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Will There Be A Secret Invasion Season 2?

Director Ali Selim would “love” to do more of Disney+’s espionage thriller.

Samuel L. Jackson in 'Secret Invasion.' Photo via Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

Spoilers ahead for Secret Invasion. Ever since it was first announced in 2020, Secret Invasion was touted as one of Disney+’s buzziest, most game-changing Marvel titles. And indeed, the series has lived up to those high stakes: between killing one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s longest-running heroes and revealing another has been a Skrull in disguise for quite some time. But after the show’s July 26 finale, will there be a Secret Invasion Season 2 to shake up the MCU even further?

For now, that doesn’t seem super likely. Disney has described the show as a miniseries, and teasers have warned that the show will follow Nick Fury for “one last fight.” Plus, the titular invasion is based on a completed Marvel Comics arc that ran for several years in the 2000s — so unlike Disney+ shows that revolve around heroes (think Loki, She-Hulk, or Ms. Marvel), there is some sense of finality.

However, that hasn’t stopped the Secret Invasion cast and creators from weighing in on the future of MCU’s espionage thriller. “When it ends, I hope you feel satiated and complete,” director Ali Selim recently told SFX Magazine, via Radio Times. he said. “And as Marvel does so excellently, you also feel like ‘Oh, it could go in this direction.’ Nick Fury is alive and continues to battle, I don’t think that’s a spoiler alert.”

Selim continued that while some characters didn’t survive the events of Secret Invasion, others “live to see another challenge. I would love to see that challenge become Season 2.”

Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill is one of the characters who perished early in Secret Invasion — proving the life-and-death stakes of the MCU’s latest project. As for her future in the franchise (where characters have a knack for coming back), Smulders told Variety that her character’s death indeed “feels like the end,” but wouldn’t rule anything out.

“It’s such a vast, complicated, multiversed world that Marvel is living in,” she continued. “So I suppose anything is possible. This is all above my level of access, so I don’t know. Her death propelled the story in a much more vulnerable direction for the rest of the characters in the show. It certainly is increasing the stakes and setting up Fury to be in a very emotional state. That’s hopefully been accomplished.”

Samuel L. Jackson, who’s portrayed the original Avengers assembler since 2008’s Iron Man, told The Hollywood Reporter that he’ll return to the role “till they stop calling me.” So whether or not Secret Invasion continues, you can safely assume that Fury’s story will.