Taylor Swift's "End Game" Video Is Full Of References & Fans Can't Handle It

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

Taylor Swift has a big reputation — that's why she sings about it in her song "End Game" on her album Reputation. And with the party-themed "End Game" music video, she's trying to live up to that famous rep. Future and Ed Sheeran are both featured on the song, and they join her as she goes from celebrations in Miami, Tokyo, and London. The video is all fireworks, drinks, and fun, but Swift and frequent collaborator, director Joseph Kahn, managed to slip in their trademark references throughout "End Game" too — and that combination is making fans gleeful. They're so gleeful, in fact, that the "End Game" memes and tweets have started and show no signs of stopping.

Although Swift party hops across the globe in lavish style in "End Game," the music video isn't as elaborate as the other released videos from her Reputation album, "Look What You Made Me Do" and "...Ready for It?" But that's OK because the "End Game" video seems to point to how happy Swift is right now — something that the lyrics on Reputation have heavily implied.

Plus, the music video provides fans with an idea of what it would be like to party with their beloved Swift. Apparently, it would entail hanging out on multiple continents, drinking on a boat, dancing in top hats, playing the video game "Snake," and eating late-night kebabs.

Add to that the fact that Swift's friend Sheeran makes an appearance and that there are plenty of snakes sprinkled around and you can understand why "End Game" is every Swift's fan's fantasy. So here's what people on Twitter are saying about this chill, yet bash-fueled, music video.

1. "Doing Better Than She Ever Was"

Just like Swift sings in "Call It What You Want," she really does appear to be doing better than she ever was if this comparison between the "Wildest Dreams" and "End Game" music videos is to be believed.

2. Swift Throwing Snake Shade

Swift embraced her snake connection, which is a theme for Reputation, when she seemed to wear the exact outfit makeup artist Jeffree Star wore when he said, "I'm wearing Taylor Swift's skin."

3. And She Literally Played "Snake"

Swift's far from subtle when it comes to the snake imagery and there's more where this came from.

4. For The Love Of Motorcycles

Tell the world what all these motorcycles mean, Joseph Kahn.

5. The Return Of The Rainbow Dress

She wore a rainbow dress in the promotions for Reputation, but it seems to have gotten an upgrade in "End Game."

6. Swift & Sheeran's Friendship

One of the biggest takeaways from the video was seeing Swift and Sheeran's nerdy friendship on full display.

7. Swift & Sheeran All Grown Up

A lot has changed since the "Everything Has Changed" music video.

8. She Shines Like Fireworks

She's channeling her "Dear John" lyrics with all the fireworks.

9. Swift's Ageless

Perhaps the big glasses are the key to her immortality.

10. The Music Video Was Made For Mash-Ups

One fan noted that the "End Game" music video fits eerily well with Swift's 1989 song "New Romantics."

11. 13 Easter Eggs

Swift loves the number 13, so was it any surprise that there are secret 13s throughout "End Game," including in the game of "Snake" she plays? Also, check out the snake-like straw in the foreground of the above picture — that's no coincidence.

12. And She Slipped A Cat In There

Even while partying across continents, Swift makes sure a cat is involved.

13. She Knows What She's Doing

One fan thought Swift was looking directly into her souls during "End Game" — and perhaps that's the whole point.

Unlike the futuristic "Look What You Made Me Do" and "...Ready for It?" videos, "End Game" seems to be about Swift's playful spirit, so really, why wouldn't that make her fans happy?