How To Use Festify, A Spotify Plug-In

Spotify Wrapped meets Coachella.

Female friends flash peace signs at a music festival. Festify, a spotify plug in, will turn your mus...
Daniel Lozano Gonzalez/Moment/Getty Images

No matter how candid your photo dumps and stories are, nothing shows your followers the real you quite like sharing your music taste on social media. Just like the Spotify friend activity bar can often expose your guilty pleasure listens, Spotify’s many plug-ins can often show a side of us never seen before on social media. Maybe your Spotify Wrapped confirmed that your 2021 was brutal as Olivia Rodrigo’s breakup hits swept your top five. Or, perhaps your Zodiac Affinity confirmed that you’re a Taurus through and through. Living for festival season? Now, with the Spotify plug-in Festify, you can show your followers what your taste would look like as say, a Coachella lineup.

Using your listening activity from your Spotify profile, Festify creates a shareable poster of what a music festival would look like with your top artists as the lineup. The platform also offers the option to feature your top artists from the past month, six months, or all time.

As summer approaches, there’s no better way to hint what festivals you’re attending than by revealing your personal playlist headliners. Plus, what better way to manifest all of your faves being on the same festival lineup than printing out a vision board-esque poster of your Festify?

If you’re ready to see whether your personal music festival is worth attending, here’s how to use Festivy.

How To Use Festify

To create your own Festify poster, head to Festify’s website and log in with Spotify. Once you’ve logged in, you can choose whether you want your Festify poster to reflect the past month of your listening activity, as well as the past six months or all time.

Once you select your time interval, Festify will show you a poster of your dream lineup featuring your top artists. The poster displays your artists in descending order based on listening activity. So, your top artists will appear as the “headliners” in large font on top, and your artists with fewer listens will appear as supporting acts in smaller font.

If you’re mystified as to why your Phoebe Bridgers-headlined festival is titled “Volcanojam,” the name is not meant to reflect the genre of your listening activity. Instead, the festival title reflects which time interval you’ve selected, with “Volcanojam” being your last month of listening, “Forestfest” being your last six months of listening, and “Unholy Space” displaying your all-time faves. There isn’t any explanation on Festify’s site as to the meaning behind these festival names, but judging by the fairly nonsensical names of festivals past (see: Fyre Festival), we won’t question it.

Once you’ve found the poster that you feel best reflects your dream lineup, you can share it on social media. If you’re on desktop, there will be an option to download your poster underneath each photo. On a phone, you’ll have to screenshot the poster. Next, post it wherever you please, and get ready for confused followers to DM you asking where this totally sick festival is happening. Coachella has nothing on you.