Bustle Newsletter: September 27, 2022

On the internet’s persistent crush on Paul Mescal, the official “Christian Girl Autumn” clothing line, and more.

by Stephanie Talmadge
Paul Mescal
Heather Hazzan

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Paul Mescal Is A Man Of Mystery

Mescal was a Dublin theater actor when 2020’s Normal People made him the number one crush of pent-up pandemic Twitter, and he seems unsure about how much of himself to offer up for public consumption as he promotes his new film, A24’s God’s Creatures. Now, the internet gleans most of its information about him through his partner, musician Phoebe Bridgers. But nothing fuels a crush like silence, and the lust for Mescal — his gold chain! his short shorts! — only grew after he went dark. Here, he opens up to Bustle’s Samantha Leach… sort of. Read More

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“Christian Girl Autumn” Now Has An Official Clothing Line

Or rather, the woman behind it, style blogger Caitlin Covington, does. She teamed up with Liverpool Los Angeles to curate a collection of fall staples worthy of a stroll through a pumpkin patch or a day apple picking, natch. It’s full of classic blazers, button-downs, and chunky sweaters, but no blanket scarves, which seems like a missed opportunity. We asked Covington all about what it feels like to become a meme. Read More

These 4 Signs Are The Sarcastic Jokesters Of The Zodiac

Everyone has that one friend who’s constantly whipping out witty one-liners left and right, à la Chandler Bing, and it’s likely those folks have a lot of air sign placements in their chart, which correlate to communication. But it’s not like air signs have a monopoly on self-deprecating humor, either — there’s actually one sign from every element with a healthy(?) propensity for sarcasm. Read More

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Meet The Makeup Artist Behind Meghan Markle's Favorite Eye Shadow Palette

If your Instagram Explore page mostly consists of makeup tutorials, chances are you’ve seen Danessa Myricks’ work, whose palette was responsible for Markle’s viral lavender eyeshadow look at last year’s Salute to Freedom Gala. (It’s *still* sold out, but you can get on the waitlist.) And while the major moment was certainly a boost to Myricks' business, it's not why she's in the game. “Having celebrity clients is great, but what excites me is making somebody with vitiligo, bad scars, or cystic acne look great.” Read More

I Can’t Stop Thinking About Emily Ratajkowski's Exposed Thong Look

Another day, another boundary-shattering fashion month look from EmRata. This one comes to us from Milan, and is actually super easy to DIY (and maybe a little easier to get away with than the whole sheer-bra-under-a-sheer-top thing). Read More


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