Bustle Newsletter: May 24, 2022

On the reality TV star to best-selling author boom, the long shag haircut of your dreams, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge

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How Reality TV Stars Conquered Your Bookshelves

When an author has sold a book but cannot actually write that book, a hookup must be arranged. The matchmaking is done by someone like Madeleine Morel, who calls herself “the Tinder of the publishing world.” And increasingly, a wide swath of these kinds of books come from Housewives, HGTV stars, and Bachelor alumni. But these celebrities, who are already known to the wider public because they have shared their most personal moments with us live on reality television, can make $50k per post doing branded content on Instagram, so why go through the hassle of writing a full-on book? Because even the fast-fashion version of literary cachet offers these celebrities something TV and IG sponcon can’t: a medium in which they have (almost) full control, and the opportunity to be taken seriously. Read More

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TikTok’s Hot New Aesthetic Is The Opposite Of “That Girl”

I know, I know, it’s impossible to keep them all straight. Both aesthetics are offshoot branches of the “cool girl” tree, but if that “that girl” is all about hustle culture and healthy habits, then “night luxe” promotes abundance and social elitism. The mood board is all-black everything, dimly lit bars, dirty martinis, yellow cabs, stilettos, and oversized blazers — basically the Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle, TikTok edition. Read More

The Butterfly Haircut Is The Long-Haired Shag Of Your Dreams

Much like the octopus cut, the butterfly is so popular right now because of how much movement it gives your strands, plus, it’s more versatile for longer hair thanks to how much layering is involved. Read More

12 Triple Lobe Piercing Ideas For A Truly Unique Stack

The beauty of lobe stack is that you only have to think about it once, when you get the piercings or buy the earrings, and then it’s just a built-in cool/edgy accessory every day. So here’s some inspo to get you started on the hard part. Read More

Must Reads

Zosia Mamet Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder

In this excerpt from My Moment: 106 Women on Fighting for Themselves, Mamet, who plays Annie in The Flight Attendant, talks about her 24-year struggle with anorexia. “Mine started when I was eight and lasted — well, I should say will last — for the rest of my life,” she writes. “The reality with addiction is that you’re always recovering. But there was a time when I was a slave to it and now I’m not.” Read More

An Honest Review Of The TikTok-Famous WalkingPad

If your gym motivation has tanked in the last couple years, well, first of all you’re not alone. Second, you might be into the not-quite-a-treadmill “walk pad” that TikTokers love. You can type emails without typos and answer calls without sounding too winded, all the while getting those steps in. The only thing we *didn’t* love was that it’s kind of clunky to store in-between use. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Hello, Mars in Aries! Read More

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