The 8 Best Crystals For Confidence, According To Experts

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Whether you’re looking for confidence at home, work, in the bedroom, or just need a self-love boost, crystals can help you with those goals. The best crystals for confidence have a vibration that gets rid of negative energy, attracts positive energy, and empowers you in the areas you need it most. They might also connect to certain chakras to focus those energies. Your best choice depends on where you want to channel your confidence and which confidence-boosting benefits you’re looking for, and I’ve asked four experts for their recommendations.

The Experts

Angel Dawn is an international psychic astrologer, psychic medium, and crystal expert who has been trained by many of the world’s greatest evidential mediums and spiritual teachers.

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner is an integrative medicine expert and an advanced crystal master who has been using crystals in her acupuncturist practice for over 25 years.

Laura Ellis is a multimodality healing practitioner who has been working with crystals for over 30 years. She has certifications as a Reiki Master and TransCrystal Therapist and has taken advanced classes in channeling, Akashic record reading, and master crystals.

Lauren DeGolia is a clarity consultant and astrologer.

8 Crystals For Self-Confidence


A fiery red and orange crystal that Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, an integrative medicine expert and an advanced crystal master, calls “a great grounding sacral chakra stone.” It can also be ideal for self-confidence, self-love, and self-worth as it keeps you stabilized and motivated in work or love situations. Angel Dawn, international psychic astrologer, psychic medium, and crystal expert, adds that carnelian can “enhance the lust for life, a sense of rooted power at our core, and the courage to go out and seize life by the bullhorns.”

  • Chakra: Sacral


This soothing green, blue, or gray crystal can calm your spirit, especially if you’re in a transitional time, while offering courage and strength. And Lauren DeGolia, a clarity consultant and astrologer, reports that it's perfect “for adventure, independence, and unlocking your truth.”


When you find it hard to speak your mind, this soft blue crystal can help. It helps to unblock and activate the throat chakra so you can have the courage for open communication and overcome self-sabotage. Dr. Trattner adds: “It is grounding and strengthening at the same time” and can be “excellent for growth.”

  • Chakra: Throat


Need a dose of positive energy? Citrine is a variety of yellow quartz that will help you manifest and focus your intentions. According to Angel Dawn, citrine is “energizing, uplifting and also increases confidence as the surge in energy and optimism they bring encourages us to pursue our passions.” Dr. Trattner adds that it’s “called the “merchant’s stone” because it brings wealth, prosperity and abundance.”

Black Tourmaline

If you’re feeling cynical and apathetic, reach for this dark crystal. Dr. Trattner refers to it as “the master removal of negativity.” It will protect you from the energies that might destabilize your confidence, make you feel less anxious, and root your self-confidence so you can embrace your true self.

Tiger’s Eye

Swirls of red, gold, and brown in the Tiger’s Eye will help you shake off your fear and bring luck, plus clarity and mental focus. Dr. Trattner adds that it “balances the spirit, removes anxiety and in TCM [traditional Chinese medicine], boosts essence or your life force.”


This green crystal can give you the clarity to see where you’re holding yourself back and give you the confidence to move forward. It can also help with happiness, luck, and certain healing properties. Dr. Trattner adds that it “helps with abundance.”

  • Chakra: Heart


By bringing in the energy of the sun, sunstone comes in red, yellow, and orange and delivers warmth, optimism, and illumination. According to Laura Ellis, a multimodality healing practitioner who has been working with crystals for over 30 years, “Sunstone peps up our mood, allows us to feel comfortable to shine, and makes one more comfortable being in the spotlight.” Its orange color, Angel Dawn notes, “is connected to sexuality, creativity and self-expression,” which allows us to “shine our soul selves without self-judgment and inhibitions.”

Shop The Best Crystals For Confidence

In a hurry? These are the best crystals to boost your confidence:

1. A Carnelian Palm Stone

2. An Amazonite Necklace

3. An Aquamarine Bracelet

4. A Citrine Pendant

5. A Bundle Of Black Tourmaline

6. A Tiger’s Eye Palm Stone

7. A Jade Healing Stone

8. A Set Of 5 Tumbled Sunstones

From stones that you carry in your pocket to stylish jewelry, scroll on for the best crystals for confidence and details on how each pick was sourced.

1. A Carnelian Palm Stone

Why It’s Great:

  • Empowering
  • Rejuvenating
  • Sparks energy and creativity

Measuring 2.36 by 1.57 inches, this red crystal can fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, or Dr. Trattner notes you can also wear it in your “pant pocket as it is close to the sacral chakra.” Wearing it on you “really boosts creativity and allows for the confidence to have emotional authenticity. It helps us to stand in our power more,” according to Laura Ellis. This crystal comes in a handmade velvet bag and includes a summary of its virtues and a guide to care, cleaning, recharging, and purification tips. The seller reports that they purchase all their raw stones “in Madagascar directly at the producing quarries and mines.”

2. An Amazonite Necklace

Why It’s Great:

  • Soothing
  • Improves self-expression
  • Enhances communications over love

Wear this amazonite necklace, and you may find yourself feeling stronger, more compassionate, and truthful (after all, it does connect to the throat chakra). And by placing it directly on your skin, its power will become more potent. This piece of jewelry features a sterling silver lobster clasp and includes an extender chain. The durable cord is vegan and hypoallergenic, so it can be worn every day, and it has an adjustable length of 16 to 18 inches. Handcrafted by mothers in Asheville, North Carolina, the brand tells Bustle via email that it works “only with partners we trust and believe to provide safe and ethical environments for their workers.” Plus, a portion of every purchase goes to non-profit organizations that empower women, babies, and families.

