Here's How Many Singles Have Fallen In Love On Vacation


There's something inherently romantic about summertime: the sun is shining, there's more happiness and positive energy in the air, and the fun, carefree vibes make it the perfect season to be single. Summer is also the opportune time to take a much-needed vacation and get away from the drab day-to-day — and if you're traveling while single, there's the exciting possibility that you could meet a cute stranger while on vacay. In fact, there's actually a pretty good chance of that happening: according to a recent survey of around 1,600 users of the dating site PlentyOfFish, the majority of singles are *more* open to meeting people while traveling than they are at home.

"Singles may find themselves more open to meeting new people while traveling because they're suddenly removed from the normal routine of their daily lives," Shannon Smith, dating expert at PlentyOfFish, tells Bustle. "Exploring new places can be exhilarating, and meeting new people can be an exciting part of the experience for singles. Also, the opportunities to make these new connections often come quite naturally — in the form of asking for directions, offering to take a picture for someone, or as the data shows, sitting next to someone on a plane!"

So if you're planning to do a little jetsetting and are ~single and ready to mingle~ for the summer, here are seven must-know stats about dating while abroad to keep in mind before you take off.

Singles Are More Open To Meeting People While Traveling
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According to the POF survey, 70 percent of singles are actually more open to meeting people while traveling than they are in their home cities. Maybe it will be a quick, sexy fling, or maybe it will turn into a lasting love connection — you won't find out unless you're open to the idea of meeting someone while on vacation!

Almost Half Of Singles Have Had A Vacation Fling
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If you're planning to pencil some steamy vacation hookups into your travel itinerary, you're certainly not alone: the POF survey found that 40 percent of singles have had a vacation fling before — and who can blame them? Vacation sex can be super hot, especially with a sexy local to show you the sights (wink wink).

Men Are More Likely To Fall In Love While Traveling
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Falling in love while traveling might not seem like the most practical idea, but it does happen: 22 percent of those surveyed by POF said they'd found love while on vacay. And apparently, men are more likely to fall in love while traveling than women are — 26 percent of men said they'd fallen for someone on vacay before.

More Than Half Of Singles Have Had A Great Convo With A Stranger On A Flight
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I don't think I've ever gotten on a plane and not hoped that I'd miraculously be seated next to a regulation hottie for the duration of the flight. But my daydreams, it turns out, aren't a half-bad strategy for making a love connection: 52 percent of those surveyed by POF said they'd had a great conversation with a stranger on a flight — which could potentially lead to more upon landing.

Almost Half Of Singles Scope Out Locals On Dating Apps While Traveling
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If you're really looking to have a fun, flirty experience abroad, using dating apps while traveling can't hurt. Of those surveyed by POF, 46 percent said they scope out local singles using their dating apps while they're on vacation. Even if you don't make a love connection, it's still nice to have someone who's familiar with the city to show you around!

Singles Check Their Dating Apps At Least Once A Day While Traveling
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Need more convincing to spend some vacation time swiping? According to POF, 58 percent of singles check their dating apps at least once a day while traveling, and 34 percent check them multiple times per day — meaning that you'll have plenty of good company if you do decide to swipe.

Some People Use Leaving For Vacay As An Opportunity To Ghost Someone They're Seeing
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If you're not single going into the summer, I have some slightly more melancholy news: the POF survey found that 23 percent of men and 16 percent of women have used leaving town for vacation as an opportunity to ghost their partner. I guess some people just can't resist the allure of being single while traveling — even if it means doing something as crappy as ghosting someone.

No matter your relationship status, though, one thing is for sure: summer is a great time for romance. Whether you want to find love or just have some hot hookups, you can use your travels as a way to make connections all over the world (just don't forget to stay safe!).