If You Fall Asleep Quickly, It Could Mean These 11 Things For Your Health

Siriluk ok/Shutterstock

When you get into bed at night, do you relax for a few minutes — maybe reading a book or thinking about your day — before nodding off? Or do you fall asleep immediately, with little to no awareness of your head even hitting the pillow? If the latter sounds familiar, it might be your body's way of telling you something about your health.

"In general, falling asleep within five to 30 minutes is considered good sleep onset quality," Dr. Roy Raymann, vice president of sleep science and scientific affairs at SleepScore Labs, tells Bustle. Ideally, you shouldn't be lying there for hours desperately trying to fall asleep. But you shouldn't necessarily be passing out right away, either.

To start, consider how well you're sleeping. "Most people need seven to nine hours each night," Raymann says, and that means actually being asleep for that chunk of time, and waking up refreshed. This can be easier to achieve if you practice good sleep hygiene, which can set you up for a solid night's rest.

That said, if you sleep well for a week and you're still feeling tired, or falling asleep fast, Raymann says it may be time to visit your doctor so they can further examine what might be the underlying cause. Read on for some reasons why you might fall asleep so quickly, according to experts.