Lady Trieu Theories From 'Watchmen' All Point To Her Changing The World

Mark Hill/HBO

Hong Chau's Lady Trieu and her plan to impact all of humankind hasn't had much screentime HBO's Watchmen so far. But what little viewers do know about her have led to many fan theories about Lady Trieu from Watchmen that could all be plausible at this point. So far, Lady Trieu has proven to be involved with Angela's grandfather Will Reeves (aka, the real Hooded Justice) and Adrian Veidt (she bought his company). But her connections to the source material of the Watchmen comics could be even more significant if some fan theories pan out. And even if not all theories prove true, most fans believe that the trillionaire Lady Trieu will still have a massive influence on the TV series.

Lady Trieu has only appeared in the fourth episode, "If You Don't Like My Story, Write Your Own." She's in Tulsa because she's building the Millennium Clock, which — according to her — is "much more than a big clock." When she returns in "An Almost Religious Awe," she'll seemingly be helping Angela after her near-lethal dose of Nostalgia.

As she interacts with Angela, more of Trieu's "secret plan to save humanity" should be revealed. But if you can't wait that long, these theories about Trieu from Reddit may convince you that fans have unlocked her master plan.