3 Signs Most Affected By The March Full “Worm” Moon

Let your inner Monica Geller shine.

A woman waters plants at home. The March 2022 full moon in virgo will affect these three zodiac sign...
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It wouldn’t be Pisces season without a wake-up call, courtesy of the last lunation of winter. And that’s exactly what the March 2022 full moon in Virgo is delivering. On Mar. 18 at 3:20 ET (6:20 PT), the maiden is ushering in major perfectionist vibes, pushing the collective to channel their inner Monica Geller. Think of this luminary as an elbow nudge to snap out of your daydreams and bring order into your life. And if you’re one of the few zodiac signs most affected by the March 2022 full worm moon, you may feel intense pressure. You’re being tested to align your priorities and clean up your act — but rest assured, it’s Virgo’s way of leading you to crush your goals and become your best self.

In astrology, the full moon is a time to release things that either hold you back from growing or no longer serve you. While emotions tend to feel extra dramatic during this window, you can count on Virgo vibes to keep you grounded. Virgo’s energy is analytical and all about the details, which probably serves as a struggle for those who find it hard to differentiate between their high ambitions and practical goals.

Adding to the internal conflict is an opposition between Neptune, the planet of illusions, and the emotion-heavy moon. “Finding the balance between delusion and determination will be key in achieving your goals this moon cycle,” astrologer Lauren Ash tells Bustle. The task to squash impractical tendencies will likely overwhelm those who already have a hard time being realistic or following through on their goals (looking at you, cardinal signs).

Will you feel the Virgo urge to look at everything critically? Keep reading to find out if you’re one of the few zodiac signs most affected by the 2022 full worm.

Aries Zodiac Signs (March 21 - April 19)

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Time to build and rebuild, Aries. As a cardinal fire sign, you may struggle with tying loose ends — and that’s especially true since the full moon is firing up your house of routines. This lunation is shaking up the foundations you’ve been building for some time, according to Ash. “It’s time to reprioritize all of the things you’ve been juggling and focus on finishing strong in light of your season.” Take things slowly — remember, the details are just as important as the bigger picture.

Virgo Zodiac Signs (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

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While you won’t find struggle during this lunation per se, your first house of self and appearance is being spotlighted, which can feel heavy as you make new changes to your image and identity. “You’ve spent the last few weeks diving deep into your shadow self and reflecting on what has been holding you back,” says Ash. “Neptune's opposition to the Moon will bring you an extra boost of confidence, intuition, and closeness to your emotions.”

Libra Zodiac Signs (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

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Feeling a little lost in the clouds, Libra? Who could blame you, especially when this lunation is sashaying into your house of the subconscious. According to Ash, it’s likely you’ve been experiencing some emotional difficulties lately, and it’s taking a toll on your spirituality. You may want to take a step back and focus on this area of self. “Reflect on what you want to release ahead of the astrological new year and make a plan for how you’ll achieve it,” advises Ash.