You’ll Be Shocked At How Popular These 50 Random Things On Amazon Are

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When it comes to random items you didn’t know you needed, you’ll find the widest — and most eccentric — selection on Amazon. Just a few minutes of browsing can lead you down a rabbit hole of weird-but-genius products. I dove right in, and you might be shocked at popular these 50 random things on Amazon are. Although they cover a wide range of categories, they all share something in common: lots of positive ratings.

As you skim the list, you’ll find a wide variety of kitchen accessories and appliances. These include everything from reusable baking mats, miniature waffle makers, and a nifty tool that helps you make the perfect breakfast sandwiches. You’ll also come across drink accessories to help you take your beverages to the next level, such as ice ball molds, tea infusers, and reusable straws. Home and organizational products abound, too — look out for comfy seating and tiered or rotating organizers to help you access items in the far reaches of your cabinets.

The unexpected fun doesn’t stop there, though. Step up your tech game with handy electronics and accessories you weren’t sure you needed, including portable power banks, a keyboard cover, and a multi-outlet surge protector. Popular personal and grooming essentials — such as eye masks, face scrubbers, and extra-soft toothbrushes with tens of thousands of bristles — also offer easy ways to care for yourself every day.

There’s sure to be something on this list of surprisingly popular items on Amazon that you could use at home or on the road. Read on to discover them all.


A Sturdy Lounge Chair For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Boasting more than 2,000 ratings on Amazon, this inflatable lounge chair is ideal if you’re looking for an extra seating option that you can deflate whenever it’s not in use. Its durable two-layer material and sturdy base — which you can fill with water for added stability — make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


This Foolproof Electric Can Opener

Ditch your manual can opener in favor of this wildly popular electric one from Hamilton Beach. Nearly 40,000 reviewers have chimed in, giving it an overall near-perfect rating of 4.8 stars. Its functional design makes opening cans incredibly simple: All you have to do is attach the can and hold down the top lever to operate it.


A Set Of Gentle Facial Cleansing Brushes

These silicone facial brushes are great for massaging, cleansing, and exfoliating. Plus, the built-in finger handle offers you a secure grip. One reviewer raved, “I love using these little face brushes to cleanse my face instead of a wash cloth. My skin looks so much clearer since I've purchased them.” Snag them in packs of two, three, or four, as well as other designs.


This Sliding Webcam Cover For Extra Privacy

If you take your computer security seriously, you might find some peace of mind with a simple webcam cover. The 3M adhesive backing makes it easy to install in under a minute, and the sliding design allows you to uncover the camera whenever you need to hop on a video call. One reviewer summarized: “Easy to slide, easy to apply. I already feel safer.”


The Fan-Favorite Spray Bottle

Who knew a spray bottle could be so popular? This one has a whopping 49,000 ratings and counting. It’s great for misting water on plants, hair products, cleaning supplies, or anything else you might need to spray. According to one reviewer, “It gives a nice even spray without having to pump repeatedly.” It’s available in four sizes ranging from five to 24 ounces.


A Waterproof (& Portable!) Bluetooth Speaker With 145,000-Plus Ratings

Boasting more than 145,000 Amazon ratings, this Bluetooth portable speaker features an IPX5 water-resistance rating, which means you won’t have to worry about it getting a bit rained or splashed on outdoors or in the shower. Other highlights include a built-in microphone, up to 100 feet of wireless connectivity, and a 14-hour battery life. Reviewers have also noted the impressive sound quality. It’s available in 10 colors.


These Printed Silicone Baking Sheets For Easier Cleanup

These easy-to-clean silicone baking mats are great for bakers of all skill levels. That’s because they each feature 30 perfect circles you can use as guides for whipping up fresh macarons or cookies. According to one reviewer, “Macarons came off really easy and the clean up took no time at all.”


A Set Of Resistance Bands For Working Out Anywhere

Squeeze in a workout wherever you are using these resistance bands, which have garnered more than 91,000 Amazon ratings. Each set includes five bands of varying resistance levels (extra light, light, medium, heavy, and heavy), which are distinguished by color. A convenient storage bag is also included.


This 12-Pack Of Assorted Stainless Steel Straws

These sturdy stainless steel straws have amassed more than 31,000 perfect five-star ratings. Each set includes six straight straws and six bent straws; and half of the straws are designed for 30-ounce glasses, while the other half are better for 20-ounce glasses. They come with two cleaning brushes and a storage case, too.


A Batter Measurer & Dispenser For Evenly Sized Pancakes

Use this handy kitchen tool to measure and pour your favorite batters (pancake, cupcake, waffle — the options are limitless) without making a mess. The handle offers you a sturdy grip for spill-free dispensing. One reviewer raved, “I bake a lot and this is awesome! I mix batter in the mixer and fill this up [...] So much easier than scooping!”


