TikTok Thinks Taylor Swift Will Announce 4 “Taylor’s Version” Albums Over Easter

Swifties went nuts after Swift’s official fan account tweeted, “We couldn’t choose just one so here’s all four.”

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Taylor Swift is a consummate easter egg connoisseur, always leaving intricately coded hints about her future endeavors in literally everything she does, including her ongoing Eras Tour, which is why Swifties on TikTok think she won’t let the literal Easter holiday pass by without doing anything. After releasing Fearless (Taylor’s Version) and Red (Taylor’s Version) in 2021, some fans think Swift is about to unleash her next re-recording — or perhaps all of the “Taylor’s Version” albums that she has left — before Easter Sunday, and they’ve done some very deep digging to craft this theory.

It all started when Swift’s official fan account Taylor Nation tweeted a photo of Swift’s first costume from the Eras Tour and used lyrics from “Mirrorball,” “Bejeweled,” and “Paper Rings” to describe the glittering look. “Shimmering beautiful. bejeweled. I like shiny things. she shines so bright,” the account wrote. “We couldn’t choose just one so here’s all four.” Coincidentally, Swift has four more re-recordings to release: her self-written 2010 album Speak Now, 2014’s Grammy Album of the Year-winning 1989, 2017’s Reputation, and her 2006 self-titled debut.

However, the real clue lies within the fourth caption that Taylor Nation tweeted, “she shines so bright,” which actually doesn’t come from one of Swift’s songs.

“She shines so bright” may involve a mysterious person that even the most investigative Swifties know very little about: niceboy ed (which is not a nickname for Ed Sheeran). Swift first used niceboy ed’s song “life you lead” in a TikTok video in October 2022, and Swifties immediately noticed that the new artist couldn’t be traced back to anyone or anything recognizable, raising questions about their identity. Theories about the mysterious artist include them being an alias for Swift’s boyfriend Joe Alwyn, one of his close friends, or even Swift herself disguised with a male-sounding voice.

Currently on niceboy ed’s website, there are ten Polaroid photos, which is a hallmark from the 1989 era, against a pale blue color, which was also used for 1989. Fans who signed up to their mailing list out of curiosity also received emails with the polaroids, captioned with words like “shimmering” and “sunlight,” which could link back to the “she shines so bright” line. Another Swiftie on TikTok also noticed that when you combine the colors representing Taylor Swift, Speak Now, 1989, and Reputation in the Eras Tour poster, it basically creates the same shade of blue that niceboy ed is using.

Adding to the speculation, Easter is the only weekend that Swift has off from the Eras Tour, with no shows scheduled until April 13, when the trek resumes in Tampa and keeps going every weekend until August. Could Swift be using that break to announce or even release a new project, or is she just taking some well-deserved personal time off over the holiday? Only time will tell.

Most of Swift’s latest easter eggs, specifically in the “Bejeweled” music video, point to Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) being her next release, so if she’s only planning to announce one new “Taylor’s Version” album before Easter, look out for either that or 1989 if niceboy ed’s hints are anything to go by. But with Swift in the driver’s seat, absolutely anything is possible — and so is nothing at all.