Bustle Newsletter: October 17, 2022

On "sleep divorce," Hailey and Selena's big hug, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 15: Selena Gomez attends the 2nd Annual Academy Museum Gala at Aca...
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“Sleep Divorce” Might Be The Nighttime Arrangement Of Your Dreams

One of the purest joys in the beginning of a relationship is cuddling up with bae at night and waking up side by side in the morning. But! But. Over time, your S.O.’s annoying nighttime habits — be it snoring, stealing the covers, or scratching you with their talon-like toenails — get more annoying, and as we all get older, a good night’s sleep only gets more important. “Sleep divorce,” aka the practice of sleeping in different rooms or at least separate beds, may seem like a bummer, but experts say it can actually be really healthy for a relationship. Maybe ’50s TV shows were onto something? Read More

The Latest

Breaking: Hailey Bieber & Selena Gomez Hugged

And there’s a photo to prove it! Following Bieber’s revealing appearance on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast, during which the model said “there’s no drama personally” between her and her husband’s ex, the two women seem out to squash the rumor once and for all, getting cozy at an event over the weekend. Maybe the Internet will finally let this one go? IDK, not holding my breath. Read More

Jennifer Lopez’s Light Brown Nails Are All The Fall Inspo You Need

Here at Bustle, we’re *clearly* big fans of the bold nail art trends of the moment — from cozy velvet to trippy aura designs — but sometimes all you need is a really good neutral (and maybe a seasonal Starbies drink to match), and J. Lo is giving us just that with her latest. Read More

Must Reads

Jessica Knoll On The One Change She Made To The Luckiest Girl Alive Movie

The novel by the former Cosmo editor Jessica Knoll follows the perfect-seeming Ani, a women’s magazine staffer determined to hide her past trauma. The film has the same conceit, but Knoll has evolved since the book’s publication back in 2015, and her growth in that period inspired her to write a new ending for the Netflix movie, which stars Mila Kunis. Here, Knoll chats with Bustle about the extensive writing process, her go-to comfort show, and the best book she read recently. Read More

Celebs Simply Cannot Stop Wearing All See-Through Everything

It’s fall, but skin is still firmly in. At the Academy Museum Gala over the weekend, multiple celebs — including Olivia Wilde and Lily Collins — made red carpet appearances in totally sheer looks. Wilde especially has been getting more risequé with her ’fits lately, maybe taking a cue from a certain Miss Flo? Read More


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