These Budget-Friendly Portable Power Banks

Power up your smartphone on the go with this USB portable charger. Each power bank features a thin, compact design that you can tuck into a bag, suitcase, or pocket. According to one reviewer, “The battery on this is amazing” and it’s “perfect for traveling.”


A Digital Food Scale For More Precise Cooking

Make food prep faster and more accurate with this battery-powered digital kitchen scale, which has amassed more than 78,000 perfect five-star ratings. Its LCD screen displays measurements in grams, pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, and milliliters. Meanwhile, its sleek design and small size make it a great addition to any space.


This Genius Breakfast Sandwich Maker

For many people, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this breakfast sandwich maker, which has racked up more than 11,000 ratings, makes it all the more mouthwatering. It can whip up two sammies at once and allows you to build an egg and cheese sandwich in under five minutes (faster than it would take to run to your favorite deli).


A Silicone Scalp Massager For The Shower

This silicone brush is great for gently massaging shampoo into your scalp, and its palm-sized design makes it easy to use and store. One reviewer exclaimed, “Easy to hold and use. The soft bristles feel great, does a good job.” Another wrote, “Amazing! Washed my scalp so wonderful and felt great.” It’s available in four colors.


This Nifty Press For Squeezing Water Out Of Tofu

This tofu press is designed to drain water out of your tofu without making a mess. Put simply, the device squeezes the tofu, releasing the liquid into a separate container. According to one reviewer, “This item is very easy to use and performs perfectly!!”


The Mat For Rolling Up In-Progress Puzzles

If you’re a fan of puzzles, you know that having to shuffle around an incomplete one can be super irritating. Fortunately, this roll-up, nonslip puzzle mat can help preserve your unfinished work and keep pieces in place until you’re ready to pick them up once again. The mat comes with an inflatable tube and elastic band to offer extra protection.


This Tool That Makes Coring & Slicing Fresh Pineapple A Breeze

Pineapple is delicious, but it can be such a pain to core and slice. With this stainless steel pineapple corer, you can enjoy fresh pineapple slices in a matter of seconds. One reviewer described the gadget as: “Extremely easy to use and clean,” adding: “Works [every] time for a perfectly cut pineapple with no mess.”


A Hair Catcher To Prevent Clogged Drains Once & For All

Ensure your drain stays clean, clear, and clog-free with this hair catcher. Reviewers note that its detachable design, which is suitable for most showers and bathtubs, is easy to place in the drain and clean. Plus, its stainless steel construction is meant to last. “No more hair clogs!” raved one reviewer.


This Lanyard That Holds Your Phone So You Don’t Have To

When you want to keep your phone on hand without actually keeping it in your hand, a phone lanyard like this might be the answer. The silicone construction is made for a wide range of phone sizes, and the built-in storage pocket — which you can use to stash your ID, credit cards, or cash — makes it multifunctional. Many reviewers have attested that it’s great for hiking, too.


A Space-Saving Coffee Pod Drawer With 19,000-Plus Ratings

Store up to 36 of your favorite coffee pods inside this sliding drawer, which has an overall rating of 4.8 out of five stars and nearly 20,000 total reviews. It’s designed to fit right under your coffee machine and free up valuable kitchen counter space.


This Value Pack Of Trendy Velvet Scrunchies

Your hair ties don’t have to be boring — these velvet scrunchies are a simple way to spruce up your ’do. They’re available in packs of 60, which include an array of vibrant hues. According to one reviewer: “The scrunchies are so stretchy. I love that they have a lot of colors. Good for everyday wear and very pretty!”


A Budget-Friendly Electric Grinder For Fresher-Tasting Coffee

The freshness of coffee beans can make or break a cup of joe, and this electric coffee grinder takes the work out of grinding them. Simply add your whole beans, close the lid, and hold down the button for around 10 to 15 seconds — and voilà: Freshly ground beans. Reviewers have appreciated just how fast it works. Plus, a cleaning brush is also included.


This 2-Pack Of Glasses That Block Blue Light

If you want to try out blue light-blocking glasses for yourself, consider these from Livhó. Their lightweight yet durable nylon construction — coupled with their wallet-friendly price tag — make them a popular choice on Amazon. “Look great, feel great, fit great,” raved one reviewer.


The Insulated Sleeve That Keeps Slim Cans Cool Longer

Perfect for warmer weather, this stainless steel cooler features double-walled insulation and seals tightly around your favorite beverages in slim cans, keeping them chilled for hours on end. It has a near-perfect average rating of 4.9 out of five stars, and it comes in 14 bright colors.


