Your Guide To March's New Moon In Emotional Pisces

Crying is totally OK.

March 2021 New Moon Dos & Don'ts
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As we approach the final days of winter 2021, we have a beautiful new beginning to look forward to — and I'm not talking about the burgeoning blooms and soon-to-be-sunnier days of spring. I'm talking about the March 2021 new moon, which rises on March 13 and marks the last major lunation of the season. This new moon takes place in the emotional sign of Pisces, offering us a fresh start that'll hit close to the heart. Knowing some basic do's and don'ts of the March 2021 new moon can ensure you make the most of this sensitive lunar energy.

A new moon is always the start of a fresh lunar cycle, making it a great time to embark on new journeys. But in contrast, Pisces is the last of the 12 astrological signs, as its season wraps up not only the winter season but the sun's annual journey through the zodiac. Pisces zodiac energy especially spiritual and transcendent — it's all about the world of the intangible and is associated with feelings, fantasies, mysticism, and dreams.

At the time of the new moon, the sun and moon will be joined in the sign of Pisces by love planet Venus and spiritual planet Neptune — both of which will be cuddling up just a few degrees away from the lunar action. This amplifies the Piscean power of this lunation and sprinkles some added dreaminess and meaning over all of our new moon endeavors.

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DO: Let Your Intuition Guide You

Pisces energy is deeply intuitive and feelings-oriented. And because of the stellium of planets in its territory at the time of this new moon, we all have a chance to get in touch with our sensitive sides in a deep and transcendent way. Instead of relying on logic, reason, and practicality under this lunation, now's a time to honor your emotions and intuition. If you need some help quieting the day-to-day chatter, set your phone to DND mode and take a nature walk, or write your feelings in a journal.

DON'T: Get Stuck In Logistics

Thanks to the influence of spiritually-attuned Pisces and illusive planet Neptune (which is aligning with the sun and moon for this lunation), this new moon's vibes are asking you to let your imagination run wild. Most of us spend our modern lives bound by logistical matters, like timing, scheduling, budgeting, and planning. Under this new moon, imagine the most beautiful version of your future you can. Now allow yourself to connect with those fantasies without limits — because you never know what new opportunities could appear when you open your heart to them. That's what new moon manifesting is all about.

DO: Connect With Your Spirituality

New moons are almost always a great time for getting in touch with your spiritual side. But because of the especially-mystical nature of Pisces energy, this lunation is even more ripe for higher-minded activities. You could try a Pisces season ritual to align with the current astrology, a relaxing new moon meditation to center yourself, or you could even try working with crystal healing to ground you in the magic of the earth. Do whatever feels right and helps you align with the new moon's vibe.

DON'T: Get Lazy About Your New Moon Goals

Pisces is a mutable zodiac sign, which means that it excels at going with the flow and being adaptable. However, this whimsical and dreamy energy can also get too go-with-the-flow and sometimes end up losing sight of things. So if you have new moon goals that you're trying to manifest, you'll want to make sure to give yourself an extra push to keep yourself on track. A helpful sextile aspect between the moon and power-hungry planet Pluto will give us a boost when it comes to our sense of determination, too, so we'll have a little planetary support to work with.

DO: Express Your Emotions Through Creativity

Pisces energy is emotional, imaginative, and processes the world through symbolism — which explains why we're likely to feel extra creative under this new moon. If you're an artist or creator in any form (yes, your TikTok dance moves totally count!), use this lunation to plan new projects or simply create something beautiful for yourself that reflects your emotional state. Even if you don't consider yourself the creative type, there are plenty of Piscean ways to channel your feelings. Try making a moody playlist, coloring in an adult coloring book, or cutting up old magazines to make a new moon vision board.

DON'T: Fall Head Over Heels In Romance

The vibes of the new moon will feel sweet and swoon-worthy — but if you're prone to falling in love at first sight, watch out. Venus (the planet of love, romance, and beauty) is cuddling up right next to the new moon in the dreamy sign of Pisces, right alongside Neptune (which is the planet of illusions and delusions). Because of this planetary combo, it'll be easy to put on the rose-colored glasses when it comes to love and blind yourself to any red flags. Great relationships could definitely start now, but keep in mind that they might not always resemble the fairytale romance you're currently envisioning.