These 3 Zodiac Signs Can Chill During November’s Full Moon Eclipse

Here’s who lucked out this lunation.

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Eclipse season is upon us, and this lunar affair is ready to shake the table, beginning with the November 2021 full Beaver moon. The lunar eclipse will begin on Nov. 19, moving into the stable and down-to-earth sign of Taurus. Lunar eclipses have all the power of a regular full moon but with a natural ability to up the ante, stirring up disruption in the form of personal revelations and unexpected turns. Ultimately, these shifts arrive to help us shed our skin so we can move closer in alignment with our best selves. But for the zodiac signs least affected by the November 2021 full Beaver moon, these major changes will feel virtually painless.

Full moons indicate a point in the lunar cycle when emotions and tensions run extremely high, but it’s also a time to fully realize our goals and put them into motion. When a lunar eclipse is added to the mix, you can expect these vibes to be supercharged as the moon plunges us into a sea of change and unexpected plot twists. Since this lunar eclipse is moving into Taurus, the fixed earth sign who craves security and can freak out at the slightest sign of instability, the fight for control between these energies might feel like a full-on battlefield. The upside is the moon will form a trine aspect with Pluto, the planet of rebirth — so while these vibes are intense, this rendezvous will reveal the crux of the issues that have been holding you back so you can move forward.

Although these shifts will feel uneasy for the entire zodiac, there are a lucky few who will breeze by this lunation a bit easier than the rest. Want to see if you lucked out this time? Keep reading to find out if you’re one of the zodiac signs least affected by the November 2021 full Beaver moon.

Gemini Zodiac Signs (May 21 - June 20)

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Gemini, this lunar eclipse is moving into your house of subconscious, raising awareness in realms that aren’t physically tangible. This lunation is helping you open up your mind, glaring a light on the things that you either have been directly or indirectly avoiding. “This eclipse serves as a gentle reminder for Geminis that things cannot be processed so quickly and have a tendency to reside in the body if they are not given the attention required,” Isaiah Alpheratz, an astrologer for love and relationships app CUSP, tells Bustle. “Reflection and meditation can help you re-prioritize your needs and do what you need to ensure you are taken care of and continuously nurturing your spirit.”

Virgo Zodiac Signs (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

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Virgo, this lunation is all about shifting your worldview. The lunar eclipse is moving into your house of philosophy, signaling an important time to explore, expand, and appreciate the different customs and cultures outside of your own. This lunation is a green light to explore new worlds and venture into different customs or cultures. “Whatever this materializes as is completely up to you! You may find that you want to dive into the self-help books you haven’t gotten to yet, or are getting out your tarot cards to ask the Universe for guidance on your current affairs, all in the safety of your own space,” says Alpheratz.

Capricorn Zodiac Signs (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

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The lunar eclipse is all about pleasure and play for you, Capricorn. This lunation is hyping you up in your creative endeavors, inspiring you to take action on turning those creative ideas into fully-fledged business ventures. “The eclipse occurring here may push you to pick up any creative projects that have barely started or not yet been completed, or surround yourself with company you know will stroke the desires of your spirit (and body). This eclipse may nudge you to invest in yourself more, building upon resources that allow your inner child to let loose and satiate their curiosity,” says Alpheratz.

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