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These Zodiac Signs Will Move To The Next Stage In Their Relationship This Holiday

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Whether they're moving up from casually dating, or even taking their relationship a step further by becoming engaged, there are quite a few zodiac signs who are likely to make things official this holiday season. The winter is a great time for pretty much anyone to get comfy with a partner. With all the holiday plans, traveling, and family time, it makes a lot of sense to take a relationship to the next level, and enjoy it all as a couple.

But when you add in astrological factors, this time of year can be extra commitment-y, particularly for a select group of signs. "Usually certain astrological signs veer toward commitment when there are potent transits to their 7th house," Lisa Barretta, an astrologer and author of Conscious Ink, tells Bustle. "This house rules making the partnership legal," which means they may naturally veer towards commitment.

The planets also play a role when it comes to determining what's next for a zodiac sign and their relationship. According to astrologer Leslie Hale, this season Mars, the planet of passion, action, and energy, and Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money, rule our love lives this holiday season. "Mars is in Aries and Venus will enter expansive Sagittarius on Dec.15," Hale says. "This holiday season will be exciting and exuberant for many." Over the next month, these three signs in particular will likely see their relationships become official.


Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

When Venus moves into a sign's seventh house of relationships, there's a good chance that sign will want to couple up. That's the case with Gemini this holiday season. According to Hale, Venus and the solar eclipse on Dec. 14 will fall in Gemini's seven house of relationship, partnerships, and marriage. Geminis may be ready to take the next big step in their relationships over the holidays.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

With Mars in Aries and Venus in Sagittarius, Fire signs are in a great position to have a sexy and sweet holiday season. But according to Hale, Leo may be the big winner this year when it comes to finding love and happiness. "Not only does Mars in Aries and Venus in Sagittarius fit Leo to a T, the solar eclipse in Sagittarius falls in Leo's fifth house of love," she says. "Exciting things are bound to happen!"


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius may not be big on making commitments, but that could change this holiday season. According to Hale, this freedom-loving sign could desire a solid relationship due to the influence of the lunar eclipse that fell in their seventh house of marriage and partnerships on Nov. 30. Venus in Sagittarius will also make Sagittarius seem more attractive to others. With Mars in their fifth house, Sag's may have an unusually strong desire for love and romantic fulfillment.


Lisa Barretta, an astrologer and author of Conscious Ink

Leslie Hale, astrologer with Keen