Apparently Travis Scott Needs To Brush Up On His Kylie Jenner-Related Trivia

It's rare to get an up-close-and-personal glimpse into the relationship between two of the world's most famous stars. It's rarer, still, to get to see exactly how well they know each other. In a new video shared by GQ, Kylie Jenner quizzed Travis Scott with 23 questions about her life, and Scott ... well, he did OK.

To be fair, though, "The Kylie Quiz" — 23 questions about everything from Jenner's makeup routine to her childhood to her pets — was pretty tough at times. Take, for example, the question Jenner opened the video with: "Where do I put my highlighter when I do my makeup?" Come on, that's hard. Most guys probably don't even know what highlighter is, much less where it goes on your face, regardless of whether or not your girlfriend happens to be a beauty mogul.

Scott was just like, no way. "Baby," he said, while feigning exhaustion for asking such a difficult question straight out of the gate. To his credit, even though he'd end up saying he "didn't know sh*t about makeup," he was able to name a handful of products from Kylie Cosmetics (including lipstick, lipliner, and eyeshadow) when asked later on in the quiz.

Scott hilariously struggled to name Jenner's four dogs — he got Norman, "the alpha dog," at least — but couldn't manage to come up with Bambi ("there's a girl, Pretty ..." he trailed off), or "the babies," Rosy and Harley. Jenner was noticeably not thrilled that he didn't get this one, but there was still plenty that Scott did know about his girlfriend.

Scott knew the color of her toothbrush (pink), where her biggest scar is on her body (her left leg), and how many caveties she's had (zero — great work on the dental care front, girl!). He knew her favorite color (black), what she ate the most when she was pregnant (In-N-Out), her favorite Travis Scott song ("Wild for the Night"), and that her middle name is Kristen.

There were actually a lot of really fun Kylie-related facts revealed over the course of 23-question quiz, like the couple's many nicknames for baby Stormi (they call their young daughter Storm-Storm, Burrito, and Peanut, to name a few), and Jenner's own nicknames for Scott (she basically just calls him Baby, and on *some* occasions, she, um, calls him Daddy).

Fans learned that Jenner is a master peanut butter and jelly maker, and while Scott wouldn't let her do a tutorial on how she makes him the sandwiches for YouTube — he wanted to keep that secret all to himself, which is totally fair — they did reveal that it at least involves smooth peanut butter, grape jelly, and white bread sliced diagonally with the crusts cut off. But it's also a specific kind of white bread.

Apparently Jenner and Scott first hit it off at Coachella back in April 2017, and have pretty much been connected at the hip ever since. The couple announced that they'd welcomed a daughter, Stormi, together in a sweet video on Feb. 4, and have been giving fans occasional glimpses into their lives as new parents over the last several months.

Even though Scott didn't exactly ace "The Kylie Quiz," it's beyond apparent that he and Jenner are super in love. The makeup mogul admitted that Scott does, however, repeatedly commit one cardinal relationship sin — watching episodes of their favorite shows *gasp* without her — but she clearly loves him enough to let it slide (which, honestly, makes her a better woman than most because that is borderline unforgivable).