Everything To Know About Rihanna’s Staggering Net Worth

She's put in the work, work, work, work, work.

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Rihanna. With the mention of just one name, so many adjectives come to mind. Talented, creative, powerful, fashionable, funny, and ... rich. No, Rihanna is not just rich; she’s extremely wealthy. After spending more than a decade as one of the most reliable hitmakers in the music industry, the artist behind 14 No. 1s — including “Work,” “We Found Love,” “SOS,” “Disturbia,” and “Umbrella” — started making even more money when she launched several businesses.

The singer, who gave birth to her first child in May 2022 with boyfriend A$AP Rocky and will perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Feb. 12, saw her net worth explode when she launched Fenty Beauty in 2017. The brand would go on to revolutionize the cosmetics industry. Fenty, which also happens to be her last name, is now worth billions, and she quickly broke into the lingerie and skincare industries with Savage X Fenty in 2018 and Fenty Skin in 2020.

In 2021, Forbes revealed that Rihanna is a billionaire, and she ranked as the richest female musician in the world — and in 2022, the magazine ranked her as the youngest self-made woman on a list of American billionaires. Of course, even if the album she says she’s been working on for years feels like it will never arrive, she is making much more money from her other ventures. However, the Super Bowl isn’t one of them, given how the NFL never pays performers for headlining the Halftime Show, instead covering only their production and travel costs.

What is Rihanna’s net worth as she prepares to headline the 2023 Super Bowl Halftime Show? Let’s investigate.

7 Ways Rihanna Makes Her Money

1. Music

While music isn’t Rihanna’s primary source of income any longer, that doesn’t mean she isn’t still earning millions per year from her artistry. The “Diamonds” singer is one of the most successful artists ever, and even during quiet periods, countless fans continue to listen to her music. Rihanna has scored 14 No. 1 hits on the Hot 100, the third-most of all time, only behind The Beatles and Mariah Carey. She has landed an incredible 31 top 10 hits (also the fourth-most of all time). She ranks as the 10th-most-successful artist in Hot 100 history, and she is still in her prime. On the albums chart, Rihanna has now sent eight titles into the top 10, with two peaking at No. 1.

In the U.S. alone, Rihanna has shifted a certified 151.5 million singles, the second-most among all artists. She’s moved 23 million albums in America throughout her career. Globally, it appears the “Only Girl In The World” singer may have moved as many as a quarter of a billion songs. Rihanna co-wrote many of her hits, and that involvement ensures she earns royalties when people stream or buy her music. Based on streaming statistics, fans haven’t stopped listening to her music even though she hasn’t released a new album in half a decade, meaning the money is still coming in.

2. Touring

Rihanna has headlined seven tours, including one stadium tour alongside Eminem, as the two have shared hit singles together. Her treks around the U.S. and even across the globe have now seen her rack up more than $426 million in ticket sales, with that being a relatively conservative estimate.

The biggest musicians are known to occasionally perform private concerts for people wealthy enough to pay for something so extravagant, and Rihanna is counted among those who have been paid well for entertaining a small crowd. She reportedly earned $500,000 for performing for billionaire Oleg Deripaska, and there are likely other discreet examples out there.

3. Cosmetics

Making music and playing live made Rihanna a star, but she didn’t start earning insane money until she jumped headfirst into the cosmetics industry, shaking things up like few before her. The Barbadian powerhouse first trademarked her real last name, Fenty Beauty, back in 2013 or 2014, but it would be years before announcements surrounding the move surfaced.

In 2016, Rihanna signed a deal with luxury giant LVMH for what may have been as much as $10 million to launch a cosmetics brand, with the first products going on sale in 2017. At the time, it seemed nearly unthinkable that the company behind Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs would pay the singer that much, but it turned out to be just a drop in the bucket. In the first month, Fenty Beauty products were available, the fledgling brand racked up $72 million in sales.

Women and men everywhere loved that items like foundation were available in dozens of shades, instantly making Rihanna’s makeup line the most inclusive. After 2018, the company’s first full year in business, sales rocketed to more than half a billion dollars.

In one of the smarter business moves of all time, Rihanna held on to control of 50% of the Fenty brand. Her stake in the cosmetics giant is now worth a reported $1.4 billion, which means the company is worth around $2.8 billion, and it could reach $3 billion soon, as it remains incredibly popular and items sell out constantly. Fenty Beauty recently expanded into other, connected businesses, like Fenty Skin, which has also been successful, though not quite as instantly massive as its predecessor. Fenty Skin did $30 million in sales in its first four months.

4. Fashion

Most people at Rihanna’s level of fame find themselves working in fashion in some way. Rihanna first stepped onto the catwalk in 2011 with Armani, and then two years later she presented her first proper collection with casual retailer River Island, which is popular in the U.K. She kept that successful pairing going, but eventually she set her sights higher, eventually working with brands like Manolo Blahnik and Dior for accessory-only productions. Rihanna’s work with Dior went so well that she was invited to come back and be the face of the brand. She not only surely earned a hefty paycheck, but she made history as the first Black woman to hold that position.

