7 Hacks For Getting Dates On Online Dating's Busiest Day Of The Year

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It's coming — the busiest online dating day of the year. So mark your calendars for January 7, 2018, because that's when everything speeds up. According to Match Group’s dating platform Plenty of Fish, that will be the most popular day for online dating of the whole year — they expect signups to reach as high as 117,139 new users, a 14 percent increase from their usual. Something about the first Sunday of the New Year has everyone jumping into online dating, so you may want to make the most of it. And if you need a little help, there are tricks you can use to optimize your profile — and get more matches.

Now, before you get into hacking your dating app, it's important to remember to be yourself, no matter what. Because all the matches will be pointless if you don't actually have anything in common or any chemistry — so stay true to yourself. "Include information about the kind of hobbies, interests, and values that define your personality," Susan Winter, relationship expert and bestselling author of Allowing Magnificence, tells Bustle. "Being your partner means being in agreement with your day-to-day lifestyle. Stating important truths up front will aid your ability to match with the type of ‘resonant others’ you’d like to date."

But as long as you're being yourself, you may as well try to rack up some matches on this busy day. Here's how to get your profile ready.


Mention Guac

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I can't believe that this is science, but it's true — according to Zoosk, a popular dating site, profiles that mentioned guac got 144 percent more messages than those who didn't. Guac magic is real, people. Mentioning kale can also give you a boost, if that's more your thing.


Get Friends To Proof Your Profile

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You might think you know what looks good, but it never hurts to have another set of eyes. “Have members of the sex you desire provide feedback on your profile bio and pictures before posting them,” Dr. Barry X. Kuhle, associate professor of psychology at the University of Scranton — who has studied Tinder usage —  tells Bustle. And, in my experience, it works. I couldn't figure out why I wasn't having more luck on a dating app until my friends pointed out that I had way too many group photos. Sometimes, you just don't see it yourself.


Go Sporty

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According to the dating app Hinge, which matches you through shared social connections, photos with you playing sports perform 75 percent better than other photos. Not your thing? Don't worry — just smile. For women, smiling photos that showed teeth were 75 percent more successful than other photos. Oh, and avoid selfies, because they can rub users up the wrong way.


Be As Unique And Specific As Possible

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Little details about yourself are a great way to get your personality across — and the more specific, the better. "I think the best way [to bond with a potential partner] is to find something that's a little unique," Brendan Alper, Hater founder and CEO, tells Bustle. "You want to find something you have in common that puts you on the same team. The more unique you can get, the more you can create an intimate bond." So if there's something quirky or personal, make sure to include that.

And if you're having trouble coming up with something unique, you can still demonstrate your personality by putting your interests on show. "Use pictures that have elements of your interests in them — if you love hiking and dogs and concerts, include pics with you doing that," Gina Stewart, online dating coach and founder of Expert Online Dating, tells Bustle. "Use your clothes in the photos to tell similar aspects. Love a band? Use a pic with you in your favorite band’s shirt. This will help facilitate messages."


But Don't Include A Checklist

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You don't want to be too specific. Amanda Bradford, CEO and founder of The League dating app, explained that including check lists in your profile of all of your dos and don'ts is a turn off to potential matches. Instead, try to seem more open and inviting.


Embrace Color

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Black makes up 90 percent of my closet and I wouldn't change that for the world — but it may not be the best for profile photos. Tinder looked at 12,000 profile photos and found that 72 percent of them featured neutral colors, so try to buck the trend. “People who want to stand out should try to wear bright colors to distinguish themselves from other users,” Tinder Sociologist Dr. Jess Carbino tells Bustle.


Use All Available Features

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Special features can do you a lot of good. Different apps have developed their own unique features that help you get more matches — and more meaningful connections. For example, Tinder's Super Like makes people three times more likely to swipe right on you. They also have Smart Photos, which varies your main profile photo and finds the one that gets the most right swipes — and leads to 12 percent more matches. Hinge allows you to include videos to really get to know each other. Whatever your dating app of choice is, make sure you're using it to its full potential.

It's going to be a busy day for online dating so, if you're looking for someone, you might as well go for it. Your profile should always be honest and show off who you really are — but a few little tweaks to get more matches won't hurt.