3. An Aquamarine Bracelet

Why It’s Great:

  • Opens channels of communication
  • Helps to inspire stillness, peace, and calm

This calming blue bracelet will not only give you a source of vitality and joy, but it will also keep you protected while you travel (especially over water). One reviewer raves, “Love this soothing bracelet! I wear it 24/hrs a day and only take it off when showering. It’s durable, great quality, beautiful and I feel has brought me a sense of peace.” It may also help to unblock your throat chakra so you have the confidence to speak your mind and find strength in your choices. Dr. Trattner adds that aquamarine “can be worn around the neck or sometimes I like to place several along the feet,” explaining, “I do this sometimes to ground a patient.” What’s more, this bracelet is handcrafted by local artisans in India.

4. A Citrine Pendant

Why It’s Great:

  • Brings wealth and abundance
  • Associated with positivity and optimism

Also known as “the success stone” or “the merchant’s stone,” a citrine pendant can bring “wealth, prosperity, and abundance,” according to Dr. Trattner. Citrine can help to open your solar plexus chakra, which is responsible for confidence, self-esteem, and feeling in control of your life, so wearing it is a great way to activate that. But Trattner warns, “Keep citrines away from a computer as they can amplify EMFs [electro magnetic fields].”

This pendant rests on a durable vegan cord that adjusts between 18 and 22 inches. It also includes a protective pouch and has been ethically sourced from Madagascar, according to the brand. One reviewer raves, “Very beautiful and could feel the energy as soon as l touched it!”

5. A Bundle Of Black Tourmaline

Why It’s Great:

  • Helps with energy blockages
  • Offers emotional protection and security

Dispel negative energies in your life while grounding and protecting yourself from harm with this bundle of tourmaline. It includes 400 carats of raw black tourmaline of varying sizes, ethically sourced from Brazil (according to Kalifano’s website), and comes in its own velvet bag. One reviewer raves, “These are beautiful large sized pieces of tourmaline. I place them in my room for spiritual grounding and to aid in sleep.” Dr. Trattner likes to keep them “in a pocket or close to the heart,” adding, “Tourmalines are excellent to remove EMF’s [electro magnetic fields] from a computer.”

6. A Tiger’s Eye Palm Stone

Why It’s Great:

  • Grounding
  • Promotes balance and strength
  • Guards against negative energies

Holding this Tiger’s Eye in your palm or placing it on your desk or by your front door can encourage focus and calm energy and offer protection. Dr. Trattner likes to keep hers “in a pant pocket or very low on the abdomen or back to boost kidney energy.” And when it comes to orange and yellow crystals like the Tiger’s Eye, Angel Dawn says, “Besides being strong in drawing in abundance and luck into our lives, they help create the right mindset to magnetize these things into our life.” According to Kalifano’s website, this crystal is ethically sourced, and one reviewer reports, “Wonderful size and awesome color.”

7. A Jade Healing Stone

Why It’s Great:

  • Attracts good luck
  • Encourages self-acceptance
  • Healing

Open your heart chakra and bring balance to your life with this healing jade stone. Under 1-inch in width, it fits perfectly in the palm, in a pocket, or on a desk to help boost your self-confidence, clear blockages of doubt, and bring light into new situations. Long seen as a symbol of tranquility, harmony, and serenity, its cool green hue can also bring strength, good luck, and health. One reviewer raves that the color is “absolutely gorgeous” and “deep green and uniformed throughout.” And according to Pachamama’s website, they hand-pick their sustainably harvested products from around the world.

8. A Set Of 5 Tumbled Sunstones

Why It’s Great:

  • Enhances creativity
  • Brings warmth and light
  • Energizing

Balance your aura with the warmth and illumination that comes from a set of sunstones. According to Angel Dawn, “Orange and yellow colors correspond to the sacral and solar plexus which are connected to our vital life force and willpower.” And since this set comes with five stones in a velvet pouch, you can put one in any place where you need energy, healing, and cleansing. Laura Ellis recommends, “The best time to use orange or red stones in the bedroom is if you want confidence around being sexy.” Plus, the brand states that they source their crystals from ethical and known sources.

Where Should You Place Your Crystals?

Crystal placement is essential for bringing out its power. Laura Ellis recommends, “These should all be worn or carried in a pocket or pouch. Having them in your pocket during an audition or interview or first date is great.” Angel Dawn adds that placing your crystal near the entrance of your house can help to “protect against negative energies.” Or, you can place it in an area where you journal or meditate.

Another option is placing your crystal on the chakra that you feel needs clearing for a confidence boost. For example, confidence issues stemming from money and security would be the root chakra; creativity and sexuality connect to the sacral chakra; personal power goes with the solar plexus chakra; love and relationships to the heart chakra; and communication links to the throat chakra.

More To Consider When Shopping For Crystals

When shopping for crystals online, it’s important to find out where they are from and if they were acquired ethically. DeGolia advises, “Ask! It’s perfectly reasonable to ask how the people and stores you’re buying stones from know where they are sourced. Some basic internet research can help you confirm sustainable practices and locations of stones you’re curious about.” Look for sellers who are transparent about where they get their crystals, options that are ethically sourced, and check user reviews whenever possible. As Dr. Trattner says, “These are non-renewable resources, so use caution and do your homework before buying.”

Sources Interviewed:

Angel Dawn, an international psychic astrologer, psychic medium, and crystal expert

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, an integrative medicine expert and an advanced crystal master

Laura Ellis, a certified Reiki Master and TransCrystal Therapist

Lauren DeGolia is a clarity consultant and astrologer