The “S&M” chart-topper continued to make inroads in the fashion world when she teamed up with activewear giant Puma. In a multi-year deal that may have been worth millions, Rihanna accepted the title of creative director of womenswear in 2014. Priced at $120, the Grammy winner’s first product, a sneaker for female buyers, sold out online in just a matter of hours, and the men’s edition experienced the same surge in purchases. Her third launch raised the price to $150 per pair, but that didn’t dissuade fans at all. Eventually, Puma and Rihanna stepped up their collaboration, with the singer launching a full line of clothing, which was presented at New York Fashion Week, and which also sold out quickly.

Rihanna wanted more, and once she’d proved she was a force in fashion, she advanced once again. In 2018, she went out on her own with Savage X Fenty, a lingerie line. The underwear was made for men and women of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and there were unisex products offered. The company is known for its must-see fashion shows, which are so spectacular, they have all been aired on Amazon Prime. Musicians such as A$AP Rocky, Halsey, Big Sean, Migos, and Travis Scott have all performed during these presentations, while famous friends like Lizzo, Paris Hilton, Normani, and Willow Smith have strutted their stuff in her latest wares.

Savage x Fenty was a quick success, and an early estimate suggested that the products may bring in $150 million in sales in just its first year. Rihanna’s stake in the brand is now worth a reported $270 million. The firm recently rounded up another $115 million in funding, bringing the company's worth to more than $1 billion for the first time. That means that Rihanna has now founded several billion-dollar businesses, which is rare.

Just one year later, Rihanna reached the pinnacle of the fashion industry when she launched Fenty, her high-end clothing line that lived under the LVMH umbrella. She became the first woman and person of color to launch a new company with the behemoth. While anticipation was high, Fenty was not long for this world. It launched in May 2019, and by the spring of 2021, the brand was shut down. Sluggish sales may have been due to the lockdown or possibly because prices were too high, with T-shirts running $180 and hoodies coming in at $300.

5. Fragrance

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As she was smack dab in the middle of promoting her 2010 album Loud, Rihanna entered the celebrity fragrance game. At the time, the field was highly competitive, but the hitmaker still found a way to earn what must have been a pretty penny by lending her name and face to a line of scents that were highly successful. Rihanna launched her first fragrance Reb’l Fleur in early 2011, and according to some reports, by the end of that year, her brand may have racked up as much as $80 million in sales. That sum was easily enough to prove that the superstar had selling power, and she followed it up with several more popular releases.

Rihanna’s second perfume, Rebelle, became the fastest-selling celeb fragrance in U.K. history (at the time), moving more than 2 million bottles in less than a year. Rihanna ended up releasing 10 different fragrances before she let that part of her business subside, though she’s not done with scents yet. Fenty launched its first perfume in mid-2021, and it sold out in just two hours.

6. Other Businesses

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Over the years, Rihanna has made a quick buck by partnering with a number of well-known brands, as this is how many superstars earn the bulk of their cash these days. The Anti talent has appeared in ads or worked with names like Budweiser, Kodak, Nivea, and Vita Coco. Those partnerships likely made her what she considered a lot of money at the time, but now she seems to be staying away from these types of deals to focus on her own ventures.

The nine-time Grammy winner has launched a few companies that received exciting announcements, followed by silence. She opened Fr8me, a beauty and stylist agency, and A Dog Ate My Homework, a photo agency, but nothing has been heard about either in years. Rihanna owns a record label, Westbury Road, which was involved in her album Anti, and while it appeared for a while that other artists might release music through the firm, not much surfaced.

In 2015, Rihanna was named as one of the initial 16 celebrity co-owners of Tidal, a streaming service that was launched to compete with the likes of Pandora and Spotify. She joined Kanye West, Madonna, Calvin Harris, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z, with the latter largely running the show. Since then, nothing has been heard of Rih’s involvement, and it seems like many of the superstars who were brought on to help power Tidal have distanced themselves or left entirely.

7. Film & TV

Rihanna has dabbled in the film and TV industries, but she isn’t exactly a movie star. In fact, most of the visual projects she involved herself in didn’t perform very well. Just after she scored her first hit singles, Rihanna wasted no time finding her first acting role, in the oft-forgotten Bring It On: All or Nothing, the sequel to the successful teen film Bring It On. Almost once a year for a period after that, she appeared in a movie, with her filmography featuring titles like Battleship, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and perhaps most notably, 2018’s Ocean’s 8 alongside Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, and Awkwafina.

Rihanna has seen even more success making music for movies. In November 2022, she released two new songs for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, “Lift Me Up,” a tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman, and “Born Again.” The former was nominated for Best Original Song at the 2023 Academy Awards and Golden Globes, earning the singer her first nomination at both award shows.

So far, Rihanna has only tried her hand at hosting on TV once, when she helmed the reality design program Styled to Rock. After just one season, the fashion-focused show was not renewed. Rihanna also scored a recurring role in Season 5 of Bates Motel, which fared better. What she’s been paid to host and act in movies and TV series isn’t clear, but it’s worth mentioning that her paycheck may have been fairly low, as she was trying to get her foot in the door at the time.

What Is Rihanna’s Net Worth Today?


Rihanna & A$AP Rocky at the 2021 Met Gala.Taylor Hill/WireImage/Getty Images

In 2023, Forbes places Rihanna’s net worth at an astounding $1.4 billion, and at the rate that she’s starting new businesses and adding to her bank account, that sum could reach $2 billion in no time. While she may be primarily known as a singer, RiRi’s net worth largely comes from other activities. The magazine estimates that the vast majority of her billion net worth isn’t connected to her music.

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