I Figured Out Where To Buy All 19 Sex Toys That Appear In ‘Broad City’

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Although the HBO series Sex and the City may have been the first to tackle female sexuality on television in a way that hadn't been seen before, it wouldn't be the last to do so. Nearly a decade after Sex and the City came to an end, Broad City took things up several notches — and on Comedy Central no less. The two main characters, Ilana and Abbi, brought sex, even the type of sex that was whispered about on Sex and the City, to the forefront in a refreshing way that probably couldn't have been done in 1998 when SATC premiered. And while Sex and the City brought 13 sex toys into our living rooms in 94 episodes, Broad City managed to show 19 sex toys in only 50 episodes. I rewatched all of Broad City to figure out what those sex toys were, and where you can buy them.

True, Sex and the City included same-sex relationships, threesomes, non-monogamy, anal sex, and more, but as fictionalized versions of themselves, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson did it in a way that only millennials could: with a clear understanding of fluidity in all its forms.

"It's always been creatively the story of these characters," Glazer told Bustle for a previous article. "These characters are like our babies, they're like our inner children. That is what I feel in the end; I'm excited for these characters as though they're real people. It's bizarre. It's such a bizarre meta thing. They're not us, but they're us."

Here are all the sex toys that make an appearance on Broad City, and where to get your very own versions.


Rabbit Pearl Vibrator

In the very first episode of Season 1, we see the two women video-chatting while Abbi fumbles with the iconic rabbit vibrator and Ilana has sex with her boyfriend, Lincoln. These first few minutes pretty much give us a heads up as to what we might expect from the series.



When it comes to anal play, Broad City refused to shy away from it. Not only do we first see a strap-on in Season 2, episode four, with Abbi using it on her neighbor Jeremy, but the topic (and act) of pegging come up quite a bit. In Season 4, episode four, Ilana goes home with a couple who hand her a strap-on so she can peg one of the partners.


Bullet Vibe

Leave it to Ilana to keep an emergency vibrator — in this case a purple bullet vibe vibrator — and weed in her copy of A People’s History of the United States. Something that Abbi finds in Season 2, episode six when she falls in a hole while rollerblading.


G-Spot Vibrator

In one of the best masturbation-prep scenes ever, Ilana puts on some special lipstick, grabs a vibrator that, due to its shape appears to be a G-spot stimulator, a mirror so she can watch herself, and some porn... which stars Trey (aka, Kirk Steele), Abbi's annoying boss at Soulstice.


Mini Hair Straightener

While most people would suggest that you not use a mini hair straightener to stimulate yourself, that's exactly what Ilana does in the first couple minutes of Season 3's opener. Of course, she double checks to make sure it's not hot anymore.


Cock Ring

We may not see the cock ring in Season 3, episode eight, but Ilana and Lincoln do talk about the one they used. Cock rings, especially ones that vibrate, are fantastic for both partners and worth giving a try, if you haven't yet.


Basic Vibrator

We may live in a time and society when sex toy innovation is off the charts, but sometimes you just want to stick to the basics. In this case, as Ilana is packing for Birthmark (the series' spin on Birth Right), she shows Abbi a basic vibrator that she'll be packing for the trip. When it comes to traveling with sex toys it really is best keep it simple, choosing toys that are on the smaller side and don't really look like sex toys so as to not hold up security.



In Season 4, episode three, Ilana takes her brother to a sex shop because she needs a new leotard and, of course, wants his input. Although the dildo that is shown in the first couple minutes isn't for either Ilana or Abbi, considering the size (it's massive) and the person asking if there's a harness big enough to go with the dildo (she's this adorable elderly woman), it's hard to ignore this particular toy.



Also in Season 4, episode three, as Ilana dances around in a leotard for her brother to see, there's a selection of crops to the right of her (viewer's left). While these things don't get a mention, if you saw them and wondered what they are, now you know!


Ball Gag

Halfway through Season 4, in episode five, Abbi's mom comes to visit and, well, spread her wings. After getting drunk, stoned, and making out with a waiter, Ilana and Abbi take her to a sex shop so she can buy herself a little something. In the first couple minutes, Ilana and Abbi, each with a sex toy in their hand stand in front of mannequin wearing a harness and a ball gag. Definitely some light BDSM items.


Glass Butt Plug

In Abbi's hand, she holds a really beautiful glass butt plug, while...


Finger Vibe

...Ilana holds a vibrator that's hooked to her hand via a tether —or strap; depends on what you want to call it.



Because this episode is chockfull of sex toys, since the three women are in a sex shop, there's also a flogger next to the dildo that Abbi tried to replace after putting Jeremy's dildo in the dishwasher. Ilana suggests Abbi's mom take that goodie home.



Unable to decide what she wants, the employee at the shop brings Abbi's mom what he calls the "mom pack." It contains a basic vibrator, handcuffs, and...



...a blindfold! Obviously, everything a mom would want her in sexual "mom pack."


Modern Rabbit Vibrator

However — yes, this is the last of the toys in Season 4, episode five — Abbi's mom chooses one of the many incarnations of the rabbit vibrator. Something that's far more sleek than the original, but still gets the job done.


Wand Vibrator

Unable to have orgasm for the past few months, Ilana in Season 4, episode six, goes looking for help. She's ultimately diagnosed with having "Trump-related pussy constipation." Although she's able to get over this constipation using a wand vibrator and thinking about Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, considering the political climate, there's no guarantee this form of constipation won't return.



While bidets might be extremely common in other parts of the world, especially western Europe, in the United States you don't come across them that often. But, if you do (and I'm speaking from experience), they can easily be used for masturbation — something that Ilana does. Also, Jaime says that bidets are "synonymous with sex" in Guatemala, so apparently Ilana and I aren't the only ones in the world who misuse bidets.


Sex Doll

Although Season 5 doesn't any sex toys, the last episode of Season 4 had the coup de grâce of all sex toys: the sex doll. A sex doll that fell from a balcony, which Abbi and Ilana witnessed while on the top of The Empire State Building, and assumed was a murder — because in New York City literally anything can happen and, honestly, there's nothing even remotely strange about this scenario. New Yorkers really have seen it all.


Ilana and Abbi — Ilana especially — remain two of the most sexually open-minded characters on TV. So if you want to explore what it means to be that open-minded and experiment to the fullest, these toys will get you there.

Update: This story was updated from its original version on Aug. 20, 2019.