Valentine's Day 2017 Plan Ideas For New Couples

by Kendall Wood

The start of a relationship with a new love are some of the most passionate, memorable days you'll share with your significant other. They're the days you'd rather spend every waking moment together than do anything else; you get butterflies and fleeting nerves just before meeting again; you tip-toe around the idea of revealing just how much you care about each other, wondering if it's possible to feel so much so soon. It's a dream, the feeling of being head-over-heels for another person.

When Valentine's Day rolls around, for new couples, there's no bigger challenge than finding the right way to show how much you care, without feeling like you're doing too much too soon. Do you opt for a nice gift? Do you play it safe with flowers or chocolate? Would a thoughtful card or letter do the trick?

Suffice it to say, sometimes feelings can't be put into words, and rather than investing in a material gift that has tangible meaning, why not show your new love how you feel by giving the gift of an experience? To spend time together is all you both really want for Valentine's Day this year, so make it special with these nine gift ideas for new couples.

Enjoy Dinner At Home

Anyone can make a reservation at your local fancy restaurant. Turn this classic idea into an original, and get cozy at home with a homemade, thoughtful dinner you can both contribute to making. Nothing brings people together like cooking and sharing a meal.

Put your minds together to come up with a delicious, three-course menu you'll both love and dedicate the whole night to your great loves: each other and food.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be achieved spending little to no money, or going the extra mile if you so wish. Keep it light with a scavenger hunt at home, leading your significant other from one room to the next with flowers or something sweet like candy. Each room might represent a special moment in your relationship and a small gift to reflect that, like your first date and the bottle of wine you shared.

Another option is to send your S.O. on a scavenger hunt to all the places significant to your relationship, and when they arrive, something special will be waiting. Embark on the scavenger hunt with your S.O. to make the day that much more special.

Food Tour

Like a bar tour, but instead of booze, you indulge in all the best foods at restaurants local to your hood. This is a fun, light-hearted activity to share with your new love, and there are no limitations or strict schedules to follow. You could stop off for a museum tour, head home for a nap, or decide to catch a movie at some point along the food tour. A set list of spots you want to hit and dishes you want to try will keep you from hitting a food coma too early in the game.

Take A Day Trip

Since Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday this year, call in sick and pick your S.O. up for a quick day trip. Whether you're escaping to just outside the city, or you make the trek a few hours east or west until you hit the coastline and take in the salty air by the beach, a romantic day trip sets the tone for a Valentine's Day to remember — no gifts needed. Pinpoint a place on the map you might not otherwise visit, and plan an adventure.

Spend The Day Outside

In the spirit of the season, go ice skating at your local rink, or head north for a quick day trip to the mountains. If weather permits in your area, hike a canyon you haven't seen yet, or enjoy the day by the beach. Time spent outside taking in the sunshine and fresh air is proven to make you a happier person — paired with your SO, this is a win-win.

Take A Mixology Course

A mixology course at a local bar is a fun activity to turn up the heat on Valentine's Day. Learn how to make classier cocktails than your go-to vodka tonic and tie on a buzz to set the tone for the night ahead. There's no telling where the night will take you after a few cocktails. Maybe you'll finally work up the liquid courage to try salsa dancing; maybe you'll call it an early night (wink, wink).

Tour A Local Brewery

Similar to the mixology course, a beer tour is the preferred option for the craft brew lovers who are interested in more than just a buzz after a couple hours of taste-testing the best taps. Many breweries also offer food, making this option the upscale, high-brow version of a college day party. Not to mention, this could be kept intimate between the two of you, or you could make it a group activity and invite one or two more couples.

Stage A Spa Day At Home

You could buy your S.O. a massage at the trendy massage studio down the street, or you could stage your own in the comfort of your home. Set up a menu of services, and make it sexy with an oil massage from head to toe, set the atmosphere with tons of candles, and crack open a bottle of champagne. It's intimate; it's hot; it's cost-effective, and it shows just the right amount of love for a new couple.

Take A Camping Trip

The true test of a new couple is being able to travel well together. If it's time to take that step with your S.O., plan a camping trip this Valentine's Day weekend and rough it for a couple of days. Get to know each other on a deeper level, living outside of your comfort zone in the elements and enjoying waking up together every morning.

No matter how long you've been in a relationship, Valentine's Day brings with it a lot of pressure to show your partner just how much you care. Breathe a sigh of relief this year when it comes to planning and buying for one another, and agree to give the mutual gift of spending time together and making the most of it. You can't place value on memories made.