This High-Pressure Shower Head For Under $20

You can score this adjustable shower head — which offers six spray settings, including rain mist, pulsating massage, and more — for under $20. One reviewer described it as “easy to install and easy to use,” adding, “I don’t have the best water pressure at my house but I’m very pleased with the pressure that this shower head releases!”


A Hairbrush That Detangles Both Wet & Dry Strands

The Wet Brush has racked up nearly 41,000 reviews. The hairbrush is designed to gently (read: painlessly) detangle hair with its soft bristles. It can be used on both wet and dry hair, and it’s available in 35 funky colors and patterns. One reviewer raved, “This is the only hair brush that doesn’t hurt my head and removes all the tangles.”


The Salad Spinner That Doubles As A Serving Bowl

Use this Cuisinart salad spinner to rinse and dry your favorite salads — and you can even use the base to serve the salad when you’re all done. According to one reviewer: “Sure beats drying lettuces with paper towels. Works great and easy clean up!” It can hold up to 5 quarts’ worth of ingredients.


This Compact Wallet That Prevents RFID Skimming

Not a fan of bulky wallets? This super compact wallet measures under a 0.5-inch thick when full, but don’t let its size fool you: It’s equipped with six card slots, a money holder, and an ID window. And it even blocks RFID to prevent digital pickpocketing. Slide it in your pocket or bag, or try attaching it to a keychain or lanyard.


An Adjustable Dog Seat Belt That Buckles Right Into Your Car

Looking for a way to secure your pup while you drive? Attach one end of this adjustable dog seat belt to your dog’s harness and snap the other into the car’s seat belt buckle. The seat belt has a sturdy nylon strap and can rotate 360 degrees, allowing your pup to comfortably sit, stand, or lie down while still remaining buckled in. “Super easy to use and keeps my dog safe and secure,” wrote one reviewer. A dog bowl is included as an added bonus.


The Sleek-Looking Mosquito Repeller For Your Patio

This odor-free outdoor mosquito repeller can keep away unwanted bugs — and it’s unexpectedly chic to boot. It offers a 15-foot barrier of protection. One reviewer exclaimed, “You don’t even notice it’s around except for the lack of mosquitos. [...] There is no odor and it’s so easy to use.” It’s available in 11 sleek colors, and it comes with the replaceable repellent mats and fuel cartridge you need to get started.


A Comfy Eye Mask You Can Use Chilled Or Warm

This soothing eye mask, which is both freezer- and microwave-friendly, features soft fabric on one side and gel beads on the other. It’s designed to mold to the shape of your face and has adjustable straps to give you a secure and comfortable fit. “Absolutely love the comfort and ease of use,” raved one reviewer.


This Handheld Sewing Machine For Repairing Clothing

Don’t be intimidated by this miniature sewing machine. Its compact design and lightweight, durable construction make it incredibly easy to operate. One reviewer described, “Easy to use and like it for it’s portability. Used it to hem shower curtain.” Another noted that it “came in very handy for sewing small things.”


An 18-Pack Of Colorful Markers With Fine Tips

These colorful fine-tip markers feature a smooth, water-based ink, making them ideal for sketching, note-taking, and everything in between. One reviewer summarized: “Colors are very pigmented. No bleeding. Great price for high quality. Great for drawing, journaling, or every day use to liven things up.” Reviewers have praised the markers’ bright hues and sharp tips.


The Tiered Organizer To Help You See All Your Spices At Once

This tiered spice organizer neatly displays your spices and other cooking essentials. Each of the three shelves features a nonslip lining to prevent the items from sliding out of place. According to one reviewer, “I love the organization of my spices after using the racks. I’m able to access and view my spices easily.”


A Memory Foam Cushion For Your Office Chair Or Car Seat

Sitting in your office chair or car for hours on end can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, this memory foam seat cushion can help provide extra support. The cushion’s curved shape is designed to alleviate pressure and discomfort. “Super conformable and gives me cushiony support,” raved one reviewer. Other helpful features include a machine-washable cover and a nonslip base.


These LED Night Lights With Brightness-Detecting Sensors

Each of these plug-in LED night lights features a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the light depending on how bright the room is. One reviewer remarked, “I love how they go off during the day and come on at night. Don’t have to remember to do anything to them.”


A Miniature Waffle Maker With 169,000-Plus Ratings

This super-cute mini waffle maker has amassed 169,000 Amazon ratings and counting — and it’s just functional as it is fun. Use it to whip up your favorite breakfast dishes in minutes. Simply plug it in, pour in your favorite batter, and enjoy. The nonstick surface allows for (essentially) effortless cleanup.


