All Of The Astrological Events Happening In November

Lunar purges will motivate you to start fresh this fall.

All of the astrological events happening in November 2023.

We’ve officially moved past the spookiest portion of fall (I’m referring to both Halloween and October’s two eclipses here), so it’s time to start embracing the less-freaky aspects of the season. But we’re not totally out of the proverbial woods, as we’re still wading through the choppy and emotional waters of Scorpio season and dealing with some chaotic cosmic connections. This month’s planetary activity brings depth, intensity, and some surprising personal plot twists, so you’ll want to be in the know about the major astrological events of November 2023.

The month starts fresh off the intense vibes of Halloweekend’s lunar eclipse, so take things slow as you find your footing and make your way through the cosmic rubble. The first few weeks of November also make up the majority of Scorpio season, which is generally a time of deep transformation and soul-searching. Stealthy Scorpio is traditionally ruled by motivated planet Mars, and the Red Planet has an especially significant influence over November’s vibes this year. It will be traveling in a tight conjunction with the sun throughout the month, bringing a feisty and assertive edge to everyone’s actions.

Intensity peaks during the middle of the month, as the November 2023 new moon and a rare Mars cazimi in Scorpio catalyze impassioned new beginnings with an unpredictable flair. Once party-hardy Sagittarius season starts on Nov. 22, a hopeful glimmer of optimism begins to shine through the storm clouds, and all the recent emotional processing starts paying off. All zodiac signs will feel more driven to fight for freedom, explore new ways of thinking, and embrace a joie de vivre attitude — especially under the exciting full moon in Gemini at the end of the month.

And that’s just the tip of this cosmic iceberg, star babes. Read on for your full November 2023 astrological forecast.

Saturn Retrograde Is Over

The month kicks off with yet another retrograde coming to an end. This time, it’s the planet of responsibility Saturn, which stations direct at the very first degree of water sign Pisces on Nov. 4. Ever since Saturn entered Pisces back in March, all zodiac signs have been learning important lessons about maturity, spiritual growth, and personal boundaries. Now that this transit’s first retrograde is complete, you’ll feel more equipped to step up to any new responsibilities and stand firm in your personal boundaries.

Venus Enters Libra & Glows Up Relationships

On November 8, the amorous planet Venus enters diplomatic and partnerships-oriented Libra — one of its signs of rulership. After a month in analytical and nit-picky Virgo, it’ll be a relief to have the planet of love and romance in a sign that’s more suited to its harmony-seeking vibe. This transit helps people to approach relationships with more diplomacy and sweetness, so it’s an ideal time to clear up any interpersonal drama that bubbled up during eclipse season or make a peaceful compromise toward a common goal. Venus in Libra is also a lovely transit for beautifying ourselves, appreciating fine art, or curating a vibey aesthetic.

Mercury Enters Sagittarius & Livens Up Conversations

On Nov. 10 ET/Nov. 9 PT, mental planet Mercury enters Sagittarius, giving everyone a sneak preview of the Sagittarius season soon to come. With chatty Mercury in this free-spirited fire sign’s realm, you may feel inspired to embrace a more worldly mindset, be spunkier and more spontaneous in your communication style, or start some philosophical conversations with your friends. Seeking a mentor or taking on the role of a mentee can be especially fulfilling for the rest of this month, too. Just don’t get too self-righteous about your beliefs — there’s always more to learn, no matter how much experience you have!

A Scorpio New Moon & Mars Cazimi

Feisty planet Mars has been traveling arm-in-arm with the sun through Scorpio all month, connecting with various planets in a series of identical aspects. But this planetary partnership really hits its zenith mid-month, starting with the new moon in Scorpio on Nov. 13. During this lunation, the sun, moon, and Mars will align in Scorpio in direct opposition to wild-child planet Uranus, bringing intense emotions and shocking secrets to the surface. But with this lunar purge comes the energy of a fresh start, so harness the chaos and use it to launch something meaningful.

Soon after, on Nov. 17 PT/Nov. 18 ET, the sun and Mars will align in the zodiac to form a special aspect called a Mars cazimi. This cosmic connection only happens every two years, but it hasn’t occurred in Mars’ home sign of Scorpio in more than three decades — making its energy especially potent. Conjunction aspects in astrology always denote the start of a new cycle, and when a planet joins forces with the sun specifically, it’s able to gain more reach and power. Thus, November’s Mars cazimi brings a chance to take action toward things you’re deeply passionate about and make moves toward any desires that have long been simmering beneath the surface of your soul.

Big Sagittarius Energy

Cosmic vibes are shifting as we head into Thanksgiving weekend, as the sun enters Sagittarius on Nov. 22, heralding the start of Sagittarius season. Two days later, on Nov. 24, action planet Mars joins the sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, too, forming a full-blown stellium in the sign of the archer. Sagittarius’ zodiac energy is all about seeking knowledge and having new experiences, so it encourages everyone to be a little more open to expanding their minds and having spur-of-the-moment adventures. The fiery sparkle of Sagittarius season also helps us ring in the holidays with a happy-go-lucky attitude, warming up one of the darkest periods of the year with its optimism and cheer.

An End-Of-Month Full Moon

The month wraps up with a full moon in quizzical air sign Gemini on Nov. 27, which brings all zodiac signs an opportunity to speak their minds and release whatever’s holding them back from feeling free. This lunation faces off with go-getter Mars, driving us to take action toward our ideas and seize the full moon momentum. However, a tough lunar square to no-nonsense planet Saturn soberly reminds us of our limitations — so while it’s good to get motivated and see the glass as half-full, it’s also important to be realistic about what you’re working with. Channel frustrations into something creative or tap into your intuition as a guide. Under this lunar vibe, equal parts hard work and optimism will get you to where you want to be.