The #1 Feminist-Related Issue Singles Care About

by Natalia Lusinski
Jacob Lund/Fotolia

Since International Women's Day is coming up on March 8, you may be curious about how singles view feminism in 2017. Well, if you look at research from Match's "Singles in America" survey from 2016, it may give you an idea. The DL? They surveyed 5,500 U.S. singles, ages 18-70+, to find out their points of view on varying feminist issues, including how they define it.

According to the Feminist Majority Foundation, feminism is "the policy, practice, or advocacy of political, economic, and social equality for women." However, according to Match's findings, many singles did not know quite how to define feminism. Case in point, 37 percent of single men and 47 percent of single women defined feminism as "women being equal to men." And 43 percent of singles thought it "means a lot of different things" while 6 percent said they "don't know what it means." (Gasp!) The good news? All that said, both single men and women had a positive view of gender equality — in the boardroom and the bedroom.

Below are more findings from Match's research on how singles view feminism, from equal-pay issues to dating ones (i.e., are heterosexual men into dating heterosexual females who are feminists?). Some of the study's results may surprise you.


These Were The Top Feminist-Related Issues Singles Care About

Over 90 percent of both sexes agreed that violence against women was the top issue. Almost as many worried about equal pay and how accusations of rape are handled. In addition, over 80 percent believed there are problems with workplace harassment. I'm glad these percentages are so high since these are obviously ~super~ important topics.


Equal Pay Was Another Top Issue

Yep, the survey found that 89 percent of single men and women in America agreed that equal pay's a top issue today. Let's just hope it becomes a reality sooner rather than later.


(Most) Men Like Dating Feminists

According to what Match uncovered, men think that feminism "has changed the dating rules for the better," and "has made dating safer," as well as more enjoyable and easier. But, some men did not agree. Thirty-five percent of men thought that the rise of gender equality has changed the dating rules for the worse. Personally, I would love to talk to those men!


Feminism Has Also Changed Some Of The Traditional Dating "Rules"

Among heterosexual couples, who pays for a first date? Match found that feminist women were 78 percent more likely to offer to pay on a first date. What about other aspects of the date? Forty-one percent of women were more likely to pick the place for a first date, and 27 percent were more likely to send a message first after a good first date. In-te-rest-ing!


At The Same Time, Feminism Has Made Women More Selective In Choosing Dates

Match found that, with the rise of gender equality, it "has made me pickier about potential dates," women said, and "makes me feel more empowered in my dating life." Hear ye, hear ye! I can definitely relate, and I'm sure you can, too.


Men Like Women To Initiate

The survey found that heterosexual men ~really~ like when women take initiative, for things like initiating the first kiss, 95 percent, as well as initiating sex for the first time, 93 percent. I am shocked! The men also liked when women took initiative in areas such as asking for a man's phone number, 95 percent, and is the first to call after a good first date, 94 percent. Again, I'm still in shock...


Heterosexual Women Still Seem To Like Men To Take The Lead

While the above is ~very interesting~, Match found that heterosexual women still tend to be more traditional in preferring that men initiate certain things. The data found that 29 percent of women initiate the first kiss with men while 23 percent initiate sex for the first time. As far as getting a phone number? Thirteen percent of women surveyed said they'll ask a guy for his number.


Some Women ~Do~ Take The Lead, Though

So, the date goes well, or several do, and perhaps the feminist woman and her male date end up at one of their places. Then what? According to Match's data, feminist women were 95 percent more likely to switch up who took the lead in the bedroom.

Side note: Men who were not feminists were 92 percent less likely to want a woman to take the lead. In addition, feminist women were also 25 percent more likely to initiate sex for the first time, 23 percent more likely to request oral sex, 45 percent more likely to offer oral sex, and 32 percent more likely to ask for an orgasm.


This Is What Defines A "Strong" Woman

Men and women agreed that a "strong" woman has the following top traits: confidence (64 percent of men and 73 percent of women), intelligence (69 percent of men and 65 percent of women), and a sense of independence (53 percent of men and 67 percent of women). I'm surprised that those percentages are not higher, but...


Overall, Here's How Women Date

As far as how women date, Match found that women ~can~ have it all, and that 14 percent of high-achieving women are single, balancing their busy careers with dating. (Yep!) These women were 47 percent more likely to have dated last year, and 41 percent more likely to have had sex. They were also more likely to flirt at the gym (71 percent) or at a sporting event (116 percent). Raise your hand if you've done either — thought so! I actually don't use these tactics, but have many friends who do! And it seems to work! In addition, these women were 55 percent more likely to want to get married.


Women Still Feel *A Lot* Of Pressure

In order of pressure, the women surveyed felt the most regarding their finances (65 percent), career (58 percent), and finding a relationship (51 percent). That all stated, 150 percent were more likely to feel like their incomes made dating easier. However, the women were also 29 percent more likely to feel pressure to get married. Again, who else can relate?! Isn't it funny (or not!) when we've only gone on a few dates with someone and our family or friends are already asking marriage-minded questions?!

How do you view feminism, and how does your dating style compare? I guess that's the real question and what matters, right?