39 Shows With More Than 100 Episodes That You Can Stream Right Now, From 'Grey's Anatomy' To 'Friends'

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The current TV landscape can often feel like an endless abyss of content. While this can certainly lead to "guilt" for not being caught up on the most talked-about shows, (hint: Game of Thrones), it's also an exciting time to find and consume content that's a fit for you. Whether looking to be enlightened or downright entertained, the options are endless, even when it comes to series that have reached the 100-episode milestone. Though TV series these days have episodes that are so epic, they can feel like their own movies, you'd be surprised at how many shows available to stream now actually have over 100 episodes.

Thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, iconic shows are available for viewers to revisit so many blasts from the past in their streaming sessions. There are pop culture classics like Party of Five, Beverly Hills: 90210, Cheers, and The West Wing accessible to view now. Even more current series have already reached the 100-episode mark and are available to stream, including Black-Ish, Once Upon a Time, and Pretty Little Liars.

Spring may be blossoming, but TV marathoning is acceptable all year long. From classics to shows still on the air, these long-running shows are available to view any time.

Available On Netflix

1. Gossip Girl, 121 Episodes

xoXOMsGossipGirlXOxo on YouTube

Based on the book series of the same, this juicy marathon-prone show has had viewers addicted since it premiered in 2007. It chronicles the drama, love triangles, and deceit between prep school students in NYC's Upper East Side through the lens of an anonymous narrator within the crowd.

2. Scandal, 124 Episodes

Sigmalive on YouTube

Between its view from inside the White House walls to its steamy and forbidden love affair, the world of DC's PR powerhouse Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) had viewers captivated for years.

3. Parks and Recreation, 125 Episodes

With an all-star cast led by Amy Poehler, this political satire follows a mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks Department of a fictional Indiana town who strives to liven up the city.

4. Party of Five, 142 Episodes

Dagbladet on YouTube

Before there was The Fosters, there was Party of Five. The drama series followed the five siblings of the Salinger family, forced to live together on their own after their parents are killed in a car accident.

5. Gilmore Girls, 153 Episodes

roryalexis01 on YouTube

When The CW was still The WB and the town of Stars Hollow was alive and well, the world was a better place. This feel-good series follows a single mom and her daughter and their ebbs and flows of life... all with a touch of sarcasm.

6. Once Upon a Time, 155 episodes

Fred West on YouTube

Fans of Disney movies (and Lost) will love OUAT. The mystical series, co-written by Lost writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, chronicles a woman whose parents are Snow White and Prince Charming. Famous fairytale characters come to life in a new way on her journey.

7. The Twilight Zone, 156 episodes

fwohhp on YouTube

Rod Serling's iconic, mind-bending show has been praised for heavily influencing the sci-fi genre as we know it today. Like Black Mirror, each episode is a standalone story. This is a perfect time to watch the series before Jordan Peele's own take on it premieres on CBS.

8. The West Wing, 156 episodes

Before there was Scandal and House of Cards, there was The West Wing. For seven years, the political drama had viewers enthralled as fictional Democratic President Josiah "Jed" Bartlet (Martin Sheen) and his staff led the country and managed their entangled personal lives.

9. Pretty Little Liars, 160 episodes

Nessa1Fan on YouTube

In this crime thriller, a group of four young women have their worlds rocked when their leader goes missing and a mysterious person "A" texts them threats to expose their secrets. It's a perfect time to marathon the series as the spin-off The Perfectionists premieres on Freeform in March.

10. Charmed, 179 episodes

HalliwellCreations on YouTube

This iconic drama series follows three sisters who appeared to be average women, but also lived double lives as witches fighting evil forces. A reboot of the series, following three women who also realize they're The Charmed Ones, premiered on The CW in 2018.

11. One Tree Hill, 187 episodes

CokeNpopcorn on YouTube

What do you get when you combine teen angst, twisted family drama, and killer musical cameos? One Tree Hill. The teen drama follows half brothers and arch enemies who navigate the ups and downs of small-town high school life.

