15 Nail Art Trends Taking Over Your Social Media Feed This Winter

Featuring 3D French tips and sweater-inspired textures.

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Even though it’s gloomy and cold — and yes, the sun is going to start setting at 4 p.m. — doesn’t mean you need to stop enjoying all the fun nail art trends that keep coming your way. In fact, the chilly weather almost calls for more sparkle and shine when it comes to your manicures.

Yongxi Tan, a nail expert and co-founder of Bessie, a press-on nail brand, predicts you’ll see a lot of chic, minimalist styles this season, like the “old money” aesthetic which is all about nail art that’s subtle and timeless. You’ll also continue discovering even more creative takes on the classic French mani design.

As the year comes to a close, you’ll also see fun, New Year’s Eve-worthy designs that’ll take you into January and beyond. Think chrome accents, a moodier take on balletcore, and lots of eye-catching 3D textures.

Ready for serious nail inspo? Keep scrolling for 15 winter 2024 nail art trends that you’re going to see everywhere this season.


Molten Metals

With over 314 million views on TikTok, it’s clear molten metals are set to be the freshest way to wear chrome nails this winter.

“Molten metals are extremely unique and popular right now,” says nail expert Chelly Soto. “It looks exactly how it sounds — like metal liquified onto your nail.”

This trend typically features an irregular, 3D drizzle of chrome polish or powder. “It’s the perfect combination of futuristic and Y2K,” says Soto.


Sweater Weather

Expect to see a lot of sweater-inspired manis, says Soto. This trend features a raised texture that looks exactly like your coziest cable knit, and it’s absolutely adorable.

To get the look, try an array of warm or jewel-toned hues on each finger, or opt for a crisp wintery white polish that showcases 3D details that scream sweater weather.


“Old Money” Designs

The “old money” aesthetic has crossed over into the nail world, says Tan, and it’s as chic as it sounds. Just like classic trousers and a crisp, white shirt, this trend is all about adding rich, minimalist details to your nail game.

One easy way to get the look is with short, rounded French tips. The idea is for your nails to look effortlessly manicured and timeless. “Jewel tones have also been popular interpretations of the old money look, but the common thread is a simple, minimalist look as opposed to intricate designs and accessories,” she says.


Moody Balletcore

While 2023 began with the soft pinks and delicate details of balletcore, it’ll end with a little more edge, says Christina Kao, the co-founder of nail care brand Le Mini Macaron.

Folks are taking elements of balletcore — think bows, diamonds, and lace — and combining it with the moody aesthetics associated with grunge and goth.

It’s as easy as swapping your petal pink polishes for dark reds and blacks, and then adding metallic details.


Glitter Goals

This winter’s nail art will also have a lot of glitter going on. Whether you opt for a shimmery accent nail, sparkling abstract design, or all-over wash of shimmer, it’s a guaranteed way to add a little something extra to your manicure.

According to Soto, this season’s nails will be laced with gold and silver sparkles, in particular, especially around the New Year.


3D Metallic French Tips

Speaking of shine, Kao predicts predicts more metallic French tips will be on the horizon.

“From fashion statement pieces to accessories, silver has been the must-have trend of fall/winter 2024,” she tells Bustle. “Nails couldn’t miss this latest phenomenon — we’ve seen them in bold manis, French manis, and minimal accents in nail art.”

To take it up a notch, Soto suggests using a builder gel to create a 3D effect on the ends of your nails. “Some people use builder gel and chrome to add bows, blobs, or spirals,” she says.


Seashell Swirls

Even in the dead of winter, you can’t deny the appeal of a 3D seashell nail. According to Soto, this trend is more about the technique than oceanic vibes.

Use builder gel — something Soto says has been a popular addition to many people’s manicure kits — to create a stunning swirl or ripple effect on your nails. Rock the look with a pearlescent polish for some head-turning sheen. The swirls also perfectly complement the trendy oyster nail art trend.


Abstract Rose Gold

According to Tan, rose gold is the metallic you’re about to see on everyone’s fingertips. “It's festive, eye-catching, and perfect for the holiday season,” she says.

For your next manicure, try incorporating it into an abstract design featuring fun swirls or by adding sparkling rose gold jewels on top of a neutral base.


Vanilla Chrome Details

Frosty vanilla chrome is another way to add a perfectly polar touch to your winter mani.

“Frosty chrome has actually been around for a minute,” Soto says. “It became widely popular after Hailey Bieber debuted her glazed donut look, but as this trend has emerged, more and more people started to explore and try to make it their own.”

One way to play around with the look is by adding asymmetrical vanilla chrome touches, French tips, or by alternating between fully painted nail beds and minimalist swirls.


Glass Dried Flowers

For fingertips that look pretty as a picture, opt for a clear glassy top coat that seems to encapsulate an array of dried flowers. Dried florals also look pretty when paired with flecks of gold and muted backgrounds, like cornflower blue, dusty pink, or pale green.

According to Tan, delicate dried flower nail art — which has over 7.9 million views on TikTok — is in for winter, and is a chic update to a typical floral mani.


Douyin Style

Douyin nails refers to the manicures spreading on a social media platform in China of the same name. “They are a translucent, jelly-like gel nail base with the addition of adorable charms such as bows, pearls, and hearts,” Tan says.

The trend has gained over 53.9 billion views on TikTok, and according to Tan, it works for many different nail shapes and lengths.


“New Money” Nails

If you find old money nails a bit too minimal, look no further than new money nails.

Instead of subdued colors and classic designs, this look is all about having fun with your manicure, the way you would if you suddenly won the lottery. Think splashy colors, designer logos, and lots of over-the-top energy (which you can achieve with 3D accents, chrome, and more).


Ribbons & Bows

“We're seeing bows everywhere, and it’s not just on nails, but in hair, on Christmas trees — on quite literally anything you can put a bow on,” says Rachel Apfel Glass, the founder of GLOSSLAB.

On your nails, a teeny, tiny bow is the perfect way to add a fun, feminine flair to your manicure. “You’ll be seeing this trend long after the holidays as well,” she says.


Celestial Seasons

“Chrome nails continue to be all the rage, and this winter we’ve been loving them with a celestial twist,” says Tan. These manis feature details like a collection of shiny stars, suns, and crescent moons for a look that’ll speak to your astrology-loving heart.


Foil Accents

Foils are shiny, shimmery metallic flecks that you stick to your manicure to give it extra glitz and glow. “It’s a simple way to add on to a design,” says Apfel Glass. “You can do it via an accent nail or make all of your nails gold for that Midas touch.” It’s perfect for the New Year — and beyond.


Chelly Soto, nail expert, V Beauty Pure educator

Yongxi Tan, nail expert, co-founder Bessie

Christina Kao, co-founder of nail care brand Le Mini Macaron

Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of GLOSSLAB

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