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The Golden Bachelor Fans Are Shocked By *That* Exit

Three fan favorites left in the show’s most emotional rose ceremony yet.

Gerry's 'Golden Bachelor' cast at the Oct. 26 rose ceremony. Photo via ABC
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Gerry Turner’s Golden Bachelor journey is officially in its home(town) stretch. In the show’s Oct. 26 episode, he had to decide which three women he’d accompany to meet their children and loved ones around the country.

The latest installment began on a positive note, featuring a scene of the remaining women hanging out in the pool. However, the question of who would get a hometown date loomed — and the shortened season meant only three women (instead of the usual four) would take that pivotal step.

As Ellen Goltzer put it in a confessional, “Knowing that there’s not four hometowns but three, I’m very scared.”

So, who went home solo — and who got to move forward with Gerry in tow? Here’s a recap of The Golden Bachelor Week 5, as revisited through fans who watched along on X (formerly Twitter).

Faith’s Date Makes A Splash

The episode’s first date was a one-on-one, which Jesse Palmer teased as “magical” and “once-in-a-lifetime.” So when Faith Martin was called up, she was naturally pretty thrilled.

The pair took a scenic helicopter ride that ended on a yacht, where Faith opened up about her difficult childhood. “I lived a lot of time alone ... like a homeless teen,” she explained, adding that the trauma she went through made it difficult to be vulnerable in future relationships.


Gerry was moved by Faith’s openness, giving her a rose and revealing in a confessional that he was picturing a future with her. “A life with Faith would be really amazing,” he said. “I think she could be the one.”

Fans on X were touched, too, with one declaring Faith the season’s “dark horse” and another describing their connection as simply “so damn cute.”

A Rocky Ride At The Carnival

Getting the season’s dreamiest one-on-one can sometimes stir up jealousy back at the Bachelor Mansion — and that’s exactly what happened when Faith returned, and recounted what Susan Noles described as her “dream” date.

Fans felt for the rest of the women, and one user said Ellen was “channeling her inner Kathy [Swarts],” referencing the latter’s distaste for hearing about other women’s dates.

The stress continued during a group date at the Santa Monica Pier. Although it seemed like a fun-filled night, several women expressed concern about the looming rose ceremony.

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“There is a lot laying on the line tonight,” Theresa Nist said. “It is pretty scary.”

Leslie Fhima, for her part, told Gerry she’d been having some “hard days” watching other women go on dates. “It brings up past feelings from other relationships, because I have been cheated on,” she explained.

Ellen, meanwhile, told Gerry she was falling in love with him — and shared in a tearful confessional that she’d be “devastated” not to get his rose.

Going Home — But Not With Gerry

At the next rose ceremony, Gerry awarded roses to Theresa, Leslie, and Faith. This meant Ellen, Susan, and Sandra Mason had to go home alone.

Gerry was particularly heartbroken to eliminate Ellen, describing her departure as “the lasting memory of the night.” He also told Ellen it was his “most difficult decision” from his Golden Bachelor journey so far.

Disney/John Fleenor

Viewers showed their support for the three women online, with one describing Ellen’s exit as “the most shocking Bachelor goodbye in years,” and another calling for Sandra and Susan to return via Golden Bachelor in Paradise. We can only hope!