12. Hawaii Five-0, 207 episodes (and counting)

dobbyizzycometnesi on YouTube

This reimagining of the original series (1968-1980) follows detectives of an elite police force who oversee safety and fight crimes in Hawaii. It's currently in its ninth season.

13. Blue Bloods, 194 episodes (and counting)

CBS Home Entertainment on YouTube

Set and shot in NYC, this long-running series chronicles the fictional Reagan family of police officers in the NYPD. The crime series is in its ninth season on CBS.

14. That '70s Show, 200 episodes

BeyondHomeEntertain on YouTube

With tons of coming-of-age stories, this one has a bit of a twist: It takes place in the '70s. The light-hearted sitcom follows a group of eclectic friends on the brink of adulthood in Wisconsin suburbia. It stars a handful of well-known names at the start of their careers including Ashton Kutcher, Milka Kunis, Topher Grace, Wilmer Valderrama, and Laura Prepon.

15. The Office, 201 episodes

MOVIEvsFILM Trailers on YouTube

Inspired by the BBC series of the same name, The Office is escapism at its finest and a show that many can relate to. It hilariously captures the redundant nature of office life, chronicling a group of employees at a paper company in Pennsylvania. The show received a handful of Emmy wins, including Outstanding Comedy Series.

16. Friends, 236 episodes


Since its 1994 premiere, Friends delivered legendary quotes, scenarios, and a theme song that have solidified the series' place in pop culture history. Following a group of six twenty-somethings in New York City navigating love, friendship, and life, it's a classic that never seems to get old.

17. Frasier, 264 episodes

Josh Bates on YouTube

This spin-off of (another iconic show) Cheers follows therapist Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) when he returns to his hometown Seattle with an advice radio show. Along the way, he reconnects with family and navigates new friendships.

18. Cheers, 275 episodes


Cheers, a quick-witted comedy about regulars at a Boston bar, is arguably "the best TV show that's ever been," according to GQ. Though the premise is simple, the show (1982-1993) is continuously recognized for shaping structure and themes of television programming in our current media culture.

19. Criminal Minds, 314 episodes (and counting)

MOVIEvsFILM Trailers on YouTube

This long-running crime drama follows an elite squad of FBI behavioral profilers who analyze and track the country's most dangerous criminals. Members of the group, each with their own specialties, work together to explore predators' minds and motivations.

20. Grey's Anatomy, 334 episodes (and counting)

KatherineHeigl on YouTube

Shonda Rhimes' splash in the entertainment world came with her debut series Grey's Anatomy. The hospital drama, in which Seattle doctors navigate their intertwined personal and professional lives, has 15 seasons under its belt as well as the spin-off Private Practice.

21. NCIS, 370 episodes (and counting)

ncismelanie on YouTube

Starring Mark Harmon, this long-running crime drama premiered over 25 years ago and is still on the air. It follows a group of eclectic members of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service as they investigate crimes connected to the Navy and Marine Corps.

Available On Hulu

22. Black-ish, 111 episodes (and counting)

WatchPromos on YouTube

This hilarious sitcom chronicles a suburban family navigating modern life while embracing and celebrating being Black. Though show is filled with many heartfelt moments and its success ultimately led to its spin-off Grown-ish on Freeform.

23. Bob's Burgers, 164 episodes (and counting)

BlockbusterUK on YouTube

Since premiering in 2011, this animated sitcom has had audiences cracking up while following hamburger restaurateur Bob Belcher and his wacky family. Some of its greatest guest stars include Zach Galifianakis, Amy Sedaris, and Bill Hader.

24. Boy Meets World, 157 episodes

Rupert Watson on YouTube

Since introducing one of the greatest TV love stories of all time (Cory and Topanga forever), BMW remains one of the most heartfelt and timeless coming-of-age series to date.

25. Sabrina the Teenage Witch, 163 episodes

MikeTVVideos on YouTube

Sabrina is just an average teenager. Well, one who's a witch and lives with her quirky witch aunts and her talking cat Salem. As if teen life wasn't complicated enough...

