Lady Trieu Theories From 'Watchmen' All Point To Her Changing The World

Hong Chau as Lady Trieu in Watchmen
Mark Hill/HBO

Hong Chau's Lady Trieu and her plan to impact all of humankind hasn't had much screentime HBO's Watchmen so far. But what little viewers do know about her have led to many fan theories about Lady Trieu from Watchmen that could all be plausible at this point. So far, Lady Trieu has proven to be involved with Angela's grandfather Will Reeves (aka, the real Hooded Justice) and Adrian Veidt (she bought his company). But her connections to the source material of the Watchmen comics could be even more significant if some fan theories pan out. And even if not all theories prove true, most fans believe that the trillionaire Lady Trieu will still have a massive influence on the TV series.

Lady Trieu has only appeared in the fourth episode, "If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own." She's in Tulsa because she's building the Millennium Clock, which — according to her — is "much more than a big clock." When she returns in "An Almost Religious Awe," she'll seemingly be helping Angela after her near-lethal dose of Nostalgia.

As she interacts with Angela, more of Trieu's "secret plan to save humanity" should be revealed. But if you can't wait that long, these theories about Trieu from Reddit may convince you that fans have unlocked her master plan.

Veidt Is Calling For Trieu To Help


When Veidt put out his message for help — "Save Me D—" — the most logical explanation seemed to be that he was communicating to Doctor Manhattan on Mars. Yet, the_incredible_corky on Reddit pointed to an item on HBO's Peteypedia that could prove that Veidt is reaching out to Trieu.

A newspaper article noted Trieu has "launched 50 Voyager-class probes into the galaxy" since 2010 and that she has four doctorate degrees. So perhaps the "D" Ozymandias was signaling to was Dr. Trieu and the message was meant for one of her space probes. After all, she is the woman who had purchased his company, so some fans even think she's the one who is imprisoning Veidt.

She Has Veidt In Her Vivarium

Mark Hill/HBO

In an interview with Collider, Damon Lindelof confirmed that Veidt is on Europa, a moon of Jupiter, and that one year has passed in his captivity each time the audience has seen him. If Veidt's storyline hasn't caught up to the present, it's possible that he's no longer imprisoned on Europa in 2019.

Along that train of thought, Poc4e wondered on Reddit if the object that fell on the Clarks' farm in Episode 4 was Veidt himself. Poc4e's theory is that Veidt was turned into a statue and sent back to Earth. Trieu knew that it was Veidt in statue form who fell on the Clarks' farm, which is why she blackmailed them with their own baby. So the statue Trieu has in her vivarium could contain the real Veidt inside.

She Will Use Mind Control Technology


In the sixth episode, Will Reeves was shown to have adapted the brainwashing technology that the KKK group Cyclops had used back in the '40s. As Will and Trieu are working together, fans are wondering if she could control people's minds on a larger scale. EarthToneKing questioned if Trieu and Will will use the Millennium Clock to hypnotize the world. Reddit user driller2x theorized another way she could emit this technology would be through HDTVs since the Peteypedia file claimed she's giving them out to everyone in the Tulsa area.

Another Peteypedia file notes that Will Reeves owns the rights to the Minutemen based on Captain Metropolis' will. So BlkUniProd questioned that Trieu and Will have already been using thought control through the American Hero Story TV show. If you're into these theories, then driller2x conveniently combined the ideas that the clock, the TVs, and the Minutemen TV show are all capable of brainwashing people into believing one, single theory.

Her Father Is The Comedian

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In the original graphic novel, readers learn a lot more about Agent Laurie Blake's father, the Comedian. The Comedian engaged in some atrocious acts, like when he was in Vietnam with Doctor Manhattan and he killed a Vietnamese woman who was pregnant with his daughter.

A popular theory is that somehow the baby survived or the mom lived and that child is Trieu. Reddit user rbonaime believes that Dr. Manhattan intervened and saved the baby, which would make Trieu half-sisters with Agent Blake. An alternate take on this theory from gary_greatspace is that it was Trieu's grandmother who was pregnant with the Comedian's baby, making her the granddaughter of Eddie Blake.

Her Daughter Is A Clone


With Ozymandias' cloning technology being so prevalent in Watchmen, there are multiple theories that Trieu's daughter Bian is a clone. Overlord_C believes that Bian is actually a clone of Trieu, which is why Trieu was giving her "daughter" her memories through an IV drip. While other people, like mrsimpellizzeri, wondered if Bian is a clone of Trieu's mother.

She's The Villain & Not Veidt

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With all her connections to Veidt, fans believe Trieu will be the main villain of the TV show, just like Ozymandias was the main villain of the comics. She claims she wants to save humanity — which is exactly what Veidt says he was doing with the squid that killed three million people and their names are quite similar in spelling.

Trieu's reading of Ayn Rand has helped fuel this theory since the creator of the comics, Alan Moore, has shared his disdain for Rand in interviews. Moore even said Rand's philosophy "was a 'white supremacist dreams of the master race,' burnt in an early-20th century-form" — a critique he has also made of the superhero genre These are themes the TV version of Watchmen are exploring and could connect Trieu to the 7th Kavalry.

Her Millennium Clock Will Change Humanity ... For The Better

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Whether she has good or evil intent, some fans think Trieu really will change the world as people know it through her Millennium Clock. VicDiGital wondered if the Millennium Clock will try to eradicate racism through empathy. To make sure it works, Trieu will use the 7th Kavalry as her test subjects. Another idea that Lemonwizard explored is that the clock allegedly "tells time," like Bian said. This could mean the clock will be able to see into the future and past, much like Dr. Manhattan. And perhaps that would also help create a slightly kinder world.

Whatever Lady Trieu is up to, there's a precedent established that her motives are not purely benevolent. So even if the Millennium Clock's purpose sounds good, it doesn't mean there won't be dire consequences ... just look at her predecessor's plan to save the world.