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The Best Memes & Tweets About Lady Gaga Reportedly Joining The Joker Sequel

“Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn? Give her the Oscar already.”

Lady Gaga is reportedly joining the 'Joker' sequel. Photos via Getty Images and Warner Bros.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images & Warner Bros.

Fresh off her Golden Globe-nominated performance as Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci, Lady Gaga is reportedly planning to play another dangerous lady. On June 13, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the “Stupid Love” singer is in “early talks” to play Harley Quinn in the Joker sequel — which is, well, perfect? (As Gaga herself once put it, “I don’t believe in the glorification of murder. I do believe in the empowerment of women.”)

For those who aren’t familar with Harley Quinn from the DC Comics: Joker and Harley Quinn are known for their “on-off abusive relationship,” as per THR, when she served as his psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum mental institution. Overtime, the two fall for one another, become partners in crime, and the rest is history.

But these casting rumors get even better: the outlet also reports that sources say the sequel will be a musical. So even if the original 2019 film wasn’t totally your vibe, perhaps this one will be worth the ticket. While it’s not immediately clear what musical shenanigans Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker will get into, director and co-writer Todd Phillips recently shared a glimpse at the script for the new film — which seems to be titled Folie à Deux, a French term for a delusion shared by two people.

Gaga, for her part, hasn’t responded to the reports — but that hasn’t stopped fans from flocking to Twitter to celebrate. Several even suggested that the Joker sequel could finally lead to Gaga’s long-awaited acting Oscar, and there’s precedent: Phoenix won for his titular role back in 2020.

She had been nominated in 2020 for Best Actress in A Star is Born, but lost to Renée Zellwegger in Judy as the icon Judy Garland. Gaga also unfortunately was not recognized by the Academy with a nomination for House of Gucci.

Many users had fun imagining the musical moments between the Joker and Harley Quinn — whether they be Gaga standards or new music penned for the movie (which feels like an inevitability, considering Gaga already received one Best Original Song Oscar for “Shallow” in 2019).

As THR points out, Phillips has worked with Gaga before — he actually served as one of the producers on A Star Is Born, Gaga’s first musical (and her first major acting role, well, ever). Here’s hoping the casting is made official soon.