11 Signs You're Probably Egotistical, Even If You Don't Think So


It can be hard to find the balance between looking out for yourself and making sure you're taking others into consideration, and if you're not doing a lot of self-reflecting, you might not be aware of how self-centered you truly are. There are a number of signs that can indicate that you're egotistical, and although it might be hard to swallow, recognizing this flaw about yourself can help you take the proper steps to improve your relationships, change your self-image, and become grounded more grounded with reality. No one wants to feel like their opinion of themselves is unwarranted, but most people don't enjoy having a relationship with someone they deem an egomaniac.

"The idea of being egotistical essentially means that one thinks of themselves a great deal, they have an exaggerated sense of self-importance, and they consider themselves separate and different from others based on form (outward appearance or thoughts)," says Scott Dehorty, LCSW-C over email.

Although psychologists don't have a textbook definition for someone who is egotistical, the traits are similar to someone who would be deemed a narcissist. If you suspect you might fall into this category — or others have called out your inflated sense of self — pay attention to these 11 signs you're egotistical.