Drake Has A Pattern Regarding His "Personal Life"

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When it comes to the personal life of a celebrity, it's hard to know what's for real and what's not. So, it can get confusing when a celebrity shares an Instagram or is spotted with another celeb, but refuses to give details about what exactly is happening. For example, every time Drake shares a photo of himself with a female artist, many have a hard time deciding whether or not the two are dating or just collaborating on a new song. Well, I've taken it upon myself to look at the pattern of when Drake allows fans into his "personal life."

It's starting to seem like anytime Drake is supposedly seen getting cozy with someone or posts a photo with them to his Instagram, he's not actually opening up about his personal life. What he really appears to be doing is revealing some type of collaboration will soon be released featuring himself and the other artist.

It's known that Drake is a joker, so maybe he also has fun making his fans think one thing when really something completely different is happening. If you don't believe me, here are some example showing that whenever Drake opens up about his "personal life" he really is just teasing new music.

Drake & Rihanna

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More so than anyone else he's been linked to, Drake and Rihanna can't ever escape romance rumors. However, let's talk about when they got flirty in March of this year. While performing in Miami as part of her Anti tour, Drake showed up on stage to sing their song "Work" together. He went in for a kiss, but Rihanna ducked away. Was this his way of opening up and confirming they were more than friends? Or, was Drake just trying to get people in the mood for his new album, which was released in April?

It sure seems coincidental that one month before his Views album dropped, which also includes his song "Too Good" with Rihanna, that he'd make quite the appearance during her show. Was this their way of promoting their track, their love life, or both? Either way, there's no doubt the Miami performance and "Too Good" added more fuel to the already lit fire.

Yes, there were many months in 2016 where the two couldn't stop making headlines and seemed like they were finally an actual item. (Including when Drake presented Rihanna with the Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs and when they appeared to have matching tattoos.) However, the timing of Drake popping up in Miami before his new album could have easily been more about promoting their music together.

Drake & Taylor Swift

Remember when there were all those Taylor Swift and Drake dating rumors? It all began after T. Swift attended the 30-year-old's birthday party in October and they were reportedly spotted getting all cozy. Then, in November, he posted the above Instagram with the caption, "Is that velvet?" If you're not convinced that is Swift in the IG, it certainly seems to be, especially since that is the outfit she wore to his birthday party.

The Drake and Swift rumors quickly died down, but then everyone began speculating that the two may be getting close because they are collaborating. Especially when, not too long after the Instagram was posted, an Apple ad was released featuring Drake working out and lip syncing Swift's song "Bad Blood." (Similar to how she previously had a commercial in that featured his song "Jumpman.") It made the rumored romantic relationship between them seem like it was more of a work relationship.

Nothing has been released, confirmed, or denied regarding those claims, but does anyone else think Drake might be teasing music with T. Swift? Maybe I'm reading way too into this, but it's a possibility, especially since Drake is now linked to Jennifer Lopez (more on that below).

Whatever is happening with Swift and Drake, it sure seems like they are literally making music together.

Drake & Jennifer Lopez

Throughout December, Drake and Jennifer Lopez have been causing heavy romance rumors. In addition to the rapper reportedly attending her Las Vegas residency show twice, both artists have shared several pictures together on Instagram.

On Dec. 11, Drake and J. Lo shared the above photo, which caused a tiny amount of frenzy. Alongside the "Hotling Bling" star's pic, he wrote, "😍 <-------- Lotta those." As for Lopez, she wrote, "Look who rolled up to my show tonight to say hi!! @champagnepapi#lovehim #jlovegas #ALLIHAVE." That all seems pretty innocent, right? This seems like two friends and fellow musicians supporting one another.

However, it all changed when the following Instagram was posted on both of their accounts with no caption on Dec. 28. Of course, the fact that there was no caption fueled speculation even more. What are people supposed to think? Their minds immediately went wild with theories.

Based on the above photo, yeah, it definitely seems like they're both trying to say, "Hey, we're dating." But as hard as it might be to believe, that might not be the case whatsoever. On Instagram Dec. 30, footage was released of the two dancing, kissing, taking photos, singing, and being crowned prom king and queen at an event held on Dec. 29.

Details remain unclear regarding Lopez and Drake's cozy interactions and the event itself, but if you watch the videos and listen closely, it sure sounds like a Drake and J. Lo song is playing in the background. Is this a new collaboration between the two? Are they filming the music video for it? The former really does seem to be the case. I mean, why else would a song that sure sounds like Drake and Lopez be playing that no one has ever heard before?

Whatever is happening here, my money is on a new Drake and J. Lo song and video that will be released sometime in the near future.

Is all of the above enough evidence for you? Drake sure seems to have a pattern, at least recently, of seemingly opening up about his "personal life" when he's working on a new music collaboration. You can't argue with the fact that it would be a great way to get people invested in the rapper's career and pay attention to his latest project.