11 Sex-Positive Gifts To Get Your Friends, Your Partner, Or Yourself

In a world where sex education is failing, and is still taboo for some, being sex-positive is so important. When you're sex-positive, you're not just open-minded to the topic in general, but you have a progressive outlook on sex, all realms of it, and should your friends share their kink or fetish with you, you don't judge them for it. Being sex-positive means accepting just how complicated and complex sexuality is and respecting that.

"It would be ideal if all sex-positive folks were surrounded by other sex-positive folks, but we know this usually isn't the case," clinical sexologist, and sex therapist for LifeStyles Condoms, Rena McDaniel, MEd, tells Bustle. "It is certainly easier to be sex-positive when you are surrounded by sex positivity in your everyday life, but it's entirely possible to seek out and explore sex positivity even in the middle of an oppressive environment."

As McDaniel points out, sex positivity helps people, especially younger people who are new to having sex, dismantle the shame and taboo that are far too often associated with sex. When this happens, we're more likely to feel free to explore, experiment, have fun, and, most importantly, understand the importance of consent and communication.

Whether you're looking for gifts for yourself or someone else, here are 11 great ideas for the sex-positive people in your life.


Phenomenal Voter Sweatshirt

Created by the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, this Phenomenal Voter sweatshirt makes it loud and clear that you vote to protect the rights of women everywhere — including women's reproductive rights and the right to having safe access to sexual health care.

Funds raised by the purchase of products on the site go to National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Planned Parenthood, among others. They also carry RBG leggings and RBG bathing suits which, honestly, should be the fashion item of 2019.


Womanizer Liberty

Although masturbation, in itself, is a feminist act, what makes Womanizer's Liberty worthy of being a sex-positive gift is the research around female pleasure that went into it. Studies have found that the Womanizer has a 100 percent success rate for women who suffer from orgasm difficulty.


The Reproductive System Tee

Nothing says "I'm sex-positive and I want the world to know," quite like wearing the reproductive system on your heart. Not only is it a great gift, but a percentage of the proceeds go Planned Parenthood.


Snug Plug 1

If you have a friend who's been flirting with anal play, there's no greater gift to give than Snug Plug 1 from b-Vibe. It's small enough to not be intimidating, but has enough weight to it to give quite a thrill.


Magnifique Metallic Chain Handcuff Bracelets

For that person in your life who loves to wear their kink on their sleeve or, more specifically, on their wrist, these handcuffs that double as bracelets by Bijoux Indiscrets are perfect. You can't even tell they're handcuffs, until they come off and someone is getting handcuffed to a bed post.


Ultimate Power Pack

This Ultimately Power Pack by Lovability has everything you need: three Lovability condoms, one tube of Hallelubeyah (lube), one Bae Spray (aromatherapy body spray), one F*ckboy Repellent (glitter to keep the f*ckboys far, faraway), and one Morgasm Mist (aromatherapy sheet spray). This is ideal for that friend who, for reasons no one knows, is a magnet for f*ckboys.


Satisfyer Pro Traveler

You never know know where the day will take you. That's why your sex-positive friends will love the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. Between the size and the sleek look, it's so discreet that no one will know that it's a mind-blowing orgasm dispenser.


Stand with Planned Parenthood Tote Bag

Not only is the Stand with Planned Parenthood Tote Bag awesome and points out that — breaking news — Planned Parenthood does a lot more than provide abortions, but 25 percent of every bag sold goes to Planned Parenthood. According to its creators, Power and Light Press, over $94,000 has been raised so far.



One of the best things about Sweet Vibrations is that they offer top-notch toys without the top-notch price tag. For example, tuLips, which does all the things to the clitoris that you want it to, is less than $50, making it great sex-positive gift for your friend who doesn't own a vibrator yet or already has a dozen, but can use another one.

You can also get free shipping when you use the promo code SWEETNESS at checkout.


Silver Lube Vial Necklace

Lube can be essential to sex, and the Unbound Silver Lube Vial is perfect for anyone who likes a little extra lube.


A Sex Class Or Workshop

If the person you're shopping for has every sex toy under the sun and doesn't need anymore this holiday season, then a sex-positive option to gift them is a sex class and/or workshop. From spanking, to the art of the blow job, to learning how to do all that fancy rope bondage, places like Babeland have a lot of classes from which to choose. Some are even free. Education is a major component to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling sex life.

And there you go! Gift options for all the sex-positive people in your life. Happy shopping!