14 Theories About Jon Snow's Fate In 'GoT' That Go Way Beyond Him Possibly Killing Dany


Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones Season 8. Jon Snow has always been loyal and true to his word. And even though he once lost his life for it, he learned again the absurdly hard way during "The Bells" that loyalty can backfire on you. Jon Snow's fate on Game of Thrones is looking as ominous as ever after Daenerys' attack on King's Landing. His "queen" betrayed him and the people she promised to save from tyranny just as Sansa had suspected. Jon may not want the Iron Throne, but he has the greatest claim to it. So he most likely will need to remove his aunt Daenerys Targaryen from power in the final episode — or die trying.

Like Cersei before her, it seems that Daenerys will not make it out of Game of Thrones alive now that she has turned into a "Mad Queen." But that doesn't mean that the HBO series will end happily with Jon Snow assuming the role of ruler. He's not going to want to take out Daenerys nor will he even want to rule in her stead. Plus, there's the fact that Daenerys may want to kill Jon Snow herself since he's a threat and she's now entered this dark chapter.

While the dear, sweet, simple Jon Snow probably won't do anything too dramatically uncharacteristic in (unlike Daenerys, ahem), here are some theories on what could happen to him in the final episode of Game of Thrones.


He'll Try To Make Daenerys A Good Leader

If Jon sticks to his loyalty schtick, there's a slight chance that he could try to reason with the bloodthirsty Dany. While it's far more likely that his morality will take over and he won't continue to serve her, it's not completely out of the realm of possibility since he's probably feeling just the tiniest bit guilty about/responsible for her evolution. Plus, he may think that's the best way to protect the survivors of the Battle of King's Landing.


He'll Abandon Daenerys

At the end of "The Bells," Jon isn't that close to the Red Keep. So could he just turn around and hop in a boat and get the hell out of dodge. But Jon is no coward. So while he's not the greatest of strategists, he could use his escape to serve the greater good.


He'll Go Back To Winterfell & Help Sansa Get The Throne

One way to help everyone in Westeros out would be to get Sansa involved. Yes, she may be unbearably smug about the situation, but she has leadership skills and had the instinct not to trust Daenerys. So Jon could go fetch Sansa and get her to the Iron Throne.


He'll Go Back Beyond The Wall

Jon has consistently said he doesn't want the Iron Throne. So is he capable of fleeing King's Landing and joining Tormund, the rest of the Wildlings, and Ghost beyond the Wall? Ghost lovers can dream.


He'll Die Trying To Dethrone Daenerys

What's far more likely than him disappearing in the North is him trying to remove Daenerys from power. Since he doesn't particularly love being cutthroat, he could leave himself vulnerable to the brutal queen and end up dead — with no Melisandre to resurrect him.


He'll Kill Daenerys

If he's smart, Jon will know that he can't really show any mercy to Daenerys. So maybe, just maybe, he'll be able to bring himself to kill his queen, his aunt, and former lover. Just don't expect him to stab her in the back since he already made it clear earlier in the series that he doesn't support such cowardly behavior.


He'll Sit On The Iron Throne

If any of Varys' letters made it out before he died, people will know that Jon is the most legitimate heir to the throne — and they might demand that he takes his rightful place. So if Jon (or someone like Tyrion or Arya) could successfully kill Daenerys, this reluctant leader may just end up as king.


He'll Become A Parent

The chances of Daenerys being pregnant with Jon's baby continue to dwindle, but don't forget about all that Season 7 foreshadowing. If Daenerys is carrying his baby, Jon's life will become about 1000 percent more complicated.


He'll Join Forces With Arya

Jon and Arya are both in King's Landing right now. So even though she fled on a white horse, these siblings/really cousins should absolutely combine their badassery to plot a way to bring down Daenerys.


He'll Work With Tyrion

Jon and Tyrion bonded in the very first episode. And as the two people who made the biggest misjudgment regarding Daenerys, they should unite one last time to save King's Landing. They also are the people that Daenerys will want to kill first if they betray her, so strength in numbers.


He'll Die Like His Uncle

Everyone always says how Stark men don't fair well down South. And although he's technically Targaryen too, is it possible that Jon will have a fate like Ned Stark's? Perhaps as Jon plots to overthrow Dany, he will be caught and Greyworm will be the one to chop off his head.


Sam Will Come Help Him

Sam and Gilly seemed to be gone for good, but Samwell should appear again in the series finale. He was pro-King Jon, so maybe he could use his knowledge to help out his BFF one last time. It could be like the good old days, except totally more devastating.


The Night King Will Come Back For Him

Jon's fate was tied to the White Walkers for much of the series. So while the Night King and his army were seemingly destroyed, could Jon face off with them one more time? Maybe it's not the Night King we're used to seeing but a Bran version of the Night King of even those White Walker babies that will come for Jon.


He'll Ride A Dragon Again

Although Daenerys probably won't want to admit it now, Jon is a dragonrider too. And while Daenerys' favorite child would probably never allow Jon to ride him, there might be more dragons left besides Drogon. If so, Jon could ride one of these secret dragons to victory and prove he's the real Targaryen who should be on the Iron Throne.

Even if some of these theories seem promising for Jon Snow, viewers should be prepared for this noble character to die a noble death since he's never been one to play the Game of Thrones. Let's just hope he goes out doing what he always strives to do — the right thing.