Bustle Newsletter: May 9, 2022

On the IRL scrub nurse who's been in every season of 'Grey's, how Mercury's retrograde will affect your love life, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge

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This Real-Life Scrub Nurse Has Been In Every Season Of Grey’s Anatomy

To date, BokHee An, 83 and “second mom” to Sandra Oh, has been in more than 200 episodes of the show, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that she had her first speaking role. “At the table read, I was so nervous,” An says. “English, of course, isn't my first language, so I am always worried people won't understand me, or I will say a sentence wrong.” (She nailed it obvs, with a lot of support from her castmates.) Here’s how An, a cardiovascular scrub tech for 56 years, came to count 600 TV and movie appearances and 600,000 Instagram followers to her name. Read More

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Why Your Love Life Could Feel Unbalanced During Mercury Retrograde

Well, you’ve been sufficiently warned in this newsletter, but the time has finally come — the planet’s dreaded retrograde kicks off tomorrow. But here’s the good news: It’ll spend the majority of its backspin in bold and brazen Aries, so it’s actually the perfect time to send that DM slide you’ve been sitting on for weeks. Read More

This Glamorously Goth Manicure Makes Black Polish Way More Summery

All-black nails: always chic, always intense — like Killing Eve’s Villanelle in manicure form. So if that doesn’t quite pair with the summer style vibe you’re going for, here’s the perfect way to soften it. Read More

These Target Collabs Will Get You Pumped For Pride

June is only weeks away, which means LinkedIn company pages will soon be awash in the colors of the Pride flag as corporate America attempts to signal that it “cares.” (Companies, if you are listening, please care by paying your employees well and not killing the planet!!) Anyway, while there are a handful of actually good Pride collections every year, there’s usually more of the empty gesture, “here’s a $10 rainbow T-shirt” variety. But Target’s recent collabs with TomboyX & Humankind — two queer-owned, female-founded brands — are actually making a difference. Read More

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TikTok’s aesthetic of the moment is less about being a senior citizen with a house in the Hamptons (although if Diane Keaton’s character in Something’s Gotta Give wants to switch lives with me, I’m game) and more about embodying the ambience of such an existence — buying fresh flowers from the farmer’s market, going on Hot Girl walks, and living exclusively in gorgeous oversized neutrals. Read More

Mitra Jouhari Loves A Gross Joke And This Real Housewives City

Come for a fun interview with the actor and writer who you probably recognize from her roles on shows like Search Party, Broad City, and Abbott Elementary, but stay for her absolutely nightmare story about an unfortunate incident in a Party City. Read More


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