The 10 Hottest Winter 2024 Haircut Trends, According To Celebrity Stylists

It’s time for a rebrand.

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Winter 2024's biggest haircut trends, according to top stylists.
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With 2024 right around the corner, it’s time to start figuring out your rebrand, whether that means giving your look a complete refresh, or just updating a few little details. Luckily, there’s no shortage of haircut trends to choose from as we head into winter.

According to Felitia Grace, a celebrity hairstylist with Balmain Hair, now’s the ideal time to adopt a “new hair, who this?” attitude. After all, nothing will give you a fresh start come January quite like chopping off some length. And if you’re bold enough to get bangs? Then you’ll really be taking 2024 by the horns.

Throughout this past year, we saw one viral hairstyle trend after another, whether it was the butterfly bob, the resurgence of the “Rachel,” or the perfectly French Birkin bang. It has been a lot to keep up with — but, thankfully, a lot of these trends will be sticking around into winter.

While you’ll likely recognize some of the styles listed below, there are a few new ones that feel extra fresh. Keep reading below for all the haircut trends that’ll be big this winter — and beyond — according to top hairstylists.


Butterfly Bangs

Long bangs will be the talk of the town this winter, says celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko. She predicts extra-fluffy butterfly bangs, a variation of the layered butterfly cut, will become a major trend.

This fringe parts in the middle and features floaty, rounded volume, just like the wings of a butterfly. The ends can be eye-level or face-framing, depending on your preference.

“This trend is gaining popularity because it strikes a perfect balance between sophistication and playfulness, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions,” she says. The style is soft, delicate, and wavy with a touch of whimsy.


’70s Shags

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If you haven’t had your ’70s moment, there’s still plenty of time. Retro-inspired layered hairstyles — like the wolf cut and the shag — are cute right now, and that’ll continue to be the case well into winter.

“The wolf cut offers an edgy appearance and it’s adaptable for various face shapes and hair types,” Polko says. “Achieving the cut is all about creating a balance between a slightly tousled look and a polished style.”


U-Shaped Layers

The U-shaped haircut is the ideal option if you’re looking for maximum bounciness, says Meli Batimana, a stylist and owner at River + Reign Salon in Pasadena, California.

“It’s all about adding face-framing layers and rounding out the longest one to create a ‘U’ instead of a ‘V’,” she tells Bustle. “I love it because it can make the finest of hair look full and bouncy. It also opens up the face more for that sexy peekaboo frame.”


’90s Bobs

According to Chaz Dean, a celebrity hairstylist, colorist, and founder of WEN, short, choppy styles are in. “This winter, clients are looking to break free and chop off their hair into a chunky, layered bob with fringe,” he tells Bustle. If you’re also in the mood to try something new, this variation of the bob is it.

Kenna Ehman and Lauren Kunijo, master hairstylists and co-owners of Kenna Kunijo salon, also see this look on the horizon. “Think of a cross between Rachel Green and Monica Geller from Friends,” they tell Bustle. “Since the ’90s bob is a cut that can fall anywhere between your collarbone and your chin, not only does it flatter all face shapes, but it is also versatile for multiple hair types.”


Grown-Out Lobs

Chic and effortless grown-out lobs are also about to be big, thanks in part to the popularity of the aforementioned bob.

“Everyone chopped their hair this fall, so unless you're doing extensions, the blunt bob will become an airy lob,” Ehman and Kunijo tell Bustle. Consider it the next step in the natural lifespan of your Hailey Bieber-inspired ‘do.

Typically, a lob hits just below the shoulders at the collarbone, adds Jenna Spino, a stylist at Maxine Salon. “This can be slightly layered or super blunt,” she tells Bustle. “The mid-length lob looks great on everyone.”


Wispy Bangs

Another hot hair trend is the wispy bang. According to Grace, this look is super popular in Asia, where thin fringe is in — and it’s coming stateside.

Sometimes it’s as easy as pulling a few hair strands forward and giving them a snip. It’s the perfect option for anyone with fine or thin hair, or those who are newly experimenting with bangs.


Pageboy Pixies

The pageboy haircut — famous for being extra short and sweet — looks incredibly fresh for the new year.

The page is a distinct short hairstyle marked by a rounded shape and length that often settles just above the shoulders, Ilham Mestour, the artistic director at Balmain Hair, previously told Bustle.

It can also be worn in a pixie style à la model Taylor Hill, which gives the bowl haircut a whole new vibe.


Face-Framing Layers

If you’re looking to update your hair without snipping off too much length, consider incorporating some layers.

“Face-framing layers are one of the easiest ways to liven up your look and contour your cheekbones and jawline without committing to a change that's too drastic this winter,” Ehman and Kunijo note. As a bonus, they make for the perfect style for a ’90s-style supermodel blowout.


“Mick Jagger” Bobs

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Fluffy “Mick Jagger” bobs are also going to be a thing, says Rogerio Cavalcante, a stylist and owner of The Second Floor Salon.

“This style, inspired by the iconic Mick Jagger, features a below-the-chin length with middle part bangs,” he tells Bustle.

Similar to the shag, it’s all about that lived-in, slightly messy look. “It’s ideal for individuals with natural or slightly curly hair, and it can be further enhanced with textured pomade for a rock-inspired edge,” he says.


Piece-y Baby Bangs

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According to celebrity hairstylist Adam Maclay, baby bangs are about to make a major comeback.

“We’ve seen the curtain bang around for a few years, but I’m predicting that shorter, more choppy bangs will be the it trend,” he tells Bustle.

This type of fringe looks best when it’s slightly uneven and imperfect, Maclay says — “A style that looks like you may or may not have chopped them yourself.”


Laura Polko, celebrity hairstylist

Chaz Dean, celebrity hairstylist, colorist, founder of WEN

Kenna Ehman and Lauren Kunijo, master hairstylists, co-owners of Kenna Kunijo

Ilham Mestour, artistic director at Balmain Hair

Meli Batimana, stylist, owner at River + Reign Salon

Jenna Spino, stylist at Maxine Salon

Rogerio Cavalcante, stylist, owner of The Second Floor Salon

Adam Maclay, celebrity hairstylist

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