All The Movies Coming Out This Fall That Superhero Fans MUST See

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There's no point in fighting it anymore: we are living in the age of superhero movies. Four of the top five grossing films at the box office so far this year are superhero movies — Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Incredibles 2, and Deadpool 2 — and the genre shows no signs of slowing down. Although the summer movie season, AKA the peak time for superhero films, is winding down, that doesn't mean there aren't still some films on the horizon for superhero fans to look forward to. In fact, there are a number of fall movies superhero fans should get excited about.

Gone are the days when summer was the only time of the year to catch a superhero blockbuster. Just look at this year's releases. Sure, Deadpool 2, Incredibles 2, and Ant-Man & the Wasp all arrived in the thick of the traditional summer movie season, but Infinity War premiered in April. And Black Panther? That movie debuted way back in February! So it should be no surprise that you'll be able to find both some superhero movies as well as other genre action films premiering later this year as the weather cools down. So take a look below at the 12 movies coming this fall that will help superhero fans feel like it's summer all year long.


‘Peppermint’ - Sept. 7

Like the Punisher? Then you'll love this movie, which is essentially a gender-swapped version that sees Jennifer Garner as a woman who witnesses her family gunned down by criminals and then turns herself into a killing machine to exact her revenge.


‘The Predator’ - Sept. 14

This reboot/sequel looks to reinvigorate the classic sci-fi franchise with a more powerful Ultimate Predator.


‘The House With A Clock In Its Walls’ - Sept. 21

Could this film series be the next Harry Potter? Based on the 1973 novel by John Bellairs, this is the first installment of the Lewis Barnavelt series, a bullied child hero who deals with magic and is not unlike a certain bespectacled Brit who would come on the scene over two decades later.


‘Venom’ - Oct. 5

This is technically the only superhero movie on this list, though it may end up playing out more like a psychological horror film than anything else. It's not clear how the classic Spider-Man villain will fare in a movie without Spider-Man, or how Sony's Spider-Man-free cinematic universe of Spider-Man characters is actually going to work, but this is the starting point and will be a must-see for all superhero fans.


‘Bad Times At The El Royale’ - Oct. 12

If your favorite thing about Marvel movies is the shirtless Chris Hemsworth scenes, then look no further than this actioner where Hemsworth plays a frequently shirtless villain.


‘Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween’ - Oct. 12

Kids and adults both love superhero movies, and the same can be said for the Goosebumps franchise, and the film series' first sequel features even more spooky ghouls and action than its super fun predecessor.


‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ - Oct. 26

James Bond movies are essentially superhero films, and the third installment in this parody franchise is even more outlandish than 007's wildest adventures.


‘The Nutcracker And The Four Realms’ - Nov. 2

Disney has taken the classic holiday musical and dialed the action up to 11. It's unclear if this experiment will work, but it sure will be fun to see if it does.


‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald’ - Nov. 16

A special effects-filled battle of good versus evil, this Harry Potter spinoff franchise is basically the MCU with wizards... oh wait, the MCU already has wizards, doesn't it? Meh, the comparison still stands.


‘Creed 2’ - Nov. 21

The Rocky sequels more or less morphed into superhero movies, and it looks like the same is happening with the first Creed sequel, as Michael B. Jordan, fresh off his rousing Black Panther performance, battles the son of Ivan Drago, the Russian brute who killed his father in Rocky IV.


‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ - Nov. 21

Big special effects, colorful action set pieces, and loads of humor — Disney looks to be moving their Marvel formula to their animation department in what will likely be a movie beloved by all.


‘Robin Hood’ - Nov. 21

Another Robin Hood movie? Yes, but this one is considerably different than all previous incarnations in that it basically looks like a superhero film. Starring Taron Egerton as the outlaw archer, this Robin Hood looks to be just as filled with stylish and ridiculous action as the actor's Kingsman movies.

As you can see, this fall has no shortage of movies for superhero fans to get excited about, so don't go putting away your cape just because summer is coming to an end.