Emily In Paris Has Twitter Obsessed With This New “It” Cocktail

Move over, negroni sbagliato.

Emily in Paris Season 3 makes the Kir Royale cocktail go viral. Photo courtesy of Stéphanie Branchu/...
Photo courtesy of Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix.

The time of the negroni sbagliato as the drink du jour may have finally come to an end. The prosecco-infused take on the classic negroni went viral on TikTok after House of the Dragon star Emma D'Arcy said it was their favorite drink in an interview. Now, it seems like another cocktail is taking over the social media discourse, and it’s all thanks to Emily Cooper.

No matter your take on the divisive Darren Star show Emily in Paris, you have to admit that its protagonist, the social media savvy marketing pro played by Lily Collins, dominates IRL conversations. Whether it’s a debate on which beau she should end up with (Team Alfie or Team Gabriel), her vacationing, her unrealistic spending, or even her bangs, Emily Cooper trends.

On Season 3, which dropped on Dec. 21, Emily becomes more steeped in French culture. Sort of. Her wardrobe features more Parisian designers — a strategic choice costume designer Marylin Fitoussi made to show Emily’s growth as an expat. She is speaking better French (at least in class). And she’s discovering French cocktails.

In Episode 4, Emily hangs out with friends Luc (Bruno Gouery) and Julian (Samuel Arnold), and they order a round of Kir Royales for the table. After a sip of the ruby-hued cocktail, the Chicago implant inquires about the “delicious” drink. “What is it?” she asks.

Screenshot via Emily in Paris/Netflix

Luc then proceeds to give Emily a lesson in pronunciation and mixology. He explains, “It’s Crème de Cassis topped with champagne. The perfect drink to sip and do nothing as the Ferris wheel turns.”

Always buzzing with marketing ideas, Emily then rides the canned cocktails wave and pitches Chamère, aka canned Kir Royale, to her champagne-manufacturing clients. She suggests it as a follow-up to her winning Season 2 idea, Champère, the clients’ new champagne line.

Like the other aspirational things about Emily’s lavish lifestyle, viewers are flocking to the Kir Royale as the new “It” drink. Twitter user sendboots wrote, “Kir Royale gonna replace negroni sbagliato with Prosecco in it as the new favourite drink for annoying mfs to order (I am annoying mfs).”

Some viewers were shocked to realize Emily has been Instagramming from Paris for three seasons and is only finding out about the French cocktail. “We've had three seasons of Emily in Paris and she is only JUST finding out what a kir royale is,” one user wrote.

Others pointed out that so many people will likely be ordering Kir Royales after the show.

Meanwhile, some were quick to point out that Emily was at it again with her “Americansplaining” when she explained to Camille’s French family — the champagne manufacturers —what a Kir Royale is.

How To Make A Kir Royale

A classic Kir is a French cocktail made with a black currant liqueur called crème de cassis and then topped with white wine. The Kir Royale, which is Emily’s Season 3 obsession, is a variant of the classic drink that swaps out white wine for champagne.

If you’re interested in making the cocktail at home, the two-ingredient drink couldn’t be simpler. Just pour one part crème de cassis into a champagne flute, then top off with nine parts champagne. Toss fresh or frozen berries (blackberries preferred) to garnish.

Emily’s choices on the show may be questionable, but loving the Kir Royale is something we can get behind. Santé.