, but it’s also surprisingly customizable.

“Matcha is a distinct color but it can come in various shades, whether it’s a more muted green or a darker statement green,” says celebrity manicurist and brand founder Deborah Lippmann. Just like the tea itself, you can go for a creamier pastel — like an iced matcha with plenty of oat milk— or a bright emerald, which is closer in shade to the traditional tea. It all depends on your mood.

Below, nail artists share 15 different ways to add some matcha to your manicure.


Cheerful Checkers

A checkered print is a super playful way to add a little texture to your mani. If you’re attempting to create the look at home, “you can make your blocks chunky or you can use a small brush to make slender lines to create a more minimalist look,” Lippmann says.

While you can add a checkered print to one accent nail, you can always combine it with other mix-and-match prints, like these tiny flowers, for chic maximalist vibes.


Latte Art

A matcha is 100% more magical when it has a touch of latte art, so why not give your nails the same treatment? Since matcha green comes in so many hues, it’s easy to add details, like this tiny heart, using slightly lighter or darker polish.


Leave A Tip

Lippmann is a big fan of the matcha color on French manicures. Since the classic design usually involves white nail polish, she says an unexpected pop of color will give the design an updated look. This particular shade of green is the perfect mix of subtle and chic.


Half Moon

Half-moon nail art — where you paint a crescent at the base of your nail bed — has been around for a while, but Lippmann predicts it’s having a second life. “It’s great with pastels,” she says. “For even more jazz, you can use a glitter polish in the moon for a fun twist on the typical design.” You can also pair matcha green with mocha brown for a cafe-ready manicure.


Green Goddess

The half moon also works in reverse, with a funky bright green matcha as the main color and a more minimalist base. Add small details — like gemstones or mini pearls — for an unexpected (yet very pretty) 3D effect.


Groovy Baby

Lippmann says matcha green combines beautifully with neutrals, like cream, especially in a color-blocking technique. Prime example? This groovy set with wavy shapes.

This type of nail art is all about adding bold swirls and swaths of color. To try it at home, Lippmann says to use the edge of a polish brush to draw clean lines.


Foiled Again

Is there a better combo than green and gold? According to Glass, metallic accents like these swirls are an easy way to take your manicure to the next level.

Silver and rose gold could look cute, too. To be extra, Lippmann suggests matching your foil to your jewelry.


Green Ombré

If you can’t choose a matcha hue, Lippmann suggests adding them on all one hand for a dark to light ombré effect. Start with a dark no-milk matcha on your pinky and slowly add more creaminess as you head toward your thumb.


Pearly Girl

Chromatic powders are where it’s at when you want your mani to pop. The mirrored finish instantly makes everyday nail art, like a French tip, one hundred times cooler thanks to the extra dose of shine — reason enough to try it on matcha-colored polish.


Twisted Tea

How fun is this eclectic manicure? Swirls, checkers, geometric prints, and spirals come together for an eye-catching collection of fingernail art — all of which showcase the funky matcha color.


Sweet Treat

There’s something cute and almost dainty about this light shade of green, which is why it looks so good with teeny details, like this strawberry design. A small heart, mini ladybug, or micro cherry would be equally as sweet.


Bubble Tea

3D nail art is so on trend for fall, winter, and beyond. To try it for yourself, add bubbles to your matcha manicure using builder gel or acrylic. The inspo? A refreshing matcha with lots of boba.


Make It A Matcha

Darker matcha green makes such a statement on its own, sometimes all you really need is an all-over wash of color. If you go for a single shade, Lippmann recommends making sure all the details are perfect, from the shape of your nail to your cuticles.


Marbled Masterpiece

Pastels always look pretty when they taken on a marbled effect, and matcha green is no different. To show it off, Glass recommends incorporating an accent nail.

Although the ring finger is a usual go-to for funky nail art, try making the accent the only solid color for something fun and unexpected.


Iced Matcha

In a world of glazed and glossy manicures, matte polish stands out. To achieve this frost-glass effect, all you need is a matte polish or a mattifying top coat.

Combine it with green tips and white abstract accents for a truly unique, matcha-inspired manicure.