3 Compatible Zodiac Couples That May Have To Work At Their Relationship


Even if you and your partner have seemingly compatible zodiac signs, there's still a chance you may have to work on your relationship, in order for it to last. This might mean smoothing over problems, or finding ways to better understand each other. Because even though you look good on paper, that doesn't mean things will always be easy.

That isn't, of course, necessarily a bad thing. "A relationship is not only supposed to be a good time, but it’s also supposed to help the people within it grow as individuals too, which requires working through conflict and challenging of opinions," Molly Cardinal, a professional astrologer, tells Bustle.

It's also true that compatibility isn't everything. Problems can still arise, and relationships can still be complex, "because that’s just what happens when you’re a human," Cardinal says. "The great thing about their compatible natures, [though], is that even in the face of conflict, they will still share the same values and strong foundation, which makes resolving the issue easier because they’re able to remember and come back to what is truly important in their life"

Read on below for the three zodiac couples who seem compatible, according to experts, but may have to put in a little extra effort to make it work.