19 Sex Toys From ‘Broad City’ & Where To Buy Them

Comedy Central/Babeland

Although the HBO series Sex and the City may have been the first to tackle female sexuality on television in a way that hadn't been seen before, it wouldn't be the last to do so. Nearly a decade after Sex and the City came to an end, Broad City took things up several notches — and on Comedy Central no less. The two main characters, Ilana and Abbi, brought sex, even the type of sex that was whispered about on Sex and the City, to the forefront in a refreshing way that probably couldn't have been done in 1998 when SATC premiered. And while Sex and the City brought 13 sex toys into our living rooms in 94 episodes, Broad City managed to show 19 sex toys in only 50 episodes. I rewatched all of Broad City to figure out what those sex toys were, and where you can buy them.

True, Sex and the City included same-sex relationships, threesomes, non-monogamy, anal sex, and more, but as fictionalized versions of themselves, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson did it in a way that only millennials could: with a clear understanding of fluidity in all its forms.

"It's always been creatively the story of these characters," Glazer told Bustle for a previous article. "These characters are like our babies, they're like our inner children. That is what I feel in the end; I'm excited for these characters as though they're real people. It's bizarre. It's such a bizarre meta thing. They're not us, but they're us."

Here are all the sex toys that make an appearance on Broad City, and where to get your very own versions.