Haleb Needs A Wedding In 'PLL' Season 7

by Rosie Narasaki

Will we ever get to see Pretty Little Liars' favorite OTP tie the knot? One would certainly hope so. And with two Pretty Little Liars weddings officially on the books for the final half-season, things are definitely looking good — so we really, really need to see Hanna and Caleb get married in Season 7B.

Seriously, between their swooningly romantic relationship and their off-the-charts chemistry, a Haleb wedding feels almost like an inevitability at this point — especially after they made it through a civil (yet still difficult and heartbreaking) love triangle during the very eventful Season 7A. Honestly, watching them find their way back to each other over the course of the season almost made all those Spaleb scenes worth it. In all seriousness, though, there definitely is the sense that Hanna and Caleb's relationship is stronger than ever — so here's hoping it stays that way, no matter what curveballs Season 7B seeks to send their way.

In an interview with US Weekly, Ashley Benson didn't say whether or not her character would end up married to Caleb, but she did say that she thought "their story will always have a happy ending." Now on that note, here are 11 reasons why that "happy ending" should include a wedding.

1. They're Meant for Each Other...

Actor Tyler Blackburn said it best in an interview with TV Guide: "They're just meant for each other." Amen to that, right?

2. Specifically, They're "Meant to Spend The Rest of [Their] Lives Together"

Caleb says it all in Season 7 Episode 10. Long live that day.

3. Caleb's Amazing Hair

Caleb has the best hair ever. Honestly, Hanna needs to lock it down, ASAP.

4. They've Teased Us About a Haleb Wedding

Last time we caught wind of a wedding in Rosewood, fans were hopeful that Haleb would be tying the knot post-time jump. Alas, our collective hopes were dashed when it turned out that it was Aria's parents getting re-married to each other (and that it was, Spaleb, not Haleb, that were an item at the time).

5. They've Teased Us About a Haleb Baby

Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn posted a few humorous Instagram posts that implied that their characters would be expecting — it turned out to be a joke in the end, but it's something that will hopefully happen someday.

6. They Complement Each Other Perfectly

In some ways, Spaleb made sense on paper — but Haleb makes sense in practice. Barring the drinking problems they enabled in each other back in Season 5, Hanna and Caleb have largely been good influences on each other, often balancing very well together.

7. Their Chemistry is Off the Charts

That shower scene! Their first time! Their "we're meant to spend the rest of our lives together" kiss!

8. They're Ready For Marriage

Marriage is a big step — but Hanna and Caleb are in a strong place in their relationship. What with all the time they spent apart during the time jump, there's definitely a feeling that this time around, they're playing for keeps. In reality, it's tough to sustain a relationship with your high school sweetheart — but if anything, their long break-up has only taught them to appreciate each other more.

9. Their Major Combined Cuteness Factor

Fact: Hanna is cute. Fact: Caleb is cute. Fact: Hanna + Caleb = Cuteness Squared. Seriously, just think about how amazing he'll look in a tux, and how beautiful she'll look in a trendy wedding gown.

10. They Love Each Other

Isn't that the most important thing when it comes to marriage? Well, Hanna and Caleb have it in spades.

11. Haleb is the Best

Come on, it's the best 'ship on Pretty Little Liars, bar none. It's officially time to make those Haleb wedding dreams a reality.