26. Desperate Housewives, 180 episodes

DesperateChucky on YouTube

Before there was Real Housewives, there were the fictional housewives of Wisteria Lane. The addictive (and often times comical) drama chronicled a group of women living with twisty secrets in an otherwise boring suburban neighborhood.

27. The Golden Girls, 180 episodes

Killer Queen on YouTube

Between its comedy and shameless shade, The Golden Girls has provided the internet with endless memes and gifs starring its four leading ladies. Its heart and humor makes it, arguably, one of the greatest shows of all time.

28. Seinfeld, 181 episodes

2663KinkyCyborg on YouTube

From the minds of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld came Seinfeld, a hilarious sitcom about four New York friends navigating the rest of the city's population while each having their own quirky hangups.

29. Scrubs, 181 episodes

DMI Productions on YouTube

Zach Braff stars in this medical comedy-drama (with an excellent soundtrack) that ran for nearly a decade starting in 2001. It chronicles a group of new medical students who arrive at Sacred Heart Hospital and spotlights doctor life, but with an occasional silly twist.

30. Full House, 192 episodes

Steven Brandt on YouTube

After a wildly successful run from the late '80s to early '90s, this family-friendly sitcom had viewers hooked from its catchy opening credits alone. Fans missed the shenanigans from the San Francisco-based Tanner family so much, the reboot Fuller House premiered on Netflix in 2016.

31. 24, 205 episodes

Péter Hrisztu on YouTube

When it premiered in 2001, this crime-drama was groundbreaking due to its format. It followed counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), who had luck against him, always having to work his way out of tricky situations. The hook, though, was that each episode would play out for an hour in real time. Each season would consist of 24 episodes, thus, every season would be a jam-packed 24 hours.

32. Home Improvement, 204 episodes

Dtec95 on YouTube

From 1991 to 1999, Tim Allen starred in this sitcom as Tim "The Toolman" Taylor, an on-camera host of a home-improvement show Tool Time. At home, he and his wife are raising three sons with the help of their eccentric neighbor.

33. How I Met Your Mother, 208 episodes

MuLinkz on YouTube

Knowing who the "mother" is since the show's finale aired in 2014 still won't ruin the fun of this feel-good comedy. The show is narrated by one man in a group of friends, who explains a little bit each episode about, well, how he met his kids' mother. Although the big reveal isn't until the very end, it's still a fun journey.

34. Family Matters, 215 episodes

JohnnyL80 on YouTube

Four words is all it takes to create a television icon. Between 1989 and 1999, Family Matters followed policeman Carl Winslow and his family's hilarious antics, including, of course, their relentless neighbor Urkel and his tagline: "Did I do that?"

35. Smallville, 217 episodes

jimgerakaris on YouTube

While keeping his superpowers hidden from the citizens and his own friends of Smallville, a young Clark Kent struggles to navigate teen life while fighting evil. After running for a decade and ending in 2011, fans are still hoping for a Smallville reboot.

36. Melrose Place, 227 episodes

mnspaul2 on YouTube

This iconic 90210 spinoff was a drama focused on a group of young people living twisted lives in a single LA apartment complex. Life isn't quite a walk in the part for this group, as they pursue their own dreams and face scandals and wild circumstances along the way.

37. NYPD Blue, 261 episodes

TVTunes Quiz on YouTube

Chronicling daily lives of police officers in New York's 15th Precinct, NYBD Blue is a fictional take on cops' personal and professional lives and what happens when the two are mixed.

38. Beverly Hills, 90210, 293 episodes

Jan Schmelter on YouTube

Premiering in 1990, 90210 became one of the most iconic series of the decade (leading to its spinoff Melrose Place two years after its debut). In its 10-season run, it followed a group of teens living in the affluent Beverly Hills community, embarking into college and adult life.

39. Family Guy, 321 episodes (and counting)

LOPSpresidencia on YouTube

Since premiering in 1999, this animated comedy has become a pop culture and television staple, following adventures of the Griffin family with wild antics and political incorrectness in every episode.

With so many epic shows to watch, these streaming services are your oyster.