All The Celebrity Guest Stars In Netflix’s New Comedy Mystery Show Murderville

From Annie Murphy to Kumail Nanjiani.

by Justice Namaste
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Will Arnett as Detective Terry Seattle in Murderville. Arnett is wearing a fake mustache and hiding ...
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Love improv comedy? You’ll want to check out Netflix’s Murderville. The new comedy series stars Will Arnett as Detective Terry Seattle, who partners with a different celebrity guest in each episode to solve a (fictional) murder mystery. But there’s a twist! Though Arnett and the rest of the cast know who the perpetrator is, the celebrity guest is left in the dark and has to improvise the script — while also trying to solve the case and unmask the killer. The actors have to take cues from Arnett’s dialogue, whether that requires them to slip into a “heavy German accent” or go undercover with the alias “Todd Carringtonbergsonfield.” Think of it as a mix of a procedural, scripted comedy, and improv sketch with a seriously impressive roster of stars.

Each of Murderville’s six episodes has the same basic structure surrounding the murder investigation: Detective Seattle meets his new partner, the two visit the crime scene and interview suspects, and the celebrity guest star guesses who committed the murder. But unsurprisingly, the episode can go in drastically different directions depending on the featured actor, which ranges from Ken Jeong to Marshawn Lynch. Read on below to see who else you can expect to pop up.

Conan O'Brien


Conan O’Brien is best known for his nearly 30-year career hosting late-night talk shows — specifically Late Night With Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien, and Conan — but he got his start in comedy writing. Prior to stepping in front of the camera, O’Brien spent several years in the Saturday Night Live writers’ room and had a brief stint as a writer on The Simpsons.

Sharon Stone

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Sharon Stone has had a prolific acting career, with work spanning over four decades. Unlike most of the other Murderville celebrity guest stars — many of whom have backgrounds in comedic acting and/or writing — Stone is best known for her dramatic performances, including roles in acclaimed films like Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Bobby, and Casino.

Annie Murphy

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Annie Murphy rose to fame while starring in the Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek as Alexis Rose, a role for which she won an Emmy and a Screen Actors Guild award. Murphy is currently starring in the AMC sitcom Kevin Can F**k Himself and has a yet unnamed role in Season 2 of Netflix’s Russian Doll.

Ken Jeong

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Actor Ken Jeong worked as a licensed physician for years before turning his focus to acting. He’s best known for his roles on the television series Community and in The Hangover films, as well as for creating, writing, and starring in the ABC sitcom Dr. Ken. Additionally, Jeong is currently a panelist on the Fox competition series The Masked Singer.

Kumail Nanjiani


Comedian and writer Kumail Nanjiani rose to prominence on HBO’s Silicon Valley before co-writing and starring in the Oscar-nominated rom-com The Big Sick. Nanjiani has also appeared in the television series Franklin & Bash, Portlandia, and Newsreaders, and recently starred in Marvel’s The Eternals.

Marshawn Lynch


Many will recognize Marshawn Lynch as a football star: He spent approximately a decade playing for the NFL between 2007 and 2019. But recently, he’s also gotten into acting. In addition to a cameo in The League and portraying a fictional version of himself on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Lynch appeared in Season 3 of HBO’s Westworld.

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