Julianne Moore Playing Gloria Steinem Is A Casting Dream Come True

by Sophy Ziss
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gloria Steinem — the legendary feminist organizer, activist, and advocate — is making her next big move: the silver screen. Her memoir My Life On The Road, which chronicles her work and historically nomadic life, is being adapted into a film by director Julie Taymor. Julianne Moore will play Gloria Steinem, according to Deadline, and that's so many icons together, it's hard not to completely freak out — in a good way, of course.

My Life On The Road is Steinem's first autobiography. It explores her childhood quite literally on the road, as Steinem's inconsistent early life was spent traveling the U.S. with her family. Though she eventually settled down for college, the wanderlust her family instilled in her inspired her to start organizing on the road. The sprawling memoir discusses her more than 50 years of feminist advocacy, following her across the country and the world. Steinem takes readers into the intimate parts of her life as a writer and journalist, how she combatted sexism at every turn, and knew that her work was about far more than just empowering herself. While My Life On The Road examines the author's childhood, early adulthood, and initial forays into freelance writing, the bulk rests on the work fans know her for now.

Taymor has directed films such as Across The Universe and Frida, though fans may also remember her as the creative force behind the failed Broadway show Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. Julianne Moore is Julianne Moore, so My Life On The Road is already gearing up to be the best film of the year, regardless of the year in which it gets released.

Academy Award winner Moore will play Gloria Steinem as an adult, which is perfect. In her adult life, Steinem has organized workshops, spoken at conferences, married Christopher Bale's dad, and generally become synonymous with modern feminist efforts. Meanwhile, Moore has grown increasingly political over time. Her Instagram account only has 111 posts, but more than half are dedicated to fundraising efforts, inclusivity, politically inspired rallies, and more. Moore will bring the ideal combination of grit and pathos to the role of Steinem. She excels in the role of complex and self-assured maternal figure. After four Oscar nominations (and losses), Moore finally won Best Actress for her role in Still Alice, a film that required her to play a real-life linguistics professor that is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. If anyone can take on prime Steinem, it's her.

While Steinem has worked tirelessly to advance the rights of women and non-binary people, she is not free from criticism. Recently, she's drawn some ire for seemingly being yet another white woman telling the rest of the world how it is. To her credit, though, Steinem's working harder than ever to bring more intersectionality to feminism. Read just one page of her book, and you can see where she was, how she was there, and whose voice she tried to elevate even louder. Steinem is an icon, albeit not a perfect one. She knows this, which is part of why she's still trailblazing away well into her 80s.

The power trio of Taymor, Steinem, and Moore will be joined by Tony Award-winning playwright Sarah Ruhl, who will write My Life On The Road's film adaptation, according to Entertainment Weekly. Of the four producers attached to My Life On The Road, only one of them is a man. It's all extremely, blissfully award-winning girl power, though adding women of color to the production team would only improve the film.

Further details, including the rest of the cast or even a potential release date, have not been announced. For now, fans can sit back, reread their favorite parts of My Life On The Road, and look forward to seeing Moore rock a Gloria Steinem wig.