An Insulated Lunch Box That’s Both Stylish & Practical

This sleek insulated lunch box, which can hold up to 15 liters, is designed to keep contents warm or chilled for five hours (or more). Its water-resistant oxford exterior, adjustable shoulder strap, zippered closure, sturdy handles, and strong stitching make it super practical for everyday use.


The Wildly Popular Stacked Organizer For Your Cutlery

This tiered silverware organizer features five different compartments to maximize drawer space. The three large sections are conveniently labeled with spoon, fork, and knife icons, so you’ll know exactly where to store each piece of cutlery. The base is equipped with feet to prevent it from slipping around your drawer. Believe it or not, this little organizer has accumulated upwards of 59,000 ratings so far.


These Silicone Brushes For Applying Masks & Moisturizers

These silicone brushes make evenly applying your favorite skincare products a breeze. One reviewer exclaimed, “They are easy to wash, feel soft on my face, and apply face masks very well. It is so much better than using my hands!” And that reviewer is far from the only fan: More than 47,000 shoppers have given this two-pack of brushes perfect five-star ratings.


A Pretty Slotted Soap Dish That Keeps Countertops Dry

This two-piece plastic soap dish features a slotted insert that allows for easy drainage and prevents your favorite soaps from dissolving quickly. The reservoir underneath catches excess water, preventing pesky puddles from forming on your countertops. According to one reviewer, “These work great to keep bar soap dry and make them last longer.” It comes in a range of neutral and pastel hues.


This Super-Versatile Spinning Turntable

Staying organized is easy with this 12-inch rotating turntable. According to reviewers, it’s especially helpful for storing stuff in hard-to-reach places, including in cabinets, in fridges, and under sinks, to name a few. Its anti-slip lining keeps your items secure as you turn it, and its sturdy plastic construction is both durable and easy to clean.


A Surge Protector That Can Charge 9 Devices At Once

Power up to nine devices at once with this space-economical outlet extender and surge protector. Its three-sided design features five AC outlets and four USB charging ports (including one USB-C port!). One reviewer called it “perfect for that high traffic area where you tend to plug in the most.”


The Silicone Cover To Keep Crumbs Off MacBook Keyboards

This silicone keyboard cover, which comes in a whopping 28 colors, is made to protect your laptop’s keyboard from the usual wear and tear, including the accumulation of dust and crumbs. The cover is compatible with a range of 13- and 15-inch MacBooks. It has garnered more than 8,000 ratings on Amazon, and reviewers have appreciated, among many things, how soft it feels.


A 4-Pack Of Toothbrushes That Have 20,000 Tiny Bristles

These toothbrushes, which come in packs of four, feature 20,000 bristles each. The bristles are gentle on teeth and gums, and the nonslip handle is designed to be easy to hold. Reviewers have marveled at how soft the bristles are — one reviewer described them as “super duper soft,” and another wrote: “Gentle on my gums, fits in my hand well.”


A Compact Vacuum For Cleaning Up Your Car

Boasting more than 150,000 reviews, this handheld vacuum is ideal for tidying up your car. Despite weighing just 2.4 pounds total, it features strong suction power, a 16-foot cord, and a HEPA filter. It plugs into the 12V outlet, has three attachments which allow for easy cleaning in hard-to-reach areas, and comes with a storage case.


This Lock Box You Can Attach To Your Door Knob

Looking for an easy way to store spare keys? This adjustable lock box can hold up to six keys and can be attached to most door knobs, according to the manufacturer. Simply secure your belongings, set your custom combination, and you’re good to go. More than 17,000 shoppers have tested out this lock, and nearly 14,000 of them have given it a perfect five stars.


These Silicone Molds That Create Sphere-Shaped Ice

Use these silicone molds to upgrade your ice cube game. The 2.5-inch ice spheres don’t just look cool in a glass — their large size also helps them melt more slowly. Take it from this reviewer, who wrote, “One ball lasts for several drinks too. Well made, the silicone is very thick so tearing is unlikely.”


A Set Of Stainless Steel Tea Infusers

Enjoy fresh, flavorful tea with these stainless steel strainers, which have garnered more than 15,000 ratings to date. Fill a mesh ball with your favorite tea leaves, steep it in hot water using the attached hook, and enjoy. One reviewer attested: “It was much easier to use than just dropping or using a string to steep. And you can hang it on the side and leave it.”


An Assortment 5-Pack Of Mesh Laundry Bags

Tossing delicate fabrics right into the washing machine is a fairly reliable way to damage them. These zippered mesh laundry bags are great for sorting and protecting your dirty laundry that could use a lighter touch in the wash. Each set includes one extra-large-sized bag, two large-sized bags, and one medium-sized bag.