Bustle Newsletter: May 20, 2022

On "later in life" virginity, why Sandy Bullock is the OG girlboss, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Sandra Bullock   (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

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I'm 42 & I've Never Had Sex. Is It Too Late?

Virginity is both very real, because it is something that personally and emotionally impacts us, and very fake, because we literally made it up. “We’ve been exposed to way too much messaging that suggests that someone wanting us sexually is the absolute zenith of worth, that being able to turn someone on is one of the greatest things we have to offer other people. It’s not,” writes Bustle’s sex columnist Sophia Benoit. “So my strongest advice is to work as hard as you can — and this task is like Barry’s-Bootcamp-level difficult — to divorce your worth from your sexuality.” Read More

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The Luckiest Day In Gemini Season, According To Your Sign

Yes, we still have to slog through another couple weeks of Mercury retrograde, but Gemini season, which kicks off today, is still bringing plenty of luck to the collective. Click through which day you should submit that job application or ask out the cute barista. Read More

The Best Looks From The Cannes Film Festival So Far

In my humble opinion, Cannes is one of the best red carpets every year — it’s early summer, everyone is in their French girl alter ego mode, and it shows. This event alone has given us at least three of Bella Hadid’s most iconic looks (the red dress, the tree necklace, and the black and white gown). So far 2022 promises to be no different — just peep these knockout looks from Viola Davis and Anne Hathaway. Read More

You Are Getting Very Sleepy… Thanks To These 20 Audiobooks Perfect For Bedtime

Nothing worse than picking back up with your audiobook only to realize you literally lost the plot because you fell asleep, so we tend to think nonfiction, especially about calming subjects, is the way to go. Here’s a few of our recs. Read More

Must Reads

Sandra Bullock, Girlboss Extraordinaire

If you think about it, Sandy Bullock is really the OG girlboss — she’s been girlbossing on the big screen since way before Nasty Gal was even an eBay shop. Nobody embodies the She-E-O vibe more than her character in Two Weeks Notice, but a ton of her other roles fit the bill, too. Read More

Conversations With Friends’ Endometriosis Scenes Are As Brutal As It Gets

Even in 2022, it’s rare to see a woman taking care of menstrual pain on screen, endometriosis-related or otherwise. When it does make an appearance, it tends to be either the butt of the joke (Superbad) or related to a pregnancy scare. But in the adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel, Frances’ struggle with endometriosis, managing the discomfort (and the blood) it causes, is front and center — even as she tells her friends not to worry about her because “it’s just period pain,” which is all too real for anyone who’s experienced it. Read More


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