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This Bridgerton Season 3 Theory Predicts Changes For Kanthony & Violet

Where will the newlyweds live?

Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey on 'Bridgerton.' Photo via Netflix
Liam Daniel/Netflix

Bridgerton may be best known for its swoon-worthy romance — but all the beautiful locations and lavish, high-society interiors certainly don’t hurt, either. Most famous of these is the Bridgerton residence itself, which is central to the family and the show: a gathering place for siblings to convene between balls, promenades, and disastrous weddings. But according to one Reddit theory, Bridgerton Season 3 may shake up the characters’ address.

In a July 18 post, Redditor u/Certain-Fact-1481 pointed out that Bridgerton matriarch Violet is almost an empty nester — as Colin and Penelope will presumably wed next season, and fans speculate that Eloise will leave to travel and Francesca may soon marry, too. Benedict “can always go to his bachelor pad,” the user pointed out, meaning Violet will only have to worry about Gregory and Hyacinth. “Since Bridgerton House now belongs to Kate and Anthony and will soon be filled with their family, I can see the show making sure to set up Violet with her own house,” they concluded.

Several users agreed with the theory, pointing out that Violet indeed moves to a new address (5, Bruton Street) in the Bridgerton books. And as Season 2 (and its heartbreaking flashbacks) made very clear, Anthony became Viscount Bridgerton the moment his dad passed away — so the family manse has been his since then, too. And now with Kate taking on the official role of Viscountess Bridgerton, it’s only natural that the newlyweds would make the main Bridgerton residence their own.

Liam Daniel/Netflix

But then again, Anthony and Kate both share a strong sense of familial duty; it’s one of the big things they bonded over during their enemies-to-lovers arc in Season 2. So it’s just as easy to imagine them keeping the whole family together at Bridgerton House, at least for the time being. After all, the books might be able to move family members around without causing too much of a stir — but on screen, the opulent home has almost become a character in itself. As Redditor u/Broccoli_and_Cookie put it, “the drawing room scenes are always some of the best on Bridgerton,” and you’d “lose all the snappy banter and tension and furtive glances and fun ridiculousness when people are at like 12 different houses.”

Perhaps, as Redditor u/Trisky107 suggested, Anthony and Kate will move to Aubrey Hall, the family’s country estate — “leaving Violet in the London Bridgerton house so they don’t have to create a new set.” This would be convenient if Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley (who play Kate and Anthony) decide to “pull back” from the series in the future, the user pointed out, as other Bridgerton stars have done.

The epilogue of Bridgerton Season 2 does, indeed, see Anthony and Kate in bed at Aubrey Hall six months after their wedding. However, it’s not clear if they are hosting their family at their new abode, or simply visiting it like everyone else.